Anoasis Resort Long Hai is considered a high-quality 4-star resort located along the coast, creating a poetic and romantic scene. Without exaggeration, this is a resort worth taking your precious time to rest here. So let’s go together Explore a day of rest here.


Anoasis Resort Long Hai is Built in attractive Mediterranean neoclassical architecture with an elegant, youthful white color scheme. Truly speaking, the pillars here are as tall and majestic as the magnificent pillars of the royal palace, but they are different by color. Anoasis Resort is Surrounded by lush green gardens interspersed with rays of summer sunlight shining in every corner of the garden.

Review of the 4-star Anoasis Resort Long Hai in Vung Tau

Anoasis Resort Long Hai There are many hotel rooms and villas with sea views. If you need to find a resort for your family trip or group trip, this is probably the resort that will make you comfortable and satisfied with the services and landscape here.

Review of the 4-star Anoasis Resort Long Hai in Vung Tau

Not only that, Alma Oasis Resort is Just a few steps from the beach so you can visit the beach anytime you want, or you can spend the early morning visiting the beach and join it in welcoming the sunrise on the sea, with the sea. Looking at the red sun on the distant horizon.


Located in TT. Long Hai, Long Dien, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, and only about 100km from Ho Chi Minh City center, just over 2 hours by road. So you have quite a few means of transportation to get there Anoasis Resort Long Hai.

2.1. Limousine car

You can take a limousine to get to the resort. The limousine will pick you up and have spacious storage space so you can bring many things while traveling. Not only that, riding a limousine has a quite reasonable price and has become the most chosen form of transportation.

2.2. Coach

Passenger cars are a popular form of transportation today and are cheap, but they take time and energy. You have to travel more times and travel is not very convenient.

2.3. Private car

In addition to the above two means of transportation, you can come to Anoasis Resort Long Hai by your car. However, you should also consider that it takes quite a bit of time to travel, so you should bring some snacks and drinks to eat while on the road. Most importantly, don’t forget the map.


3.1. Hotel rooms

3.1.1. Garden Studio

Garden Studio is considered the most favorite apartment at Alma Oasis Resort, The room has an area of ​​35-60m2, spacious enough for you to rest. The room is designed with the main color white, combined with colorful items in the room to create a beautiful colorful picture. The room with a view toward the garden creates a strange feeling of relaxation, comfort, and joy.

Review of the 4-star Anoasis Resort Long Hai in Vung Tau

3.1.2. Garden Terrace

Garden Terrace has two main colors: white and blue, the room gives visitors a new dynamic feeling. The room has a large king bed, very suitable for couples, small families, or just you traveling alone.

Review of the 4-star Anoasis Resort Long Hai in Vung Tau

3.1.3. Garden Pavilion/Garden Family Pavilion

This is the room type with the largest area at the Hotel Anoasis Resort Long Hai Includes 4 double or twin rooms. This is the room type that is always the top choice for a large family on vacation or a group of close friends traveling together. The room is fully equipped with amenities and meets international 4-star standards.

Review of the 4-star Anoasis Resort Long Hai in Vung Tau

3.2. Villas

3.2.1. Sanctuary Pool Villa

The villa has an area of ​​up to 240m2, has spacious and airy space, a view of the swimming pool and is the top favorite choice for a family with children to rest here.

Review of the 4-star Anoasis Resort Long Hai in Vung Tau

The villa also owns a spacious, clean private outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by rows of green trees or large colorful flowers. Sanctuary Pool Villa includes 2 bedrooms, 1 large living room, and a separate kitchen with full appliances to help guests always feel comfortable at home.

3.2.2. Beach Front Villa

Beach Front Villa is the largest villa in the area Anoasis Resort Long Hai With a total area of ​​up to 600m2, there are 4 spacious bedrooms, 1 large living room, and a kitchen with full appliances and utensils. Not only that, the villa has a beautiful surrounding sea view.

3.2.3. Oasis Pool Villa

Alma Oasis Resort There is also another beautiful sea-facing villa, Oasis Pool Villa, the villa has a spacious garden next to the swimming pool so you can enjoy playing your favorite games here. The villa has an area of ​​430m2 including 3 private bedrooms, designed with eye-catching decorations and delicate colors.


4.1. Restaurant area at Anoasis Resort Long Hai

4.1.1. Oasis Restaurant

Oasis Restaurant at Anoasis Resort brings you a luxurious, noble space and this will be the top choice for you when vacationing here. Alma Oasis Resort. At Oasis restaurant, you will enjoy delicious dishes from all over the country, even from other countries such as Thailand, Korea, France…

The ingredients when preparing dishes for diners are carefully screened to ensure food hygiene and safety and are prepared by famous chefs, which will bring you a delicious meal. guide.

4.1.2. Blue Waves Bar

Blue Waves Bar is a bar near the swimming pool, where you will enjoy unique colorful cocktails or cool glasses of juice, beers, and famous wines from around the world. You can also enjoy delicious glasses of water while watching the clear water from the nearby pool.

4.1.3. Afternoon tea at Emperor Bao Dai’s villa

The name must have made you very curious, right? If you are a lover of afternoon tea, if you are a lover of poetic, romantic spaces, and a gentle aristocratic setting, this is the area for you. You can come here between 3 and 5 pm.

4.1.4. In-room food service

Alma Long Hai We also provide you with a culinary service right in your room if you need it. You can order by calling the restaurant, and the staff will serve you 24/7 whenever you need it.

4.2. Infinity swimming pool

If you come here, you will be surprised by the layout around the swimming pool. The swimming pool is very large surrounded by quite a few trees and flowers. Swimming here, you will be immersed in the cool water of the infinity pool and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, while enjoying cocktails or cool glasses of juice.

4.3. Children’s play area – Kid Club

Kid Club is an entertainment spot specifically for children with many interesting games in a spacious, airy space. You can let your children participate in outdoor games or indoor games.

4.4. Tennis course

The Tennis Court was opened to serve guests who love sports and exercise during their vacation.



Ms. Pham Trinh, traveling with friends, reviewed Anoocation Long Hai Resort: The room is beautiful, spacious, cool. Extremely beautiful. Reasonable lamp design creates a cozy feeling. Reasonable price for 2 people. The spa is very good. Everyone is cute and enthusiastic. Very good customer care. The spa staff talked cutely. I don’t like the food very much! The breakfast buffet menu has quite a few dishes.”

Mr. Le Thanh Dao, who also traveled with friends, also shared: “Full amenities, beautiful rooms, suitable for relaxation. The hotel is environmentally friendly, with fresh air. Beautiful swimming pool suitable for couples on vacation. There are a lot of mosquitoes at night. Rich dishes!”

Ms. Thuy Tien Nguyen, traveling with her family, said: “Beautiful resort, lots of virtual living space. The room is very small, the equipment is old, the water heater sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t, it’s a bit scary at night because there are few lights and the room is high up and tiring to climb.

There are few restaurants near the living area, so we mainly stay at the resort. The swimming pool is very nice. Free massage is great. In the evening, the cafe in Anoasis beach resort is also quite crowded so that’s ok.”

Ms. Hong Nguyen evaluated the resort: “See you again soon! The resort is beautiful, filled with green trees and flowers. Great for a short vacation to escape the dust and chaos in Saigon. The beach is beautiful and safe for children. Friendly staff, especially when I met the chef and manager, they were very approachable and comfortable. See you again soon!”


7.1. Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery – Monkey Pagoda

Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery was built in 1987 and has a design very similar to Truc Lam Da Lat Zen Monastery. Located on Minh Dam Hill, this place has a wild and majestic natural landscape with large trees hundreds of years old. Thanks to this prime location, Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery is more majestic and ancient.

Coming here, you will be blown away by the pure and peaceful beauty. The most prominent features of Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery are the solid stone block holding a jade, symbolizing prosperity, the giant kneeling elephant, and the Buddha’s head.

In addition, when you come here, you will see many monkeys, estimated at 200. You can take pictures and have fun with them.

7.2. King Bao Dai’s Palace

This is a destination you cannot miss in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Bach Dinh, also known as King Bao Dai’s mansion, used to be Phuoc Thang Fortress located on the slopes of Big Mountain, built with great effort by King Minh Mang. build.

Bach Dinh used to be the living place of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong. It was designed according to typical French architecture with the main color white creating an elegant and noble look. This is a famous check-in point for many young people who visit Alma Oasis Resort.

So, spent a day of rest with you at the hotel Anoasis Resort Long Hai. Through the useful information above, you must have packed your suitcase and immediately booked a room at this resort, right? So we would like to wish you a pleasant and happy holiday.