Quang Nam is attractive because of the beloved Hoi An city, quiet mural village and beautiful beaches. This place is extremely impressive Phu Ninh Lake Clear, cool – super hot picnic and check-in spot. In the article below, Travelgoda.com We will explore this lake with you.

1. Some main introductions about Phu Ninh Lake

Phu Ninh Lake is the most worth visiting place, you will be immediately attracted to its immense and peaceful beauty. This location currently has 30 different large and small islands, stretching over an area of ​​23 thousand hectares. The artificial lake has attracted a large number of tourists because of its majestic and beautiful nature.

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

On the way to Phu Ninh Lake, you will be surprised by the charming picture. On both sides of the road are acacia trees that give shade and yellow flowers. Stopping at this check-in point, you think you have entered an unreal space, making your heart suddenly “stunned”. In addition to enjoying the wonderful scenery, you can participate in adventurous recreational activities on the lake. A hot bath is a great experience to relieve fatigue and relax.

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

Point Phu Ninh tourism It is also the number 1 place for camping, where you can bask in the pleasant beauty, watch the twinkling stars and share memorable moments with friends and family. Discovering this green pearl will be an impressive and unforgettable journey for anyone coming to Quang Nam.

2. Address and travel instructions to travel to Phu Ninh

  • Address: Tam Dai commune, Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province

Quite close to the center of Hoi An ancient town, visitors can get to this place by bus, car or motorbike:

  • Motorbike: You can travel on many different routes. The route is not too far so this is truly a reasonable means of transportation. Chill chill and freedom to move around Phu Ninh Lake will bring an extremely interesting backpacking experience.
  • Bus: If departing from Da Nang city, you can take the bus. Taking the bus, you will easily see the scenery outside. Especially low ticket prices are also extremely outstanding advantages of this means of transportation.
  • Car: Families should also consider choosing a car to travel to and from Phu Ninh tourist area. You just need to follow the direction of National Highway 1A – Tam Ky city – Tam Dai commune – tourist destination.

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

3. Update ticket prices and services at Phu Ninh Lake

Down here, Travelgoda.com will list for tourists the prices of service tickets at the tourist area for your reference:

Entrance fee: 90,000 VND/adult, 50,000 VND/child 1m – 1.4m, Free/child under 1m

  • Windsurfing: 500,000 VND/person
  • Kayaking: 200,000 VND/person
  • 30-seat canoe tour: 160,000 VND/adult, 100,000 VND/child 1m – 1.4m
  • Boat trip to visit the lake for 60 minutes: 120,000 VND/adult, 50,000 VND/child 1m – 1.4m
  • Hot mineral bath: 800,000 VND/1 bath, maximum 8 guests
  • Fishing: 50,000 VND
  • Swan boat ride: 100,000 VND/boat for 2 people
  • Zipline: 150,000 VND/turn
  • Towing banana float: 900,000 VND/float

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

4. The most impressive experiences at Phu Ninh Lake Quang Nam

4.1. Admire the landscape

The vast lake is the ideal place to enjoy your vacation and check-in for virtual life. Exploring the island, you are immediately drawn into the majestic scenery of the blue lake. The clear lake surface reflects a mysterious natural picture, harmony between land and water. The diverse biota on the island is a unique point that visitors can discover.

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

If you like magic, Phu Ninh lake is a place to enjoy virtual check-in. Each island on the lake offers a unique and attractive setting. The wonderful backgrounds, from green grass strips to strangely shaped rocks, are all beautiful places to take photos. Tours to the above islands Phu Ninh lake is not only an opportunity to explore natural beauty but also to enjoy moments of peace.

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

4.2. Explore Monkey Island

Phu Ninh Dam Also famous for Monkey Island. This is not only a charming natural wonder but also attractive because of the extremely adorable and friendly monkeys. Monkeys here do not tease or bother visitors. The clean living environment on the island also contributes to the comfort of the monkeys.

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

LIVE Phu Ninh Lake, you also don't need to worry about your belongings being stolen or being harassed by monkeys. Coming here, visitors will have an exciting adventure, enjoy closeness to nature and share exciting moments with adorable monkeys.

4.3. Hot mineral bath in Phu Ninh Lake tourist area,

If you have the opportunity to come to this location, you should definitely experience hot mineral bathing in this area. The water source is nearly 80 degrees Celsius, pumped from a depth of 200m. Water contains high levels of minerals and many trace elements, these elements are known for their extremely good health benefits.

Phu Ninh Lake - Admire the beauty of Quang's ecological area

Visitors can bathe in the hot mineral pool and soak their feet to help relieve fatigue and improve their spirit effectively. Hot mineral source in Phu Ninh Lake, Quang Nam It is not only a place for fun but also a health therapy, beneficial for the skin, bones, joints and muscles.

4.4. Experience the cable car

For those who love adventure, the Zipline cable car at this location will help you get more excited. The 750m long Zipline promises to bring a challenging adventure. This is your chance to enjoy the scenery Phu Ninh Lake from unbelievable heights. The combination of the thrill of traveling in the air and exploring the wild beauty of nature creates greatness.

The safe and professional system of the Zipline cable car line ensures visitors. Experienced care staff and guides will assist you from preparation to completion of the trip.

4.5. Participate in other exciting activities

Phu Ninh Lake Not only is it a stopping place for those who love exciting games, but also a relaxing destination with light and interesting games. This tourist area designs many entertainment activities for a variety of ages, from fishing, banana buoy pulling to boating, to meet diverse needs.

One of the easiest games you can try now Phu Ninh Lake is fishing. There are many diverse fishing areas, from beginners to experienced people can participate. Banana float pulling is another unique activity that attracts both families and groups of friends. You can enjoy fun moments while surfing on the water, immersing yourself in the cool green space.

4.6. Camping at Phu Ninh lake tourist area

In Phu Ninh Lake, camping becomes an experience that brings visitors closer to nature and creates beautiful memories. Around the lake, there are large vacant lots, covered with cool green trees. You can leisurely light a campfire, grill meat and enjoy a picnic with friends. The warm feeling from the campfire, the delicious taste of grilled meat and the peaceful space create a memorable travel memory.

So that everyone has a perfect trip, Phu Ninh tourist area Provides everything for camping. You don't need to look for a place to rent a tent or prepare food or drinks. Camping is not only a tourist activity, but also an opportunity to connect with friends and family.

5. Some things to note when coming to Phu Ninh dam

First time coming to Phu Ninh Lakeyou need to know some experiences in advance to have the best trip:

  • One of the most important things when sightseeing Phu Ninh Lake is choosing the right footwear. Using sneakers or soft footwear can help you move easily on diverse terrain. In particular, don't forget to bring insect spray.
  • The safety of your personal belongings is another priority you need to know when traveling. Do not leave valuables in public places to avoid loss.
  • During the visit, visitors should adhere to the principle of not teasing wild animals. When taking a boat tour, visitors must wear a life jacket and follow the staff's instructions.

6. Some other locations close to Phu Ninh Lake tourist area

6.1. Tam Thanh mural village

  • Address: Thanh Nien, City. Tam Ky, Quang Nam

The most beautiful mural village in Quang Nam creates highlights with houses painted in fresh colors. Each photo recreates the innocent and loving life of coastal people. The works not only refresh the appearance of the traditional village but also create an impressive spatial experience. Once you set foot here, everyone will be captivated.

6.2. Bay Mau coconut forest

  • Address: Group 2, Can Nhan village, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province

Bay Mau coconut forest is a quite close destination Phu Ninh Lake, bringing mystery and charisma. The beautiful scene of the coconut forest is a harmonious combination of low green coconut trees lying along the calm water stream. Coming here, visitors will encounter wonderful landscapes.

The special thing is going on a basket boat on the river in the coconut forest. You can embark on a journey to see the majestic nature and feel the silence and peace of the countryside. In addition, Bay Mau coconut forest is also famous for folk entertainment activities. Perhaps most special is the vibrant performances on the face. After finishing the journey, you will be able to try delicious dishes made from super attractive fresh coconuts.

Phu Ninh Lake is the hottest and most attractive attraction Travelgoda.com shared specifically with you. Hopefully, on some occasion, visitors will have the opportunity to explore this ecological area.