Come to Phu Quoc tourism with famous products such as: Fish sauce, sim wine, dried squid, seafood,… It is impossible not to mention the famous specialty – Phu Hai squid patties. Let’s Discover this famous specialty!

1. Phu Hai squid rolls – What’s special about Phu Quoc?

Although many places also have squid rolls, no place has a unique and comparable flavor like Phu Quoc. Phu Hai squid patties The Special type is made from fresh squid from the sea rich in nutritional value, pounded to blend with traditional flavors. You will have a completely different feeling when you try this squid patty for the first time, the flavor is rich, the patties are chewy and crispy but rough.

Phu Hai squid patties - Famous specialty of Phu Quoc coastal area
Phu Quoc squid patties possess a unique flavor not found in other regions

The product is sweet, fragrant, rich, greasy, soft but not greasy. Crispy on the outside, golden brown on the inside, soft and smooth white, rich in seafood flavor that melts in the mouth… All enough to make gourmets admire.

It is this that has contributed to making its name Phu Hai squid rolls in particular and Phu Quoc squid rolls Generally speaking. That’s why this product has also become a very popular specialty and is bought to enjoy or as a gift. If you come to Phu Quoc and have never tried this dish, you cannot say you have had a complete trip.

2. Reasons why Phu Hai squid rolls are popular

Tourists coming to Phu Quoc cannot miss this dish Phu Hai squid rolls famous for its characteristic rich flavor. So what makes Phu Quoc squid rolls so popular with tourists? Let’s Find out!

Phu Quoc squid rolls It is spread by everyone because of its special delicious taste. It is a gift that any tourist who has the opportunity to visit this land wants to enjoy.

It is no coincidence that this dish of squid rolls is loved because it possesses countless outstanding advantages such as:

Phu Hai squid patties - Famous specialty of Phu Quoc coastal area
Squid patties are both crispy and chewy, everyone likes them
  • Phu Quoc squid patties are made from the main ingredient which is fresh squid. This is one of the types of seafood that brings many great benefits to human health.
  • The dish has a unique aroma and chewy texture when biting into the squid inside the crispy dough layer.
  • Special Phu Hai squid patties have been cleaned and prepared with squid meat. Save cooking time for housewives while still having attractive dishes, ensuring nutrition for the whole family.
  • Squid contains several nutritional minerals such as calcium, protein, vitamins and copper. These nutrients help keep bones and teeth strong. Necessary for children’s height development, supporting the absorption process.
  • The product also helps metabolize and form red blood cells in blood vessels. Prevent and reduce arthritis, enhance muscle tone.


Phu Hai squid patties - Famous specialty of Phu Quoc coastal area

3. Ingredients for making Phu Hai squid rolls

To make delicious squid rolls, it is impossible not to mention choosing ingredients. With ingredients that are always fresh and delicious, carefully selected before being put into the production process.

As the name suggests, Phu Hai squid rolls Special type is made from fresh, delicious squid weighing from 1-3kg/piece. This is a special type of squid that not only has thick meat and moderate toughness but also has many outstanding nutrients.

Squid is caught directly in Phu Quoc waters. Phu Hai chooses fresh squid at large fishing grounds, with abundant seafood potential in both quantity and quality.

At the fishing grounds, we personally pick up each squid and through meticulous and rigorous selection process it into hand-pounded squid rolls. After that, the squid is processed immediately to maintain freshness, the gallbladder, internal organs, eyes, shell and outer skin are removed, and washed with salt water.

That’s why when it comes to dishes Phu Hai squid rollsthe first advantage customers think of is that it is made from 100% fresh ingredients caught directly in Phu Quoc waters.

4. Processing process of Phu Hai squid rolls

Whether or not a squid dish is successful depends a lot on the processing stage. And for Phu Quoc squid rolls Then you will not need to worry about the processing process because the squid rolls here are always prepared by hand pounding.

To find the right squid patties, people still come to Phu Hai because of their heirloom flavor and their own cooking secrets. The biggest difference of Phu Hai squid rolls is that the entire process is done manually.

The squid is pounded with flour and spices using a pestle and mortar until everything is well mixed together. Each piece of squid patty is made by the hands of veteran craftsmen so it still retains its crispiness and characteristic scent but is not at all fishy. Below is the process to create this special squid dish:

Marinating with spices is an important step

  • Step 1: Choose fresh squid from Phu Quoc beach, weighing 1-3kg/fish.
  • Step 2: Clean the squid and marinate with spices. The deliciousness and crispiness of the rolls are determined by the family recipe when combining a balance of ingredients.
  • Step 3: The squid is naturally hand-pounded to help the patties reach the highest deliciousness.
  • Step 4: After the hand pounding step, the squid patties are steamed to ensure deliciousness and increase the shelf life of the product.
  • Step 5: Fry the squid patties. Frying oil is changed continuously. When the oil begins to turn dark, the fryer will immediately be replaced with new oil, so it is very safe for consumers’ health.
  • Step 6: The final step before bringing squid rolls to consumers is the modern packaging process. Vacuum-sealed ink not only helps make the ink bag more beautiful and also helps users easily preserve the product.

5. How to preserve Phu Hai squid rolls

Squid patties are delicious, easy to prepare and simple to preserve. Depending on how long you intend to use it after purchasing it, you can refer to the following preservation methods:

  • Store in the freezer at -10 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius, shelf life is about 180 days.
  • Store in the refrigerator for only 5 days.
  • As for the outside environment, at normal temperature, you can only use squid rolls for about 20 hours. It will then spoil if you do not store it at cold temperatures.

6. Phu Hai – Address providing quality hand-pounded Phu Quoc squid rolls

Phu Hai is proud to be the leading supplier of delicious hand-pounded squid rolls in Phu Quoc with many types of regular hand-pounded squid rolls to type 1, special types. This is a unit with many years of experience in making heirloom seafood, sought out and trusted by many domestic and foreign diners.

Phu Hai squid patties - Famous specialty of Phu Quoc coastal area
Phu Hai squid rolls are trusted by customers

At Phu Hai, the selection of ingredients, especially fresh squid, is done very carefully. Since then, the squid rolls here have always been delicious and of high quality.

Along with that, squid patties are processed using the manual pounding method, without additives or preservatives, so they are very safe for consumers’ health.

As the pride of Phu Quoc tourism, Phu Hai squid rolls always listen to customers to firmly build the trust of tourists.

The product is currently on promotion with an attractive price of only 420,000 VND. Please place your order quickly so as not to miss the opportunity to buy at a good price.


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