One of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Vietnam, nicknamed “muse”, is none other than Quynh beach in Nghe An. This beach is quieter than Cua Lo because tourism has not yet been developed, but recently it has become an equally “hot” destination. Next, let's go together Find out what makes this beach so special!

1. The poetic beauty of Quynh Nghe An beach

It's not natural Quynh beach considered one of the beautiful beaches of Vietnam and the second most beautiful beach in the Central region of our country. The beach has smooth white sand, the sea water is very clear and the waves are very gentle, unlike Cua Lo.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

Quynh Beach, Nghe An About 5km long, not too small and not too big, so we can comfortably play next to the green coconut trees. The sea surface, sandy beach, and coconut groves create a harmonious scene that makes anyone who comes here feel relaxed and comfortable.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

2. Address and instructions on how to get to Nghe Tinh beach

Quynh Beach Located in Quynh Loc commune, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province. The province's geographical location is more than 240km from Hanoi and only about 70km from Vinh city.

If you are from another province like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you should travel by plane to ensure safety and spirit for a perfect trip with family and friends. After arriving in Vinh city, if you do not want to take a hotel car or rent a car with a driver, you can follow the itinerary as follows:

  • Motorbikes: Motorbikes in Vinh city and neighboring locations have common rental prices ranging from 100,000 VND/day to 150,000 VND/day. After renting a car, you can follow Highway 1A with directions from google map. Traveling by motorbike will take about 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Car: Renting a car for the whole family is also a very reasonable option with prices ranging from 500,000 VND/day to more than 1,000,000 VND/day. Traveling by car also requires taking Highway 1A to the South, but traveling by car is faster so it will only take about 45 minutes.
  • Bus: You can take the bus from Vinh city to Quynh Loc intersection, then you will have to walk about 2km so please be careful.

3. Interesting experiences at Quynh beach

3.1. Go to the beach

Of course, this activity cannot be missed when coming to a romantic beach like this. The Central region is a place where you can swim almost all day (except in the evening). Quynh beach is no exception.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

The waves here are also very light so you can freely play, but note that you still have to choose a place with a guard to ensure there is no danger. Photos at sea will be very beautiful and romantic if you know how to capture the moment.

3.2. Take a boat to explore the cave

An experience you cannot miss on your trip is admiring the cave rocks on a boat. There are very beautiful caves here that you should visit: Mui Trau cave and Dragon Eye cave. In particular, Dragon Eye Cave was chosen as one of the best tourist destinations in Nghe An.

3.3. Watch sunrise and sunset

Lots of tourists when arriving Quynh Nghe An beach Everyone tries to catch the moment of sunrise and sunset here. The magical light, symbolizing warmth and birth, combined with the poetic and clear look, creates an extremely enchanting and magical beach space.

Not only that, by watching the sunrise and sunset you can also witness the daily activities of fishermen here. Sending them off and welcoming them home with your eyes will also give you some feeling of living here.

3.4. Camping, picnics

There is an area here where you can organize a small camping session with your friends as a stress-relieving party after a long tiring period. Of course, outdoor camping is indispensable for a seafood BBQ and the surrounding area is always ready to provide enough services for you to just have fun and enjoy your party.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

3.5. Enjoy specialties at Quynh beach

No group of tourists will miss meals at coastal restaurants and bars because it will be an unforgettable culinary experience in the hearts of tourists. Quynh beach. Seafood here is very fresh because it is caught during the day and processed in the style of local people.

Specialty Quynh Nghe An beach that you cannot ignore:

  • Surely there must be special types of crustacean seafood such as clams, oysters, mussels, crabs, shrimp, etc.
  • Other types of sea fish.
  • Shaved vegetables: One of the simple specialties of Quynh beach.
  • Nghe An specialties such as spring rolls, eel soup, eel vermicelli, banh muot and sweet potato sweet soup are famous.

4. Quynh beach travel experience you should know

Here are some notes want to remind you when you intend to travel to Quynh Nghe An beach:

  • Night camping here is a great experience that you and your friends should not miss. But there is no tent rental service here, so please bring one from home.
  • Tourism services are limited, especially peak season accommodation services will be very crowded, so if you need to book a room, please contact early.
  • This is an outdoor experience so please bring all equipment such as umbrella, sunscreen, and clothes if you want to change clothes to check in and take photos.
  • When eating at coastal restaurants or eateries, ask the price first.
  • If you want to buy fresh seafood to take home, go to the market early in the morning.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

5. Locations near Quynh Nghe An beach

Nghe An is a place with many cultural and historical sites located everywhere. Quynh Beach located within the territory is no exception when there are many famous historical and cultural places such as

5.1. Quynh Van archaeological site

This is one of the typical relics of the existence of the Stone Age. The relic was discovered by a Frenchman and until 2017, it was classified as a National Monument. Through the relics, archaeologists predict that ancient people practiced fishing and hunting.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

Quynh Van relic has 21 locations distributed along the coast, inside there are also animal bones, stone tools along with ceramics and fire stoves. The pottery here is rudimentary, mostly shaped by hand combined with a stone pounding table. Other artifacts such as bones or eating utensils are in small quantities.

5.2. Ho family church

The church is a place to commemorate Ho Kha and the people of the Ho family who contributed to the nation's two long resistance wars. Ho family church is located in Quynh Doi commune, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province.

Every year, the Ho family's descendants still hold a grand incense offering ceremony here to commemorate their father and especially Ho Kha on January 12. Uncle Ho Kha was born around the beginning of the 14th century and was the 13th generation descendant of Trang Nguyen, the governor of Ho Hung Dat. He is considered the blessed god of Quynh village.

This place is said to have charming feng shui, in addition to having the characteristic “Ding dragon guides the veins, Dinh water guides the way” meaning that this place has conditions for future generations to exploit as a blessing or a blessing. a spiritual support when building a career and studying.

5.3. Tam Mai Communal House

Tam Mai Communal House is a ancient architectural work with a sophisticated pagoda roof. The communal house faces southwest, located right above Hoang Ha village, Dien Chau commune. The communal house was built in 1873 and restored and upgraded in 1908.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

The communal house has a square space divided into two floors and has 4 pillars with 8 curved roofs shaped like a flying phoenix. The communal house is built entirely of ironwood and has an old-style yin-yang tile roof. On top of the head are two dragons holding pearls.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

Tam Mai communal house is a common cultural activity area of ​​the village and is also a historical witness to the war of the people of Dien Hoang. In addition, this place also became a secret place to hold important meetings related to the August Revolution, popular academic classes, etc.

5.4. Elephant Temple

Elephant Temple is one of the ancient architectural relics in Quynh Phuong ward, Hoang Mai town, Nghe An province. Elephant Temple is located about 1km from Con Temple, built on a high hill, overlooking the Hoang Mai River and the East Sea.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

The Elephant Temple was built to worship the Four Holy Ladies of Nam Hai Great Nation and the desperate women who fought against the Yuan Mongols in the 13th century. They became the Holy Ladies honored by King Tran and Le. The Elephant Temple and Temple were built to commemorate them.

5.5. Con Temple

Con Temple is also located in Quynh Phuong ward, Hoang Mai town, Nghe An province. Con Temple was built in 1279, following the Chinese architectural style. The temple consists of two floors and four soaring phoenix-shaped roofs, built entirely of ironwood with a yin-yang tiled roof.

Quynh Beach - Beautiful, poetic beach in Nghe An that you should visit

Inside Con Temple, four ironwood columns are carved with intricate patterns and in front of the temple door is the ancient Con well. Con Temple pays homage to Princess Trieu Nguyet Huong and her nursemaids, who have made honorable contributions in history.

Above is the information about Quynh Nghe An beach which you should definitely know when you come here. Hope your article has given you all the necessary information about this dreamy tourist destination. Hope you have a fun trip with your family and friends.