Pineapple ginseng tea has a simple name, giving a rustic feeling. But few people know that this seemingly ordinary tea brings very miraculous benefits. If Are you looking for a drink that cools the body, is delicious, affordable and is also good for your health? So here it is is the perfect choice for you. Let's join Discover this unique tea now!

1. A few words about Pineapple Ginseng Tea

Pineapple ginseng tea known as a famous drink of Da Nang, originating from Bao Loc, Lam Dong – the tea bowl of the South. Whether tea connoisseurs or non-tea connoisseurs can enjoy it because of its gentle, sweet aroma and easy to drink.

Pineapple ginseng tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

The production and processing of Pineapple ginseng tea Bao Loc is also very strictly evaluated to produce such a delicious tea. The ingredients are completely natural, carefully selected, using the best ingredients. The special feature of this tea is its ability to retain its aroma for a long time, after a few hours of enjoyment, you will still feel the taste in your mouth.

Because of the many benefits and uses of this type of tea Many people favorably choose it as a meaningful gift to give to family members, friends and colleagues during business trips to Da Nang.

2. Ingredients Pineapple ginseng tea

In one package Pineapple ginseng tea will contain many different types of tea that are good for health. All of those ingredients are combined together to create a cup of tea full of flavor and balance between the ingredients.

Pineapple ginseng tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

When drinking, you will feel the slightly astringent taste of green tea buds mixed with the sweetness of pandan leaves, the fragrant aroma of jasmine, dandelions, and wolf flowers, finally ending with a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

3. Benefits of Pineapple Ginseng Tea for Humans

Pineapple ginseng tea Not only delicious but also very nutritious because it brings many uses and health benefits. Here are some outstanding benefits of this tea synthesized:

  • Reduce blood cholesterol
  • Purifies the body, detoxifies the liver;
  • Lose weight, prevent obesity;
  • AIDS digestion;
  • Reduce bone and joint pain;
  • Against aging;
  • Improve immune system;
  • Cancer prevention;
  • Prevent high blood pressure;
  • Helps relieve symptoms of gout;
  • Beautifies the skin, helps the skin to be bright and healthy.

Pineapple Ginseng Tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

In addition to its direct effects on physical health, this tea also very good for mental health. Whenever you are stressed, you should drink 1-2 cups of tea to help you regain a refreshed, comfortable, and pleasant spirit, reduce anxiety and fatigue, thereby helping you study and work more effectively.

4. Enjoy Pineapple Ginseng Tea properly and tastefully

4.1. Instructions on how to make hot tea

Take the amount of tea depending on your taste, the amount varies. Then, take a little boiling water and pour it just to cover the surface of the tea, rinse briefly and then throw away the rinse water. Next, brew the tea, pour boiling water at 80°C into the pot, close the lid and wait about 20 – 25 seconds. Finally, pour the tea into a cup and you can immediately enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

Pineapple ginseng tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

4.2. Instructions on how to make cold tea

When making cold tea, you also make tea like when making hot tea but the final step after pouring the tea into a cup is to let it cool and add ice to enjoy. You can add sugar and milk to enhance the flavor depending on your preference. When drinking cold tea, it brings a new, refreshing feeling.

Pineapple Ginseng Tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

5. Things to note when using Pineapple Ginseng Tea

5.1. Should brewed pineapple ginseng tea be left overnight?

You should use brewed tea directly on the same day, do not leave it overnight as it will affect the quality of the tea and is not good for your health.

5.2. Pineapple ginseng tea causes insomnia?

Pineapple ginseng tea Tea can cause insomnia because it contains caffeine. Therefore, depending on the purpose, you can use tea in different amounts and times. If you want to stay awake and relieve sleepiness, you can drink a cup of tea right away, which will be very effective. You should not drink it before going to bed if you have trouble sleeping. If you still want to drink a cup of tea before going to bed, the time of drinking should be a little further from bedtime.

Pineapple ginseng tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

5.3. Should not be taken continuously every day

It can be said that this is a very good tea, bringing many benefits, but that is not why we abuse it and drink it regularly, even using it instead of filtered water. Because of its cooling and cooling properties, it is loved by many people. However, if you use it for a long time, it will cause electrolyte imbalance and can lead to poor absorption of important substances. This will lead to some diseases for long-term users.

Pineapple ginseng tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

5.4. Proper storage

Pineapple ginseng tea It's easy to lose its flavor if it's not stored well or in the wrong way. Therefore, preserving tea is very important so that it is always delicious, meets the original flavor standards and is worth the money spent. If you have not used the tea yet, you can store it in the refrigerator while it is still vacuum sealed.

Pineapple Ginseng Tea - Delicious drink for hot summer days

In case of use: Tie the bag tightly after each use of tea. If storing tea in a box, keep the lid tightly closed to limit exposure to air, which can affect the quality of the tea. The product should be used within 15 days of opening the packaging. Store in a cool, dry place, avoid damp places that easily cause tea mold, and avoid direct sunlight exposure that can damage the quality of the tea.

6. Who should and should not use pineapple ginseng tea?

Undeniable pineapple ginseng tea has many health benefits and disease prevention, but it also contains ingredients that can have negative effects on health. Therefore, attention and consideration are needed before use.

6.1. Who should use it?

  • People with high blood pressure
  • People easily gain weight and become obese
  • People who often work hard and have body aches
  • People with toxins in the liver and kidneys
  • People who need to cool down
  • People with digestive problems
  • People with gout
  • Dehydrated person, need to cool down
  • People like to drink tea and enjoy tea

6.2. Objects that should not be used

  • People with low blood pressure
  • People with chronic insomnia
  • The person is cold inside
  • People who are using oriental and western medicine
  • People who are using stimulants
  • Children under 15 years old

7. Reputable brands and places to buy pineapple ginseng tea on the market

7.1. Ngoc Trang pineapple ginseng tea brand

As a long-standing, reputable brand in the market, specializing in providing premium, high-quality teas. Ngoc Trang Tea has long been favored by many people because of its reasonable price and carefully selected raw materials, bringing peace of mind to customers.

7.2. Ngoc Quang pineapple ginseng tea brand

The intense fragrance is the unique point of Ngoc Quang tea. Ngoc Quang Tea has created a specialty. Pineapple ginseng tea With an attractive scent that can conquer anyone. Besides, the ability to retain the aroma for a long time and effectively is also a point that attracts users. Ngoc Quang Tea uses tea leaves imported directly from Bao Loc tea warehouse, the production process ensures to preserve the most delicious flavor of the tea.

7.3. Bao Ngan pineapple ginseng tea brand

As one of the brands highly appreciated and trusted by consumers for its quality and especially strict packaging to preserve the tea in the best way. When using Bao Ngan tea, customers will definitely feel the delicious flavor, keeping the most characteristic flavor of the tea. Pineapple ginseng tea Because production materials are selected completely from nature, ensuring safety for users.

7.4. – specializes in providing pineapple ginseng tea

Is a supplier of diverse and rich types pineapple ginseng tea present in the market such as Da Nang tea, Lam Dong tea,… with many branches in two big cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

All products distributed by the company are genuine, have clear origins and are certified for food hygiene and safety. Therefore, consumers can rest assured to use without worry. In addition, when purchasing here, you will also receive shipping support if you buy in bulk, and receive support for shipping and payment at your doorstep.

7.5. Anh Ban Tra – address to buy quality pineapple ginseng tea

This is a great address for those who are passionate about tea ceremony because it not only provides Pineapple ginseng teathe company also provides many different types of tea to meet the needs of consumers.

Not only that, Tea Friend also owns a team of enthusiastic consultants, ready to support customers. If you are a new tea user and don't know much about tea, you can absolutely come here for advice and choose the type of tea you like.

7.6. Tra Viet – where to buy high-quality pineapple ginseng tea in Hanoi

Tra Viet is a famous brand providing many types of premium tea including pineapple ginseng tea renowned. With the mission of bringing Vietnamese tea everywhere, the brand also provides gifts for individuals and organizations with extremely sophisticated and eye-catching gift boxes.

When you come here, you can easily choose for yourself the most satisfactory gifts that suit your budget and purpose. In addition, the unit also sells very aesthetic and artistic tea sets that will surely attract customers when they come to the store. The brand is also a close partner of many large businesses such as Samsung, Bidv, Viettel, Toyota,… Therefore, customers can completely feel secure when shopping here.

By now, readers must have had an overview and found useful information for themselves about pineapple ginseng tea. You can read other articles by to have a lot of useful knowledge about cuisine and tourism!