Each tourist destination in Vietnam will bring different impressions to visitors. Recently, Quang Ninh is an extremely hot name with many impressive tourist attractions. One of all Minh Chau island. Let’s Travelgoda.com Learn about this place right in the article below!

1. Brief introduction about Minh Chau island

Minh Chau Island Quan Lan appears in the hearts of tourists with its poetic scenery. Coming here, you will feel the beautiful natural landscape. Because it has not been exploited much, this place still retains its inherent wildness. Therefore, it can be affirmed that this island is an ideal destination in the summer.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

In addition, when visiting this island, visitors will feel peace. This place is not too busy and noisy, and the number of visitors is not too large. Therefore, many people often choose this place to relax after tiring working days.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

2. Location and travel instructions to Minh Chau island

2.1. Location

Minh Chau Island located in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province. The location is not too far from the center, visitors can easily choose many different types of transportation to visit this place.

2.2. Instructions for moving to Minh Chau island

Upon arriving on this island, Travelgoda.com Suggest you one of the following types of means:

  • Motorbike: Procedures for renting a motorbike are quick and reasonably priced. The people are enthusiastically supportive so you will not encounter any difficulties. However, remember to check the machinery and fuel carefully before going!
  • Bicycle: For those who love exercise, you should choose a bicycle. You can enjoy the scenery here slowly. Furthermore, cycling is also an extremely good way to exercise.
  • Tuk tuk: A new type of sightseeing that not all tourist areas have is tuk tuk. Choose this means of transportation to explore the island tour Minh Chau Van Don Quang Ninh is a great choice.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

3. The right time to explore Minh Chau island

Travel to Minh Chau island Quang Ninh will be most beautiful from April to August. This is also the time when many sightseeing tours appear as well as welcoming a large number of visitors. Furthermore, it rains little, making it convenient to move and explore this land.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

If you want to experience a somewhat quieter space, come to this island from August to October. Autumn makes the scenery here more poetic and romantic. However, it will occasionally rain, so visitors should be careful.

4. Interesting activities at Minh Chau island

4.1. Swimming at Minh Chau island

When coming here, visitors must definitely take a dip in the water Minh Chau beach. The water is as clear as jade. In addition, the coolness of the water also makes people much more relaxed and refreshed. Sports games are also held in a bustling atmosphere at the venue Minh Chau beach.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

Outside Minh Chau beach, tourists should not forget to visit Turtle beach. The water here is not too deep, so it is safe for children. However, you still cannot be subjective. Please pay attention to the children and wear life jackets to make sure nothing bad happens. Turtle Beach has almost no restaurants, so the number of visitors is also deserted. So if you are looking for a peaceful place, this place is very suitable.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

4.2. Take virtual photos

Amidst the romantic scenery of the sea and mountains at Minh Chau island Taking photos to check in will be an activity not to be missed. However, to take beautiful photos, you should visit when it is sunny. The wild scenery and unexplored natural beauty promise to make the photo much more sparkling.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

4.3. Explore the bottle village

The next activity when arriving on this island is to visit the fishing village. This place lets you understand more about the simple life of the villagers. When arriving, visitors will no longer hear dust or traffic noise. The boats gradually setting sail under the sunrise is a beautiful scene that you should not miss here.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

The people are friendly and lovely. Therefore, tourists should not hesitate to come and chat to learn about the unique culture of this region. Furthermore, you can also dine and experience the fishing life with the people here. This will be an unforgettable memory of your trip.

5. Restaurants near Minh Chau island for tourists to refer to

5.1. La Ban Van Don Restaurant

  • Address: Thong Nhat Urban Area, Area 8, Cai Rong Town, Van Don District, Quang Ninh
  • Phone number: –

When visiting Minh Chau Van Don Quang Ninh, visitors should go to La Ban restaurant to enjoy the wonderful cuisine here. Each dish has its own distinct flavor enough for visitors to remember forever. In particular, the space is spacious and can accommodate hundreds of people, suitable for large parties.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

La Ban Restaurant has a luxurious layout with elegant colors so it is suitable for all audiences. The staff here is considered to have an attentive and agile service style, so visitors do not need to wait too long for food.

Minh Chau Island - The enchanting beauty makes everyone admire

5.2. Hong Hanh Phuong Dong Restaurant

  • Address: Dong Xa commune, Van Don, Quang Ninh.

The second restaurant for your reference when you come to Minh Chau island is Hong Hanh. Each separate dining room is designed to create privacy for diners. On special occasions, the restaurant will be very full, so remember to book a table in advance when you arrive so you don’t have to wait too long.

In addition, visitors can also dine in the airy outdoor space. Each seafood dish here is skillfully prepared to retain its natural sweetness while still being creative.

5.3. Huong Bien Van Don Restaurant

  • Address: Dong Xa commune, Van Don, Quang Ninh.

When visiting Huong Bien restaurant in Van Don, visitors will be impressed by a rustic space. That beauty brings closeness and intimacy to meals. In addition, the space close to nature here also contributes to bringing a unique specialness to Huong Bien restaurant.

Besides, Huong Bien Van Don restaurant also has different menus each season to ensure diversity for visitors. However, seafood is a dish that often appears on the menu and is a feature here. When coming, visitors must definitely enjoy grilled oysters with onion fat, snails with salted egg sauce…

5.4. Tuyen Tuyet Restaurant

  • Address: Cai Rong, Van Don, Quang Ninh.

Coming to Tuyen Tuyet restaurant, visitors will be satisfied with the dishes prepared attractively in both taste and presentation. The simple but cozy restaurant space contributes to memorable meals.

The price of Tuyen Tuyet restaurant is also what makes customers feel satisfied. Each dish only ranges from 40,000 – 250,000 VND. In particular, the enthusiastic staff and quick service also make diners praise and often return to Tuyen Tuyet to dine.

6. List of hotels on Minh Chau island

6.1. Phat Linh Hotel Ha Long

  • Hotel address: Lot 1 Ha Long Marine Avenue, Bai Chay, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
  • Phone number:

Hotel on Minh Chau Island Phat Linh Hotel Ha Long is a worthy place to rest. Thanks to its beautiful location and luxurious space, it contributes to creating an unforgettable experience for guests. Here, you will easily visit prominent destinations.

In addition, the main color of the hotel is a combination of the colors of two gemstones, creating a unique character. Luxurious room space, full amenities with beautiful sea view. Thanks to that, visitors can admire the dream scenery.

6.2. Citadines Marina Halong

  • Hotel address: Halong Marina Urban Area, Hung Thang Ward, Bai Chay, Ha Long
  • Phone number:

Citadines Marina Halong leaves an impression on visitors with its modern construction. The architecture includes two towers with winding curves. The waiting lobby is decorated with many recliners for customers to sit and wait each time they check in.

The hotel space is extremely artistic with every corner carefully decorated. Room types are diverse, with full amenities such as beds, TVs, desks, etc. to serve the different needs of travelers. Here, you can also easily enjoy attractive local specialties.

6.3. A La Carte Ha Long Bay

  • Hotel address: Lot HH30 Ha Long Marina Urban Area – Hung Thang Ward – City. Ha Long – Quang Ninh Province
  • Phone number:

Minh Chau Island Hotel The next suitable place to relax is A La Carte Ha Long Bay. With a location right on the beach, visitors will enjoy the cool sea breeze every early morning. Visitors will not have difficulty watching the poetic and romantic sunset.

The design inspiration comes from the ocean waves, so visitors will feel the softness when they arrive. The concepts inside this hotel are also very modern, creating a new experience for resort guests. A La Carte Ha Long Bay has a variety of rooms, so visitors will not have difficulty choosing. Therefore, if you have come to Minh Chau island Don’t miss A La Carte Ha Long Bay hotel!

Hopefully, the sharing about Minh Chau island The above will help resort guests have more useful information. Don’t forget to follow Travelgoda.com for more attractive tourist destinations in the future!