Referring to Phu Quoc is mentioning a tourist paradise that everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. The attraction here comes from the people's cuisine and the unique beauty. The system of hotels, homestays, and resorts in Phu Quoc is growing like mushrooms. But if you have the opportunity to come here, try to experience the service at the hotel Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc with Please!

1. Some details about Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc Located very close to Phu Quoc airport, it is a large hotel with more than 100 rooms for guests to stay, accommodating nearly a thousand people at the same time.

The hotel has a new, modern look with an attractive white color located next to the blue beach. The interior also has white and pastel tones in sync with the apartment's paint color. Together Explore hotel details through the information below.

2. Geographic location and transportation instructions to Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

2.1. Geographic location of Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

Phu Quoc Ocean Pearl hotel Located at 99 Tran Hung Dao, a main street in the center of Duong Dong town. From this location, visitors have convenient regional connections to nearby tourist attractions, and transportation can reach the hotel door, and pick-up and drop-off is quite quick.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

2.2. Instructions for getting to Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

Phu Quoc has developed infrastructure so moving here is easy. Most vehicles appear in Phu Quoc, the most prominent of which are motorbikes and taxis when traveling within the city for tourists.

From other provinces, you can choose to fly, bus, private car or train. Depending on geographical location, tourists choose appropriate means of transportation.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

Phu Quoc airport is very close to the center of Duong Dong town, this is a plus point for tourists when saving time traveling from the tourist destination to the airport. All airlines operate direct flights from airports to Phu Quoc with travel time of 2-3 hours.

Passenger cars are suitable for tourists in neighboring provinces of Kien Giang. This means is quite cost-effective and relatively safe. The train has a station in the town center, located on the North-South highway, so traveling by train is an experience worth trying for tourists who have a lot of time and like to watch the road along the journey.

3. Space at Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

Phu Quoc Hotel Ocean Pearl It has a twin tower design with two separate towers painted in striking white. In the middle is the swimming pool area, restaurant, and other hotel services.

There are trees on campus to purify the air. In short, the hotel has a modern, youthful space that brings a new feeling to staying guests.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

4. Room types at Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

Phu Quoc Ocean Pearl There are a total of 169 rooms to serve tourists. The rooms are fully furnished including cable TV, dryer, refrigerator, dressing table, chair, toiletries, safe…

The hotel is divided into many types of rooms so that guests have many options to suit their individual needs.

4.1. Superior room

This room type has two views, sea view and mountain view. The room area is from 24-26m2 including a double bed or two single beds depending on the traveler's needs.

The room accommodates a maximum of 2 people and is the perfect choice for couples or two friends traveling together. The room is decorated in white, extremely eye-catching, youthful and modern. This is also the fastest room type in the hotel.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

4.2. Suite room

The suite room is quite large at 36 square meters with a large king bed that can accommodate up to three people. The room has large windows overlooking the majestic blue mountains.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

4.3. Deluxe room

The room has an area of ​​32m for maximum accommodation of 2 people, suitable for couples. The room is decorated for special occasions, with glass windows overlooking the sea. This is the ideal space for couples who want to watch the sunset and sunrise.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

5. Utility services at Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

5.1. Outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool right on the first floor of the hotel is quite large and is always cleaned daily with clear blue water. On the shore there are benches to help visitors relax and rest. Chill at the swimming pool is an ideal check-in place with cakes and tea.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

5.2. The restaurant serves cuisine

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner upon guests' request. There is a buffet-style breakfast, while lunch and dinner have a specific menu. The dishes are mainly Asian, European, traditional dishes and local specialties.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

5.3. Bar

The bar is located next to the restaurant with an open space overlooking the entire hotel grounds. Specializing in serving seasonal fruit drinks, strong drinks, and mixed drinks. Enjoying a cocktail then relaxing on the swimming pool is a great suggestion.

Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc: a resort oasis in the coastal city

5.4. Spa at Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc

The spa area is indispensable in every hotel with the function of relaxing the body of visitors. Traditional herbal-fueled treatments help the body relax after a long day of exploring the city.

6. Fun places near Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

6.1 Vin Pearl Safari Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Safari in Phu Quoc is divided into many different play areas for visitors to experience and explore. Thousands of wild animals are preserved, cared for in accordance with the natural environment and trained to be close to humans.

Coming here, visitors will definitely experience the most wonderful things. Extremely suitable for families with children who love animals.

6.2. Bai Sao

Bai Sao Phu Quoc is considered the top beautiful beach here, attracting tourists because of its wild natural beauty. It is called Sao Beach because there are many starfish and corals here. To protect marine plants, visitors should limit taking pictures with starfish.

6.3. Phu Quoc prison

A place is a national historical site that needs to be preserved, recording the heroic historical marks of our ancestors and the nation. Coming here helps visitors better understand history and the arduous period that brought freedom to the nation. This is a sacred and solemn place, so visitors should pay attention to clothing and attitude.

In addition to the above prominent places, visitors can visit other landmarks such as Ganh Dau, Ham Ninh fishing village, Cau palace, dog farm…

7. Places to eat near Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

7.1. Bun Que

Bun trumpet and vermicelli noodles are two dishes you should definitely try when coming to Phu Quoc. In the bowl of vermicelli there are seafood such as shrimp cakes and fish cakes. Served with raw vegetables, egg squid.

The name “bun quay” was born because while eating, tourists add spices such as soup powder, MSG, chili, fish sauce, pepper… so each bowl will have different spices.

  • Address: Bun Quai Kien Xay – 28 Bach Dang, Duong Dong Town
  • Price from: 40,000 VND/bowl

7.2. Bun Mam

Everyone knows that Phu Quoc is famous for its fish sauce factories nationwide. Bun Mam is one of the outstanding dishes here. The vermicelli bowl has a typical flavor from fish sauce, toppings include shrimp, pork, fish cakes… Served with raw vegetables and separate spices. Extremely fragrant and mouth-watering.

  • Address: Bun Mam Dung Ha – 66 Street 30/4, Duong Dong Town
  • Price from: 50,000 VND VND/bowl

8. Reservation information at Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc hotel

Hotel Ocean Pearl Phu Quoc With a large capacity, it is always a top priority destination during the tourist season. always accompanying travelers to bring the best, highest quality and fastest booking options.

  • Address: No. 99 Tran Hung Dao Street, Quarter 7, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.
  • Hotline:

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