Located about 60km from the center of Hanoi, visitors can easily find an ideal vacation location with a natural space in Hoa Binh. The quality of a high-class resort on the banks of the Northwest mountains and forests is exactly what it is Sakana Resort Hoa Binh bring. In this article, let’s Travelgoda.com Explore the panorama of green life at this resort!

1. Some details about Sakana Resort Hoa Binh

Possessing a beautiful natural space right next to Du Lake, Sakana Spa & Resort Hoa Binh was built to become a 5-star resort with an extremely unique green lifestyle in Hoa Binh province.

The land northwest of the capital, where there are lush tropical forests and majestic mountains, has become an endless source of living inspiration, creating a unique resort space for everyone. traveler.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

2. Address and directions to Sakana Resort Hoa Binh

2.1. Where is Sakana Resort Hoa Binh?

Sakana Spa & Resort Hoa Binh located at Ho Du ecological area, Mong Hoa, Hoa Binh city. Conveniently located right next to Highway 6, about an hour’s drive from Hanoi, visitors can easily find this resort.

2.2 Instructions for traveling to Sakana Resort

Starting from the center of Hanoi city, tourists move in the direction of Highway 08, then turn left to turn toward Hoa Lac – Hoa Binh.

Continue to turn left toward Provincial Road 446 and go onto National Highway 6. From here, visitors only need to move another 150m to reach their destination. Sakana Spa & Resort Hoa Binh on the right side.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

3. Space and design style of Sakana Resort Hoa Binh

Sakana Resort is a large-scale resort, with an area of ​​up to 12 hectares. The space here is divided into many different housing categories, all of which are built in a unique style, close to nature.

The breakthrough in the resort space was created by the architects, sketching out a luxurious and classy space while still ensuring that the inherent natural structure of Hoa Binh is maintained.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

Tourists come to rest here Sakana Spa & Resort Hoa Binh You will immediately feel the green life flowing into every corner of the resort, enjoying an ideal vacation. Motto of the resort is to turn the resort space into a source of living inspiration and bring many health values ​​to visitors.

4. Room system of Sakana Resort Hoa Binh

The resort owns a system of 248 villas ranging from 1-2 floors, with unique design styles and diverse resort needs.

4.1. Hat house villa

Hat house villa system at Sakana Resort Hoa Binh Built right in the central area, taking design ideas from the image of Vietnamese women’s tilted conical roofs, the conical hat house has both gentle and loving traditional features, as well as groundbreaking modern features. thanks to the application of European style interior space.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

Each cone villa has an area of ​​about 80m2, including 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 relaxing jacuzzi. The space around the hat house is covered with a beautiful forest of blooming banyan flowers, taking visitors into an enchanting fairy tale space.

4.2. Nom Ca Villa

Inspired by interesting daily activities in the daily lives of Vietnamese people, Nom Ca villa brings a new architectural style, both simple and impressive, and stands out with its elaborate architecture, creating a total The structure looks like a giant fish trap located in the middle of the mountains and forests.

Nom’s villa is designed with an area of ​​60-100m2, including 1-2 bedrooms depending on needs, corresponding to 1-2 bathrooms and 1 private swimming pool.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

Located right next to the dreamy peach blossom road Sakana Spa & Resort Hoa BinhNom Ca house is equipped with modern European-standard furniture, combined with natural materials from wood, bamboo, to bring a rustic, simple and wonderful relaxation to visitors.

4.3. Bird’s Nest Villa

Possessing a special architecture like giant bird’s nests, the Bird’s Nest villa is built entirely from bare bricks, surrounded by a green space of plum and peach blossoms.

The space of the Bird’s Nest house is designed in an absolutely natural direction with reasonable interior layout and arrangement and maximum use of sunlight.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

The area of ​​each To Chim villa is about 120-190m2, including 2 bedrooms, corresponding to the area, there will be 2-3 bathrooms and 1 private swimming pool. The impressive cascading design combined with the surrounding green natural space will bring a feeling of absolute relaxation to guests.

4.4. Rong’s Villa

Visitors will be immersed in the unique Central Highlands space with the Rong house villa area Sakana Resort Hoa Binh. Experiencing staying together in a cozy space, outside is a romantic road of bright red Rice flowers will also be a great vacation experience to bond emotionally with each other.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

Each villa has an area of ​​83 square meters, equipped with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private swimming pool. The interior design is luxurious and sophisticated when cleverly using white, brown and beige tones. Every corner of the villa takes full advantage of sunlight, and transparent glass doors help visitors admire the poetic nature.

5. Outstanding utility services at Sakana Resort

5.1. Biological swimming pool

Designed outdoors with a large area, biological swimming pool at Sakana Spa & Resort Hoa Binh Using Bio Design technology from Italy, combined with chlorine-free salt electrolysis technology.

The pool’s construction materials are made entirely from natural stone and safe, friendly waterproofing materials, ensuring visitors have the safest and most relaxing fun and relaxation.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

5.2. Central restaurant

Owns a prime location right in the central area Sakana Resort Hoa Binha restaurant designed in a unique Japanese style, serving a menu of attractive Asian and European dishes, 5-star standard prepared and presented by a team of professional chefs, ensuring satisfaction for the food. guest.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

5.3. Bar & Coffee

Coffee and Bar services are designed in a central location, under the talented hands of Vietnam’s leading architect, Vo Trong Nghia, the bar & coffee space brings great relaxation to visitors. next to the amazing natural scenery of blooming banyan and peach blossom forests.

Sakana Resort Hoa Binh - Super beautiful lakeside villa

5.4. High-end spa

In addition, there are moments of great fun with relatives, friends, and visitors Sakana Spa & Resort Hoa Binh You can also enjoy body care Spa services from safe and effective natural therapies, helping visitors relax their bodies and regain energy for other exciting experiential activities.

5.5. Other convenient services

In addition to the notable utilities above, Sakana Resort Hoa Binh It also integrates many other attractive utility services such as wine cellar, Fitness & Yoga, children’s play area, impressive Northwest flower street… All are waiting for visitors to explore and experience.

6. Ideal time for a vacation at Sakana Resort Hoa Binh

Visitors can come to Hoa Binh and enjoy their vacation at Sakana Resort Hoa Binh During the most ideal period from October to March every year, the transition time between winter and spring in Hoa Binh, the cold air and beautiful sunshine are very suitable for outdoor activities.

At the same time, around January-February is the peach blossom season, the space is filled with a very impressive floating pink color. March, April, May is the time of the white flower forests blooming in the sky. Depending on their needs, visitors can choose the most ideal time to start their trip.

7. Reservation information at Sakana Resort Hoa Binh

To choose the most satisfactory and reputable room, please visit our website Travelgoda.com Or call directly via hotline 0943.333.333 or and follow the instructions to book the fastest room.

8. Suggest some tourist attractions near Sakana Resort Hoa Binh

8.1. Mai Chau tourist area

Belonging to the list of the hottest tourist destinations in the North sought after by young people, Mai Chau Hoa Binh is a beautiful valley located in the heart of the majestic Northwest mountains and forests.

Mai Chau makes a strong impression on tourists by its golden rice fields and the rich cultural identity of ethnic minorities in Ban Lac.

Coming to Mai Chau, in addition to admiring the beautiful scenery of the villages, visitors can also explore other attractive attractions such as Mo Luong cave, Thung Khe pass, Chieu cave…

8.2. Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant

Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant is one of the largest hydroelectric projects in the country, making an important contribution to the country’s total electricity consumption.

In addition, Hoa Binh hydroelectric power plant is also a famous check-in and sightseeing place for tourists when traveling to Hoa Binh. Around the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant area include the following locations: Uncle Ho’s monument, the century-old letter of the Vietnam-Soviet Union, underground generating units inside a hill, memorials and museums. .

8.3. White Rock Pass

White Rock Pass is another name for Thung Khe Hoa Binh, a famous tourist and check-in destination located right on Highway 6, very easy for tourists to find and visit.

The origin of the name Da Trang Pass is because during the process of paving the road and breaking the mountain, geological limestone fragments broke off and spilled down the mountainside, creating a snow-white cover, creating a unique and surprising scene. Like being lost in Northern Europe.

This location is an ideal place for sightseeing and admiring the view of Mai Chau valley from above, while also leaving visitors with a memorable experience when witnessing four seasons of weather in one day at the pass.

So Travelgoda.com just shared with you interesting information about Sakana Resort Hoa Binh, along with appropriate travel suggestions. Hopefully with this information, you and your loved ones will have more meaningful travel experiences in the Northwest city – Hoa Binh.

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