Bac Ninh is a famous land with folk songs that have gone deep into the subconscious of the Vietnamese people. Not only that, this place also has many places imbued with long-standing cultural values. To explore this land, don't forget to find a suitable accommodation for your journey. In today's article, will introduce to you Mandala Bac Ninh Hotel with excellent service quality. Let's explore right here!

1. General introduction about Mandala Bac Ninh hotel

Mandala Bac Ninh – The 5-star resort was officially put into operation in October 2018. Up to now, this is one of the familiar places to stay in the city for most domestic and foreign guests. In particular, partners of foreign companies such as Samsung, Vsip, Foxconn… also often choose Mandala during their business trips.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

The hotel name also leaves many impressions on visitors. Mandala is transliterated from Sanskrit, meaning circle, symbolizing completeness, and also has other meanings such as house, palace. Therefore, the project was born with the desire and desire to bring a peaceful and quiet accommodation space to customers.

Mandala Hotel & Spa Bac Ninh has always been highly appreciated for both infrastructure and service quality throughout many years of operation. Thanks to that, it affirms its leading position in the province. Relaxing here, you will surely have many interesting and memorable experiences!

2. Address and directions to Mandala Bac Ninh hotel

2.1. Specific address

The hotel was built on Kinh Duong Vuong street, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province. This is a location that brings many advantages to guests staying in the central area. You can easily access many busy shopping, entertainment, and entertainment destinations.

The synchronously developed transportation system helps travel quickly. Thanks to that, visitors' needs are met promptly.

Although Bac Ninh does not have an airport yet, the distance to international airports of neighboring provinces is not too far (about 28km from Noi Bai airport, about 78km from Cat Bi airport).

2.2. Detailed instructions on how to get to Mandala Hotel & Spa

If you depart from the inner provinces, the most optimal means of transportation to choose is the plane. You need to book a ticket to Noi Bai or Hai Phong airport. Then continue to catch a bus or taxi to the province. Although the cost is a bit high compared to many other means, it saves time and health for tourists.

If you come from the Northern provinces, things are much simpler. At bus stations, you can buy tickets to Bac Ninh in many different time frames. In addition, you should pay attention to finding reputable car companies to receive good service.

3. Design style and room system at Mandala Bac Ninh hotel

3.1. Design style

Mandala Bac Ninh standing out against the blue sky with a modern and luxurious style, making anyone who looks at it strongly attracted. The square windows in the rooms create harmony and a very unique visual effect.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

The beautiful neoclassical architecture brings a satisfying view to customers. It can be said that the overall project is always as outstanding and splendid as a magnificent European palace. In addition, the highlight also lies in decorative details imbued with Kinh Bac culture in the interior space such as Phu Lang ceramic vases, Dong Ho paintings…

3.2. Room system at the hotel

3.2.1. Deluxe Class

Deluxe class is usually arranged with 1 single bed. In addition, in some cases, Mandala also supports adding an extra bed if you need it.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

Minimalist style and elegant colors create a gentle, comfortable feeling for customers. Although it is the cheapest room class in the hotel Mandala Bac Ninh but still built with a ventilated balcony. Modern curtains help you easily change back and forth to ensure moderate brightness for the room.

Here, you can enjoy the city view at any time. Whether it's a bustling, vibrant morning or a brightly lit night, the picture of life here will certainly bring many interesting experiences.

Inside, the bathroom is separately designed with a standing bathtub, modern sink and many free personal items. With extremely affordable room rates and many amenities to serve daily needs, Deluxe class is always the top choice for customers who want to save on accommodation costs for their trip.

3.2.2. Executive class

Executive room class at Mandala Hotel Bac Ninh owns a spacious area of ​​45m2. Groups of 2 or 3 people choosing to stay here are most suitable. The living area, kitchen area, bedroom and bathroom are perfectly designed, ensuring science and flexibility in all daily activities.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

In the reception area, Mandala arranged a large sofa set. The table was placed with fresh flowers to make the atmosphere more pleasant. Flat-screen TVs with cable TV connections are great for entertainment. Diverse TV channels meet the needs of visitors of many different ages. The decorative details are not too many, mainly lights and pictures on the wall. Thanks to that, you can avoid the feeling of stuffiness and stuffiness while still ensuring aesthetics.

The kitchen is built right inside without a separating concrete wall to create the most spaciousness for the whole. Surely you will have a comfortable stay in this Executive room class.

3.2.3. Suite Class

This is the most expensive room category Mandala Bac Ninh but of course also brings the best experiences to visitors. The extremely large area of ​​up to 70m2 makes many people overwhelmed, feeling like living in their own familiar house.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

Furthermore, even though it is a luxury room at a classy 5-star hotel, the design style and layout of everything here exudes intimacy and warmth. This alone is enough to make guests have an unforgettable impression of this resort.

The living room is arranged with all modern equipment: TV, air conditioner, free high-speed wifi, sofa, desk… Inside is a quiet bedroom with a comfortable double bed. After a long tiring day, you can comfortably fall asleep to regain new energy.

Right next to it is an extremely large balcony. Standing from here, you can not only admire the vibrant city but also see the lush green garden. Just a beautiful view like that will help the guests' mood much better. If you want to relax more, you can lean back on a chair near the balcony, sip a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery. If you have the opportunity to come here, don't miss the opportunity to stay in this luxury room.

4. Outstanding utility services at Mandala Bac Ninh hotel

4.1. Fusion Restaurant

If you want to enjoy delicious meals during your trip but are afraid to go far, the restaurant at Mandala Hotel Bac Ninh is the perfect choice. Built on an area of ​​500m2 located on the 2nd floor of the Diamond building, this place provides an ideal space for diners to dine.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

The menu at Fusion is extremely diverse, helping visitors freely choose. Our team of highly skilled chefs always bring out the quintessence of each dish. Not only does it look eye-catching, but the culinary flavor is also very attractive and appealing. Along with that, the design style exudes class and elegance, making diners' mood more exciting. Going on a date with your lover or gathering with your family in such a cozy space is also not a bad idea.

Service hours at the restaurant:

  • Breakfast: 6:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m
  • Lunch: 12:00 – 14:30
  • Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00

4.2. Sky Bar

With a convenient location on the top floor of the hotel, visitors to Mandala Skybar will admire a breathtaking view of the city. Modern design and luxurious interior promise to bring many memorable experiences to guests.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

The main warm tones help you feel cozy, suitable for relaxing and peaceful soul. The whole is built into two clear areas: indoor and outdoor, meeting the needs of diverse customers. If the inside is a romantic, gentle atmosphere for those who do not like noisy places, the outside has a vibrant, spacious atmosphere, suitable for organizing large parties with a capacity of up to 100 guests. row.

4.3. Spa center

Not only can you relax in modern rooms or enjoy delicious food, visitors at Mandala Hotel and Spa Bac Ninh There are also beauty opportunities at the spa center. Stepping inside, you will be impressed by the new design with elegant color tones. The space is both cozy and ensures ventilation thanks to large windows. Details such as doors and seats are also stylized according to their own markings.

Mandala Bac Ninh – A great place to stay that tourists cannot miss

Most importantly, the staff here are extremely enthusiastic and know how to please customers. Methodical treatments and massages performed by skilled people will certainly help you relax your body and mind. This is also one of the most popular services at Mandala Hotel.

4.4. Gym

In addition to the above amenities, the hotel's on-site gym is also frequently used by many guests. Nowadays, keeping fit and healthy even during vacation is an important issue for many tourists. Therefore, the gym here will promptly meet customers' needs with modern machinery and equipment.

Besides, in addition to exercising, you can also easily interact and make friends with people with similar interests. Isn't that great?

5. Customer reviews about Mandala Bac Ninh hotel

Guest reviews are the truest reflections of a hotel. Not only the infrastructure, interior and exterior materials, but also the quality of amenities and service are also very important to show the best image of the hotel in the eyes of visitors. With many notable marks as above, let's see Mandala Hotel Bac Ninh What kind of comments did you receive?

6. Mandala Bac Ninh hotel room price list

In addition to the above factors, room price list is also the top thing most tourists care about when looking for a place to stay. Not only does it help you consider your financial situation, but it also helps you have a reasonable spending plan. To know the fastest Mandala hotel room rates, please visit our website or call hotline Travelgoda.

We will receive all your questions, and advise and support booking conveniently. In addition, there are many attractive promotional packages waiting for you. Don't miss the opportunity to have a cheap trip!

7. Mandala Bac Ninh hotel booking information

  • Address: Kinh Duong Vuong street, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province
  • Phone number:

8. Some famous entertainment spots near Mandala Bac Ninh hotel

8.1. Bac Ninh Cathedral

This is a tourist destination that attracts many visitors every year. Especially on Christmas day, the church is decorated extremely splendidly, it is worth everyone coming to experience.

8.2. Him Lam Plaza

Him Lam bustling commercial center is an ideal choice for families with young children. The vibrant, bustling atmosphere and many entertainment activities will help make your vacation more enjoyable.

With a modern room system, diverse utility services and professional demeanor of the staff, Mandala Bac Ninh will always be an ideal stop in the town center. Hope this article has brought a lot of useful information and wish you a perfect vacation at this luxury hotel!