The land of Nghe An is famous for its green landscape and extremely delicious rustic dishes. In today's article, will explore with you outstanding information about the dish Nghe An eel vermicelli Famously delicious!

1. Brief introduction about Nghe An eel vermicelli specialty

When talking about famous Nghe An specialties, we must mention delicious dishes made from eel. Nghe An eel specialty Can be made into many attractive dishes such as eel porridge, eel soup, stir-fried eel with bamboo shoots, stir-fried eel rolls,… with extremely unique flavors.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

Among Nghe An eel dishes The most famous and popular is eel vermicelli with a light aroma, eye-catching color, and easy-to-eat flavor that both young and old people love. The dish has a unique spicy taste to mask the fishy taste of the eel as well as stimulate the taste buds of diners.

This dish is prepared very meticulously and sophisticatedly, including water eel vermicelli and stir-fried eel vermicelli. Nghe An people can prepare and enjoy eel vermicelli any time of the day, from morning to night.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

Nghe An eel vermicelli It is not only simply a delicious dish, reaching the level of a specialty, but it is also very nutritious and has very good effects on the health of the eater.

According to Oriental Medicine, eels are effective in circulating blood, treating leucorrhea in women, supplementing nutrition for thin people as well as eliminating rheumatism. However, dishes made from eel in general and eel vermicelli in particular are not suitable for pregnant women.

Nowadays, visitors can find shops selling specialties Nghe An eel vermicelli in almost every province and city across the country. However, to be able to enjoy the original flavor of this dish, you should come to Nghe An. Surely the particularly delicious flavor of this specialty will make you love it.

2. Unique flavor of Nghe An eel vermicelli

Nghe An eel vermicelli is a perfect combination of familiar ingredients and spices such as vermicelli noodles, eel meat, turmeric, laksa leaves, onions, salt, chili fish sauce,… In particular, this delicious dish does not use purple onions. Usually, we use shallots (compressed bulbs) to create a characteristic aroma for eel vermicelli dishes.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

Eel vermicelli is famous for its unique, delicious and attractive flavor. The vermicelli noodles are soft and moderately chewy, combined with the delicious, chewy, sweet, not fishy eel meat to create a delicious, rich meal.

The taste of Nghe An eel vermicelli often highlighted by a blend of spices, broth and other ingredients. The spicy taste of chili makes the dish even more delicious.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

Depending on personal preferences, diners can choose to enjoy water eel vermicelli or stir-fried eel vermicelli. Eel vermicelli has the same appearance as pho noodle dishes when served with sweet, hot broth and crispy fried stir-fry. As for the stir-fried eel vermicelli, it is rich and a bit fatty. The stir-fried eel meat is chewy and sweet, very chewy.

3. How to make Nghe An eel vermicelli

3.1. How to make Nghe An eel vermicelli

3.1.1. Ingredient

Ingredients to cook a bowl of vermicelli delicious eel Nghe An include:

  • Live eel
  • Vermicelli noodles
  • Cornmeal
  • Vietnamese coriander and bean sprouts
  • Fried onions, onions, shallots
  • Ginger
  • Spices: Cooking oil, salt, seasoning, MSG, turmeric powder, lemon, chili,…
  • Crispy fried dough, bread, wet cake

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

3.1.2. Doing

Nghe An's specialty eel vermicelli is prepared in 4 steps:

Step 1 – Prepare ingredients

  • Buy live eels, wash them with water, then add salt, stir well and leave for 15 – 20 minutes. At this time, the eel will release all the slime.
  • Use a sharp knife or stick to separate the meat and bones of the eel. Be careful not to rinse the eel meat with clean water to avoid the eel becoming fishy. Instead, use paper or a clean towel to dry it.
  • Marinate the eel meat with cornstarch, turmeric powder and familiar spices to absorb.
  • Wash and drain the accompanying herbs and spices.
  • Soak vermicelli with water for about 10 minutes before eating.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

Step 2 – Cook the broth

  • Put the separated bones and meat into the pot with ginger, grilled onions and pour water to simmer.
  • During the process of simmering the bones, remember to remove the foam and taste the seasoning to taste.

Step 3 – Process eel meat

  • Put the pan on the stove and wait until the pan is hot, then pour in cooking oil and fry the shallots.
  • Then, you add the marinated eel meat and stir-fry until the eel meat becomes firm and turns yellow, then turn off the heat and take it out to drain the oil.

Step 4 – Present and perfect the dish

  • After soaking the vermicelli, you must wash it, blanch it with boiling water and then put it in a bowl.
  • You take turns adding eel meat and finely chopped herbs on top of the vermicelli noodles.
  • Finally, pour the hot broth into a bowl, sprinkle with a little pepper and chili and serve to enjoy with fried rice crackers.

3.1.3. Finished product

Dish Nghe An eel vermicelli To be correct, the color must be eye-catching and the fragrance must be characteristic of eel and compressed coriander tubers. The broth is sweet and mildly spicy, the vermicelli noodles are soft and chewy, not falling apart, and the eel meat is especially chewy and sweet, not fishy.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

3.2. How to make stir-fried eel vermicelli in Nghe An

3.2.1. Ingredient

With How to make stir-fried eel vermicelli in Nghe Anyou need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Live eel
  • Vermicelli noodles
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Cat mushrooms
  • Mushrooms
  • Compressed bulbs (shallots)
  • Vietnamese coriander, green onions, coriander
  • Common spices: Salt, MSG, pepper, cooking oil, oyster sauce, turmeric powder,…

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

3.2.2. Doing

How to stir-fry Nghe An eel vermicelli is done as follows:

Step 1 – Prepare ingredients

  • Eel meat is cleaned with salt and lemon to remove the fishy smell and viscosity. Then the eel is boiled, deboned, then cut into pieces about 2 fingers long (for large eels) and marinated with turmeric powder and other spices.
  • Soak the vermicelli in warm water for about 8 – 10 minutes.
  • Wash the vegetable part of the fruit and drain. Onions cut into segments; shredded carrots; Shiitake mushrooms, chopped mushrooms; Cut green onions and coriander into pieces.

Step 2 – Stir-fry Nghe An eel vermicelli

  • Wait until it's hot, then pour in cooking oil and fry the compressed tubers. Then you stir-fry the eel and put it on a plate.
  • Continue to add cooking oil, fry onions and stir-fry vegetables, seasoning to taste. When the vegetables are almost cooked, add the vermicelli and stir well, then add the eel meat and stir-fry together.
  • Stir the mixture of ingredients over high heat for about 3 minutes, season again, then add laksa leaves, green onions, and coriander and turn off the stove.

Step 3 – Present and perfect the dish

  • Scoop the stir-fried eel vermicelli onto a plate, sprinkle a little pepper or roasted sesame on top for aroma.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

3.2.3. Finished product

Stir-fried eel vermicelli dish attracts diners because of the harmonious color combination of all the ingredients. The vermicelli is soft and chewy, not crushed; The eel's meat is firm, sweet, bites the teeth, and doesn't smell fishy. Meanwhile, the vegetables are ripe and sweet and cool to eat. Everything has created a delicious specialty, pleasing everyone from young to old.

Nghe An Eel Vermicelli - Nghe An Homeland Specialty

4. Some places to enjoy Nghe An eel vermicelli specialties

4.1. Ba Lan eel restaurant

Traveling to Nghe An, eel vermicelli has become a delicious dish that everyone wants to enjoy once. To fully enjoy the delicious taste of this dish, you can go to Ba Lan eel restaurant at 2 Tran Hung Dao, City. Vinh.

Ba Lan Restaurant specializes in serving dishes Nghe An eel specialty Prepared according to a family recipe. The eel meat is cleaned and greasy to make a bowl of eel porridge or eel soup Nghe An eel vermicelli delicious and burning.

Address: No. 2 Tran Hung Dao, City. Vinh, Nghe An.

4.2. Long Tuyen field eel restaurant

One more shop Nghe An eel vermicelli Extremely famous in Vinh city I want to introduce to you Long Tuyen restaurant. The restaurant has a spacious space and is open to serve locals and tourists all day long.

True to its name, Long Tuyen copper eel restaurant specializes in serving diners a variety of dishes Nghe An eel. Among these, the most famous is the stir-fried eel vermicelli dish with rich flavor, once you eat it you will remember it forever. In addition to eel, Long Tuyen also serves banh muot, fried rice and bread for you to eat with.

Address: Hamlet 8, Hung Chinh Commune, City. Vinh, Nghe An

4.3. Eel vermicelli shop in Nghe Hong Son

Located at 154 Mai Hac De, Vinh City, Hong Son is a restaurant specializing in serving delicious eel dishes including eel dishes. Nghe An eel vermicelli. The soft and chewy dong vermicelli combined with sweet eel meat and hot, rich soup makes any diner remember it forever.

Address: No. 154 Mai Hac De, City. Vinh, Nghe An

4.4. O Que Eel Restaurant Nghe An

If you don't have time to go to the land of Nghe An but still want to enjoy the taste of Nghe An Nghe An eel vermicelli Right in the capital, you can find Quan Eel O Que Nghe An.

O Que eel restaurant has a long history in Hanoi, specializing in selling specialties from eels such as eel soup, eel porridge, eel vermicelli, etc. Every dish is prepared cleanly and carefully to bring to customers. Original flavor of Nghe An.

Address: No. 4A, Lane 102 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

5. Some beautiful pictures of Nghe An stir-fried eel vermicelli dish

Below are some beautiful and attractive pictures of Nghe An eel vermicelli dish that everyone loves:

Above, We have discovered interesting information about the dish with you Nghe An eel vermicelli. If you love the chewy sweetness of eel meat and the spicy, rich taste of soup, don't forget to enjoy this Nghe An specialty!