Orion Boutique Resort fully inherits the poetic and romantic beauty of young grass hills, green pine trees and brilliant forest flowers. More prominent with the intersection of classic and modern beauty in each room design, bringing you wonderful moments of relaxation. Together Travelgoda.com Explore the beautiful resort in the clear flower valley right in the article below.

1. Some details about Orion Boutique Resort

Orion Boutique Resort is a new resort in the village of Mang Lin, hometown of Lam Dong. The resort was built in a beautiful flower valley, owned by talented actress Ly Nha Ky, head of real estate group Link Group.

With experience in investing and successfully implementing many outstanding quality resort projects across 3 regions, Link Group promises to bring a beautiful dream-like resort space.

Orion Boutique Resort - Dreamy vacation in the flower hill

Coming to the flower valley on the Mang Lin side, you will immediately be attracted by the very poetic white bungalows. The beautiful little houses with cross-roofed ceilings are not tiled but are just covered in pure white like a house-shaped box, perhaps just resort Orion Boutique just got it. Besides, there are unique space designs that harmonize with nature and a series of impressive amenities for you to come and explore.

Orion Boutique Resort - Dreamy vacation in the flower hill

2. Destination address Orion Boutique Resort

2.1. Detailed address

Orion Boutique Resort Located in Mang Lin village, Ward 7, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong. The resort is located about 26km from Lien Khuong airport, 6km from Da Lat center, 12km from Da Lat market, near Van Thanh flower village, 2.5km from Dalat Tourism College, convenient for tourists to visit. vacation, sightseeing.

2.2. Directions to get there

If you are in Da Lat city, you can use common means of transportation such as Limousi, sleeper bus, private car,… to get to the resort, only 6km from the city center. If traveling from far away places or international tourists, you can refer to the following means of transportation to get there Orion Boutique Resort:

  • Airplane: You can book tickets with 3 airlines operating flights from Ho Chi Minh – Da Lat including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar and VietJet Air and 4 airlines operating flights from Hanoi – Da Lat including Vietnam Airlines , Jetstar, VietJetAir and Bamboo. Flight time from Saigon to the resort about 40 minutes and from Hanoi about 1 hour 50 minutes.
  • Passenger car: There are many bus companies departing from Ho Chi Minh & there are free shuttle buses within a 10km radius to Orion Boutique Resort Dalat. The most popular route is Da Lat – Saigon with two reputable bus companies: Phuong Trang and Thanh Buoi. These 2 companies have many trips to and from the Saigon – Da Lat route, ticket prices range from 230,000 – 350,000 VND (sleeper)/1 ticket/way.
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3. Space and design style Orion Boutique Resort

3.1. Andochine Resort design style

In a space of 7000 square meters, Orion Boutique Resort Build unique houses with pure, natural inspiration. The white box-shaped adjacent villas grow on the green hillside with poetic pine trees and countless colors of forest flowers. Or the romantic bubble greenhouse with impressive vintage furniture creates a softer look with thin white curtains.

Orion Boutique Resort - Dreamy vacation in the flower hill

Rest rooms Not only beautiful in design but also brings great effects for you to fully feel the clear, cool nature on the romantic pine hills. The room’s interior is flexibly arranged and comfortably furnished for you to enjoy a comfortable and natural vacation.

3.2. Room system at Orion Boutique Resort

3.2.1. Villa Garden View – Orion Boutique Resort

LIVE Orion Boutique Resort, Garden View Villas have an area of ​​over 40m2 and are impressively designed with a box house bungalow style. The room has 1 large double bed for couples or families with young children.

In contrast to the fresh, bright white colors outside, the room’s interior uses pine wood with warm colors combined with a yellow lighting system to create a cozy, natural feel. The room is designed with a private balcony facing a colorful, attractive flower garden.

Orion Boutique Resort - Dreamy vacation in the flower hill

The house is okay Installing large glass doors, looking from the outside, it looks luxurious and modern. Sitting inside, you can admire the panoramic view of the flower fields.

Every day when you open the door, your family will welcome the fresh morning rays of sunlight, breathe fresh air and welcome the hill breeze with the scent of flowers.

Sitting here enjoying a cup of tea, admiring the natural scenery with endless clouds, flowers and grass sprouting full of vitality will make the soul more calm.

Orion Boutique Resort - Dreamy vacation in the flower hill

3.2.2. Villa Family Suite Forest

Villa Family Suite Forest Orion Boutique Resort has a modern 2-storey design with an area of ​​84m2. The bedroom is designed with a large King size bed in the 2-story bedroom and 1 single bed on the upper or lower floor, suitable for families or groups of 4 to 5 people. The interior combines elegant, natural wood materials to give visitors the most comfortable and convenient resort space.

Orion Boutique Resort - Dreamy vacation in the flower hill

Resort More prominent with the design of glass walls and transparent yellow-brown balcony railings with colorful views of nature.

Looking out from the living room or bedroom, you will see a smooth blue sky, gently drifting white clouds, and pure sunlight resting on fragile, colorful petals.

Orion Boutique Resort - Romantic vacation in the flower hill

Sitting and relaxing on the balcony, you will be immersed in the fresh air, with the scent of flowers and grass, listening to the sound of the wind on the romantic pine hills.

4. Outstanding utility services of Orion Boutique Resort

4.1. Cuisine & Cafe

Cuisine restaurant at Orion Boutique Resort offers a diverse menu of famous dishes of Vietnam in general and of the flower city of Da Lat in particular.

Dishes are made from fresh, clean vegetables and farm-raised meat, ensuring the dishes retain their delicious flavor and stimulate the taste buds.

The dishes do not bring high nutritional value but are also beautifully presented, creating a feeling of excitement and appetite for diners. The restaurant serves up to 100 guests with a cozy, natural design space.

Next to the culinary space is a cafe that gives you a private space to enjoy delicious, fatty drinks. The cafe serves flavored cakes for you to eat with.

4.2. Mini supermarket

The mini supermarket in the area is always ready to serve visitors 24/7. Whenever you want a snack or need more household items, you can go to the supermarket to choose items.

With supermarket at Orion Boutique The convenience of visitors is the number 1 priority. The stalls are smartly decorated and reasonably arranged with favorite brands from reputable brands, giving visitors outstanding shopping experiences here. .

4.3. Gardens

With strong country inspiration, Link Group’s chairman invested heavily in campus space with a flower garden of diverse beauty that touches people’s hearts.

On the smooth green grass that is always carefully taken care of are clusters of flowers reaching out to welcome the sunlight. Here there are famous flowers with their own charming beauty such as rose gardens, daisy fields, lavender bushes or beautiful hydrangeas, etc. And there are also wild flowers that few people know the names of. no less outstanding in the home garden flavor contest.

Orion Boutique Resort - Dreamy vacation in the flower hill

4.4. Campfire – BBQ

In the clear garden space in the romantic pine forest, you can organize intimate parties and BBQ parties. The cool air will make the flavor of grilled meat more delicious, stimulating the taste buds.

The atmosphere will be warmer, members will be closer together when they stand together to grill meat, grill vegetables or gather glasses to enjoy the aromatic flavors of drinks.

When the dark falls Orion Boutique Resort Dalat, groups of friends can build a campfire together and organize fun galas. In the cold mist of the pine forest, sitting around the flickering fire and chatting happily will give members the opportunity to come into close contact and become more connected.

4.5. Car for rent service

In addition to walking around the garden, you can rent a car to walk around the flower valley or ride a bike to enjoy the breeze around the hills and explore nearby tourist areas and landscapes.

Orion Boutique Resort We provide quality car rental services with many designs for visitors to choose from depending on their preferences and senses.

4.6. Room service

The front desk is ready to welcome visitors 24/24, creating maximum convenience for travel and travel schedules as well as support services. The staff is well-trained, dedicated, thoughtful, and professional in service, bringing the most comfortable feeling to guests when staying at the hotel. resort. You will be served amenities such as laundry service, room service, housekeeping service, luggage storage…

5. Customer reviews Orion Boutique Resort

You can refer to some comments below to get a better feel for it Orion Boutique Resort Dalat:

“I really like this place because there are always many trees, flowers, and strawberries from the room to the garden. The room is super clean, smells of pine wood. And if you like watching sunrise or sunset, this place is also called super!

I especially like to eat at the resort’s restaurant. The chef has many delicious dishes, helping my family avoid having to go far to find a restaurant during these Tet days.”

6. Reservation information at Orion Boutique Resort

You can contact Hotline: to receive information related to Orion Boutique Resort Dalat. In addition, to update resort room prices along with many voucher packages and service incentive programs, please visit our connection channel. Travelgoda.com as follows:

  • Address: Mang Lin Village, Ward 7, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong
  • Phone number:

7. Nearby tourist attractions Orion Boutique Resort

Resort at Connecting to many famous landscapes, sights, and tourist attractions in the area. Relaxing here, you can easily move to tourist destinations to have fun and explore, including:

  • Dalat Mushroom Village
  • Mong Mo Hill Da Lat
  • Valleys love
  • Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area
  • Cam ly waterfall

Above are all the reviews Orion Boutique Resort as well as experience for tourists who want to visit and relax here. Hope Travelgoda.com Providing the most useful information so you can easily choose a resort room and soon enjoy happy relaxing moments here.