During your visit to the ancient capital, you should come Minh Mang tomb to check in. Here, there is a large space and rich cultural architecture, bringing nostalgic and poetic beauty. Walking around admiring the scenery, you will be attracted to the dreamy, tranquil scenery. Let's Travelgoda.com Learn more about the monument.

1. Some main features of Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang tomb is a great project located more than 10km from the city. This mausoleum was formed during the Nguyen Dynasty, demonstrating the splendor and majesty of this dynasty. The location of the tomb is quite favorable, located between mountains and lakes, creating a peaceful landscape.

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

Minh Mang tomb Possesses charm with every sophisticated, majestic line. Each work in the mausoleum grounds is meticulously cared for. This relic is a beautiful architectural work, showing the deep impression of King Minh Mang in the nation's history. This is probably a destination not to be missed when exploring ancient Hue history and culture.

2. Opening hours and ticket prices to visit King Minh Mang's mausoleum

  • Opening hours: 07:30 to 17:00 daily
  • Entrance ticket price:

– Adults: 100,000 VND/visit

– Elderly people: 50,000 VND / visit

– Children: 20,000 VND/time

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

3. Address and how to get to Minh Mang tomb

  • Address: Cam Ke mountain, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra town, Thua Thien Hue province

From the City, you can rent motorbikes at stores such as Hanh Thao, Cuong Hue, Nam Thanh. The price will be around 120,000 VND – 160,000 VND. You should choose a manual car to travel more easily than a scooter. The route of travel Travelgoda.com Suggestions are as follows: Huyen Tran Cong Chua – Minh Mang – Tuan Bridge – Highway 49 – Hieu Mausoleum – Minh Mang tomb.

You can also buy Dragon boat tickets to visit the mausoleum. If you don't want to travel by yourself, rent a taxi. Companies with quite cheap tickets and enthusiastic drivers include Hoang Anh taxi, Vang taxi, and Vinasun.

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

4. Explore in detail the history of Hue Minh Mang Tomb

The mausoleum construction process is associated with the life of King Minh Mang:

  • February 1820: Nguyen Phuc Dam ascended the throne, taking the title Minh Mang
  • 1827: The King began looking for land to build his own mausoleum
  • In 1840: Minh Mang chose Cam Ke Mountain to build the mausoleum.
  • April 1840: Construction process Minh Mang tomb begin
  • January 20, 1841: King Minh Mang passed away.
  • February 1841: King Thieu Tri ascended the throne and ordered construction to continue Minh Mang tomb.
  • August 20, 1841: The king's body was buried in the mausoleum.
  • Early 1843: Construction of the mausoleum was officially completed.

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

5. Explore the unique architecture of King Minh Mang's Tomb

Minh Mang tomb is a timeless architectural symbol, located in Hue, still retaining its unique beauty over the centuries. With an area of ​​up to 18 hectares, the mausoleum bears the mark of majesty and tranquility. Vast rivers and lakes, winding mountains and covered vegetation create a majestic scene that blends with the surrounding nature. The highlight of this space is the large lotus pond, where lotus flowers bloom when summer has arrived.

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

With parallel arrangement, the entire architecture of Minh Mang tomb exuding quiet and majestic beauty. Each project is given special attention, all showing the solemnity of the ancient dynasty. The mausoleum's style clearly bears the mark of the Nguyen Dynasty, with formal and sophisticated lines.

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

Buildings built with classical architectural principles, from the smallest details to the largest surfaces, reflect perfection and sophistication. Over a long period of time, Tomb of King Minh Mang It is still a must-see destination for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and architecture of ancient Hue.

6. What is there to see at Emperor Minh Mang's Tomb?

6.1 Main gate – ancient Dai Hong Mon

Dai Hong Mon Gate has a unique and splendid ancient beauty. Built of lime bricks, this place is an important highlight, marking the solemnity and majesty of the mausoleum. With an outstanding height of more than 9m and a width of about 12m, Dai Hong Mon stands out in the large space of the mausoleum. .

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

Main gate of Minh Mang tomb designed with three separate paths, each leading to different parts of the mausoleum. The motifs on the gate, from the carp transforming into a dragon to the dragon lines, all bring a mysterious and beautiful feeling. Seen from the outside, Dai Hong Mon became a solid symbol of the strength and power of the Nguyen Dynasty.

6.2 Bai Dinh – Bi Dinh at Minh Mang tomb

Bai Dinh is a special point on the campus Minh Mang tomb. This is a brick-paved courtyard, with rows of artistically carved statues of mandarins, a symbol of the authority of the Nguyen Dynasty. At the end of the yard, a large monument called Bi Dinh, stands out with its architectural beauty and solemnity. The inscriptions on the stone surface tell of the achievements and great works that the king spent his whole life building and protecting.

Minh Mang Tomb - Ancient beauty in the heart of Hue city

6.3. Sung An Palace

Sung An Palace is considered a palace designed with a mark of majesty. The space inside the temple is vast, the motifs and patterns highlight the sophistication and sophistication. Every angle, every line reflects perfection and sophistication, demonstrating the power and greatness of the dynasty.

6.4. Minh Lau Floor

Minh Lau Lau is a special destination Tomb of King Minh Mang. This vibrant red color not only impresses but also carries the mark of power. In the past, this was a place for King Nguyen to walk and admire the scenery. The fresh space of Minh Lau Lau makes visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. The landscape around Minh Lau Lau is truly picturesque, with rows of green trees and a peaceful lake view.

6.5. Tan Nguyet Lake is in Minh Mang tomb

Tan Nguyet Lake is a poetic highlight designed in the image of moonlight, creating a enchanting space. With its grandeur and sophistication, the lake brings poetic beauty, reminiscent of pure and romantic emotions. This lake also contributes to making the mausoleum's landscape more harmonious.

6.6. Bridge of Intelligence and Integrity in Tomb of King Minh Mang

This bridge is extremely unique, spanning the lake, and is a sophisticated and unique work. The two ends of the bridge are decorated with two three-entrance gates, carved with sophistication and sophistication. Every detail, from shape to color, is cared for and perfected down to the smallest point, creating an extremely beautiful and impressive appearance. With exquisitely sculpted images of dragons and phoenixes, this location exudes solidity and majesty.

7. Some notes when exploring King Minh Mang Hue's mausoleum

When you come to explore Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang, compliance with regulations is important to protect and respect this precious cultural heritage. Below are some notes Travelgoda.com synthetic:

  • When visiting, it is forbidden to touch artifacts as well as areas where filming or photography is prohibited. This helps protect and maintain the integrity of important historical and cultural sites.
  • Choose suitable and discreet clothes. Avoid outfits that are too sexy or too flashy.
  • When sightseeing, keep yourself in a calm state. Avoid laughing or talking loudly so as not to disturb others.
  • Do not litter in the area Minh Mang tomb. After use, please dispose of trash properly in trash containers.
  • You should visit the mausoleum during the low season to avoid overcrowding.

8. Some Hue tourist attractions near the mausoleums

8.1. Tu Hieu Pagoda

  • Address: located in Duong Xuan Thuong III village, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city

Tu Hieu Pagoda is a nearby relic Minh Mang tomb, has existed for a long time. The landscape of the temple is truly beautiful, making people surprised. The peaceful and quiet setting of the pagoda blends with the surrounding nature, creating a harmonious and beautiful picture. The pagoda's architecture is characterized by Hue, with a traditional design of 3 apartments and 2 wings, showing balance and harmony in every line. In front of the pagoda is the Buddha shrine, where Buddhists and tourists can seek purity.

8.2. Hue Citadel

  • Address: 23/8 Street, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province

Hue Citadel is famous for its magnificence and profound history. This place is very majestic and has bold feudal features. The palace is a major highlight, reflecting the splendor and majesty of the dynasty. Coming to the Citadel, visitors will be immersed in the historical space and feel the magnificent beauty of these architectural works. Every corner of the Citadel helps you have many surprisingly beautiful virtual moments.

7.3. Thuan An Beach

  • Address: located at 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Phu Cat District, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Thuan An Beach is a beautiful beach in Hue, a wonderful destination close to the monument Minh Mang tomb. With majestic beauty, Thuan An beach is a place that brings impressive and interesting experiences to visitors. The special feature of Thuan An beach is the charming sunrise and sunset scenery, making people's hearts flutter. The sound of gentle, gently lapping ocean waves captivates every heart. Visiting the beach, you can walk on the beach, eat seafood dishes and have entertainment.

Minh Mang tomb contains countless historical and cultural values. Coming here, you can both enjoy and visit each project and learn about the beauty of the monument. Travelgoda.com We recommend that you refer to the article to have the best journey.