Quang Yen is a town with rivers, seas and mountains in Quang Ninh province. The nature here is very lyrical, along with a series of attractive landscapes and monuments. Journey of adventure Quang Yen tourism, you have just discovered the beautiful scenery, learned about the culture as well as the unique features of the cuisine. Follow the article below by Travelgoda.com for more details.

1. Some main features of Quang Yen tourism

Quang Yen is famous for its pristine nature and rich tourism potential. This land is not only blessed by nature with long mountain landscapes and vast coastline, but is also an ideal destination for those who love to explore and experience unique culinary culture. Now, come Quang Yen tourism It's also relatively easy because traffic is extremely convenient.

Quang Yen Tourism - Journey to discover a new land in Quang Ninh

Quang Yen constantly attracts a large number of tourists from all directions. This place owns many famous destinations such as Thac Mo, Dong Phuc pagoda, 2 ancient ironwood trees, King Ba Temple, Bach Dang museum… In particular, the cuisine of this land is also one of the attractive factors. traveler. With diversity and richness, local cuisine carries with it the typical flavor of the sea, captivating people with fresh and rich seafood dishes.

2. Address and instructions to travel to Quang Yen, Quang Ninh

Address: southwest of Quang Ninh province

Quang Yen is located about 40km from Ha Long and nearly 130km from Hanoi. With the advantage of transportation, the distance to travel to this place is significantly shortened. If you don't know which means of transportation to get there Quang Yen tourism Then you can consider these forms Travelgoda.com following suggestions:

  • Motorbike: A vehicle that helps tourists have a more proactive and free schedule. For young people who are healthy and want to have more experience, riding a motorbike is the most reasonable.
  • Bus: Departing from Hanoi, you can buy a bus ticket to explore Quang Yen. Ticket price is only about 200,000 VND – 300,000 VND with a total time of 3 – 5 hours. Some trusted Hanoi – Quang Yen car companies include Hoang Cong car, Hoang Phu car or Dam Tung car.

Arriving in Quang Yen town, you can travel around by renting motorbikes at shops or taking a taxi.

Quang Yen Tourism - Journey to discover a new land in Quang Ninh

3. The most famous and attractive tourist destinations in Quang Yen

3.1. Dream Stream Quang Yen

  • Address: Dong Mai, TX. Quang Yen, Quang Ninh

Quang Yen travel experience That means you have to visit Mo stream. This place has a majestic, natural beauty that makes everyone who comes here surprised. Suoi Mo attracts tourists because of the water rushing down from above, creating strong and passionate emotions. The sound of strong water flowing through the space of the primeval forest evokes magnificence.

Quang Yen Tourism - Journey to discover a new land in Quang Ninh

Thac Mo is also an ideal place to enjoy recreational activities on summer days. People can cool off in the water of the waterfall, enjoying the feeling of refreshment and relaxation after stressful working days. Additionally, fishing at Quang Yen tourist destination This is also extremely interesting and engaging. If you want to experience closer to nature, you can also camp and set up some specialties to enjoy.

3.2. Dong Phuc Pagoda – Quang Yen tourist destination

  • Address: 148 Tran Hung Dao, TT. Quang Yen, Yen Hung, Quang Ninh

Dong Phuc Pagoda with its unique architecture and profound cultural value has become a destination for all tourists. The temple is also Quang Yen tourist destination extremely hot. During the resistance war, this place was a secret operating base for patriotic soldiers.

Quang Yen Tourism - Journey to discover a new land in Quang Ninh

Dong Phuc Pagoda was built on a large campus. The highlight of the pagoda is the use of 500 ironwood blocks and large stone blocks, thereby bringing in solemn and majestic beauty. Currently, the pagoda owns 10 stone stele, 30 Buddha statues and 2 bronze bells. All are exquisite works of art and priceless heritage. Coming to the temple, visitors can feel the peace and tranquility and find peace in their souls.

3.3. Bach Dang Museum

  • Address: Ngo Quyen, TT. Quang Yen, Yen Hung, Quang Ninh

Bach Dang Museum stands out with its large space and many galleries. Here it is very suitable for you to learn about the country's proud past. At the destination Quang Yen tourism owns thousands of pictures, artifacts and maps, all of which seem to recreate a very heroic history.

Quang Yen Tourism - Journey to discover a new land in Quang Ninh

Everything at the museum is arranged logically, divided into many areas. Each room has a distinct theme to help visitors easily explore. From galleries about resistance struggles, to galleries about culture and art, visitors feel like they can relive the past and better understand what the nation has gone through. Bach Dang Museum constantly propagates and preserves precious cultural and historical heritage.

3.4. Two ancient Lim trees

  • Address: Ngo Quyen, TT. Quang Yen, Yen Hung, Quang Ninh

Two ancient ironwood trees located on Ngo Quyen street are not only two ordinary ancient trees but also historical symbols. This place has hundreds of years of history, and is now a popular check-in spot for young people. With more than 700 years of age, two ironwood trees have become living witnesses of historical battles against the Mongol army.

Quang Yen Tourism - Journey to discover a new land in Quang Ninh

Quang Yen tourism, visiting two ancient ironwood trees is not only to check-in and preserve beautiful images but also an opportunity for you to return to a past full of heroic achievements. This place is an illustrious testimony, a presence of heroic times.

3.5. Forest Market

  • Address: 110 Le Loi, TT. Quang Yen, Yen Hung, Quang Ninh

Travel to Quang Yen, Quang Ninh, you must definitely visit Forest Market. Here, exciting trading activities take place. The market sells a variety of items at extremely reasonable prices. Every day, this place attracts hundreds of tourists and locals to visit and shop. Here, you can find everything from fresh vegetables and fruits to handicrafts, ceramics and unique souvenirs.

4. Cheap and delicious places to eat that you must definitely try

4.1. La Ban Van Don Restaurant

  • Address: Thong Nhat Urban Area, Area 8, Cai Rong Town, Van Don District, Quang Ninh
  • Phone number:

Quang Yen tourism If you want to explore cuisine, go to La Ban Van Don restaurant. This is a place with classy service and the most luxurious space. The restaurant is designed with a bold, modern style, elegant color scheme and reasonable arrangement. From the common area to the private room, all focus on decor, so La Ban is always chosen to organize birthday parties, baby showers, and gala dinners.

Visiting La Ban restaurant is an opportunity for each visitor to fully experience the cuisine of the Quang region. Here, you must definitely try grilled squid with onion, braised seabass with ginger, grilled octopus, stir-fried mud crab with lemongrass and chili or a series of typical hot pot dishes. Each dish is beautiful in appearance, has quality inside and is reasonably priced, so you can rest assured.

4.2. BAMBOO Restaurant

  • Address: No. 11, Lane 29, Le Hoan Street, Quang Yen, Quang Ninh

A place to enjoy delicious and abundant seafood that you should not miss is Bamboo restaurant. From selecting ingredients to processing, the restaurant pays careful attention. Coming here, you can try hot pot, grilled or cooked cassava dishes. The flavor of each dish is guaranteed to stimulate taste buds.

The space of Bamboo restaurant is both spacious and luxurious; The staff are extremely attentive. Therefore, many customers have trusted this place to hold family, friend and company parties. More worth mentioning, this location often has gratitude incentives for its guests.

4.3. Cuisine 68 – Quang Yen

  • Address: Area 9, Quang Yen Ward, Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh

Quang Yen tourism, visitors can choose Cuisine 68 restaurant to dine with their family. Thanks to its open space and impressive design, the destination can meet all needs. Regarding the menu, Cuisine 68 has enough fresh seafood prepared on the spot such as squid, fish, shrimp, snails, and octopus. The dishes are carefully arranged, ensuring the original flavor is preserved.

5. Where should I book a resort when traveling to Quang Yen?

5.1. Citadines Marina Halong

  • Address: Ha Long Marine Avenue, Hung Thang Ward, Ha Long City
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

Citadines Marina Halong is located not too far from the destinations Quang Yen tourism so you can rest assured to book your accommodation. This is a newly built hotel, providing a variety of luxury services. Citadines Marina's design exudes luxury, modernity, elegant colors and glass layers create an attractive effect.

Citadines Marina Halong offers an elite culinary space, a classy swimming pool, a luxurious sky bar or an extremely effective spa treatment. Your family vacation will be even more wonderful with a team of attentive staff serving you.

5.2. Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh

  • Address: Ha Long Road, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province.
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Ninh stands out with 34 floors, worthy of 5-star luxury. During the trip Quang Yen tourism, you can book a room here for a perfect vacation. The hotel's rooms overlook the romantic bay, bringing moments of relaxation and refreshment. This hotel is designed in a relatively harmonious way, both elegant and very close and friendly. The services at Muong Thanh Luxury are also thoughtful and complete so you can enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Quang Yen tourism will definitely make you have more memories. The lyrical beauty, unique culture, and rich cuisine are things that make visitors remember right from the first time they visit. Travelgoda.com Wishing you the best trip.