No need to squeeze in on the street, check in now Pharaoh Hotel Cong Quynh to enjoy together FIREWORK Beside that person with 2 rooms at the top of the top overlooking Bitexco, ensuring this will be an unprecedented experience on the side of bustling Bui Vien street.

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Address Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh

1. Where is Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh?

As promised, Pharaoh Hotel Cong Quynh has launched a luxury product right in the heart of the first district. An ideal space to go on a date, rest together during travel days or have a romantic evening with honey. The most romantic hotel in Saigon never disappoints you, just try it once and you will fall in love with it for life.

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Skylight room with super view

The hotel is located at 102/1 Cong Quynh, Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, diagonally opposite Co Khan noodle shop. This address is very famous and crowded, so guests with cars will park at the parking lot at 27 Cong Quynh. There is a shuttle bus from the beach, so you can rest assured you won’t have to walk far.

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Romantic Geisha Room

2. Splendid design of Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh

Pharaoh Hotel Cong Quynh is the next branch, just launched but very quickly causing a stir among young people. The design has a modern, individual style, a perfect combination of colors and an excellent LED lighting system. To call this place a love paradise is not an exaggeration at all.

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh: romantic love hotel next to Bui Vien street

Hong Kong room next to Bui Vien

The hotel is famous, providing many rooms with different standards in area, design and rental price. Serving 15 rooms and all are double rooms, more suitable for couples, but if you are in a group you can still rent multiple rooms. Each room has full amenities such as king size mattress, minibar, bathtub, TV… extremely luxurious.

Jungle Room is mysterious and airy

The best rooms that you should book right away are Skylight, Hong Kong and Geisha. Skylight room has a luxurious design with elegant white tones, a breathtaking view of the entire Bitexco.

Geisha room, as its name suggests, uses a striking red color scheme and is neatly decorated without being cumbersome, making the room larger and more airy. The Hong Kong masterpiece was launched for the first time, possessing a unique and classic décor trend reminiscent of Hong Kong in the past. These 3 rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi bathtubs and giant 65-inch TVs.

The Chiness room has a style rich in Chinese culture

The remaining rooms, including Chinese – Jungle – Space – Galaxy – Neon – Pharaon, all have Jaccuzi bathtubs, impressive design and luxurious, fanciful lighting systems. The Mercury room is a regular room, without a bathtub or TV, but the design is also very attractive and as luxurious as the neighboring rooms.

Pharaonic room with ancient Egyptian motifs

Another perfect plus point for the Cong Quynh branch is the very clean and meticulous space. From the VIP rooms, you can watch the splendid and sparkling fireworks without having to step foot down the street.

Galaxy room is filled with bright light

3. What to eat at Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh? where to play?

Pharaoh Hotel Cong Quynh Owns a beautiful location right in the city center, next to Bui Vien walking street. Besides free drinking water, you can also contact the reception to serve snacks, set up wine, flowers, and a love party. There are also many delicious eateries and luxurious restaurants on the street that are extremely convenient to experience and enjoy street food.

The busiest district is the ideal place to have fun and party on Bui Vien street without needing transportation. The hotel is also super close to the center of District 2, District 3, near Ben Thanh market, Bitexco building, Landmark… This place is splendidly and beautifully decorated and is also one of the best backgrounds for you to check in and own beautiful beautiful picture.

Impressed with the super cool Neon room

4. Room price of Pharaon Hotel

Pharaoh Hotel Cong Quynh There are many types of rooms for couples to choose from such as Red Room, Galaxy, Jungle, Mercury, Chinese, Red Wine, Pharaon decorated in many different styles.

Space room is super beautiful, super quality

Overall, the room price is very affordable but the quality is not ordinary, the room is beautiful, comfortable and has a captivating view. Reasonable prices help you have wonderful experiences, bringing a romantic space filled with the flavor of love. Professional and friendly staff are ready to answer all customers’ questions.

Room prices range on average from 250,000 VND/2 hours.

5. Services and amenities at Pharaon Hotel

Pharaoh Cong Quynh Hotel is the address most loved by couples, providing meticulously designed rooms and luxurious space. It is a place that helps your love feelings sublimate, making you forget everything around you and immerse yourself in a love story.

Mercury is just a regular room but it’s still very enchanting

Guests with cars can park them at the car park at 27 Cong Quynh, the hotel will have a shuttle to pick up guests from the parking lot to the hotel. Rooms here are fully equipped with amenities, luxurious furniture, and sophisticated décor. The room has a smart TV, Youtube & Netflix to watch blockbusters, surf YouTube, a comfortable king size mattress and an attractive minibar.

Another great point is that the room has a large bathtub, depending on the standard, some rooms are equipped with a Jacuzzi massage tub with LED lights and a waterfall. When you book a room, you get free COM DOM, mineral water, and a tantra love seat to help your love sublimate. Besides, you can also set up a room setup to surprise your lover such as a birthday, proposal or anniversary.

6. Information about Pharaon Hotel Cong Quynh:

– Address: 102/1 Cong Quynh, Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, HCMC

– Phone number:

– Fanpage:

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