Vung Tau – a peaceful land attracts tourists with its poetic and lyrical natural scenery, as if taking people into the wonderland of fairy tales. If you are wondering which reputable and quality hotel to stay in Vung Tau, you can refer to it immediately Sea View hotel Long Hai Okay – a place that attracts thousands of visitors every year. So let's go Discover what this place has to offer!

1. Some details about Sea View hotel Long Hai

Sea View hotel Long Hai - A peaceful place amidst the bustling urban life

Seaview Long Hai Hotel Attracts tourists with its luxurious, sophisticated design and outstanding amenities, meeting customer needs.

Even though it was born a long time ago hotel still maintains its position, constantly improving service quality with the aim of giving customers the most unforgettable experiences.

Sea View hotel Long Hai - A peaceful place amidst the bustling urban life

All rooms at the hotel are meticulously and delicately decorated, creating a cozy space, making guests feel at home as if they were in their own home.

In addition, the staff here has a very professional service, are well-trained, and are always willing to help visitors when any problems arise. This is a big plus point that attracts customers to come Sea View hotel Long Hai.

2. Detailed address and directions to Seaview hotel Long Hai

2.1. Address Sea View hotel Long Hai

Seaview Long Hai Hotel with detailed address at group 18, Hai Tan quarter, Long Hai town center, Long Dien district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province, Vietnam.

With this prime location, visitors do not need to spend too much time traveling to famous tourist destinations in the region such as Long Hai beach, Dinh Co relic area, Minh Dam relic area…

2.2. Instructions for moving to Sea View hotel Long Hai

With the continuous growth of tourism in recent years, it is no wonder that Vung Tau attracts thousands of visitors each year.

This place attracts tourists not only because of its peaceful and poetic scenery but also because of its fresh, airy air, very suitable for relaxation.

For that reason, there are many tourist bus companies operating routes to this location. Below are some types of vehicles that visitors can refer to when coming to this famous beautiful coastal city:

  • Plane: This type of vehicle is suitable for tourists in the North because of its convenience and high safety. Some reputable and quality airlines that you can refer to are Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways..
  • Coach: Passenger cars are a type of vehicle that many tourists trust. The travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat is about 2-3 hours with prices ranging from 180k-210k depending on the bus company. Note that some bus companies have fixed departure times, so visitors should find out in advance to avoid missing the trip. In addition, there are bus companies that will run all day, with intervals of about 1 hour. These are some reputable, highly safe and affordable passenger car companies that Tico wants to introduce to tourists such as: Phuong Trang bus company, Thanh Buoi bus company, Mai Linh bus company, Thien Phu bus company…
  • Car rental: If you are traveling in a large group, especially with elderly people and children, you should choose to rent a car. The advantage of this type of vehicle is that the travel time is quite fast, it does not stop midway and has quite diverse departure times. Depending on the different car sizes, the car price ranges from 1 million to 2 million. Some car companies are rated well by many tourists such as Hoa Mai limousine company, Toan Thang…
  • Motorbike: For young people who are passionate about thrills and experiences, this is the ideal means of transportation. By traveling by motorbike, you will directly admire the poetic and lyrical natural scenery of the coastal city and enjoy the fresh, cool air, away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas. crowded.
  • However, it should be noted that visitors need to have a strong handlebar because the road is quite bumpy and dangerous and should only bring necessary items for the trip to avoid being loose and difficult to move.
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3. Space and design style of Sea View hotel Long Hai

3.1. Design style of Sea View hotel Long Hai

Sea View hotel Long Hai Possessing a modern, elegant style, bearing bold characteristics of Oriental design. The hotel has 3 floors with an open design, creating a very spacious, airy space, not stuffy or uncomfortable.

The main color tone of the hotel is interwoven between two elegant white tonesah light brown. In addition, the decor items are also very cleverly placed, further enhancing the “poetry” look Seaview Long Hai hotel.

Sea View hotel Long Hai - A peaceful place amidst the bustling urban life

In addition, the hotel also has spacious parking for guests. Stepping inside is a luxurious reception hall, with additional tables and chairs so customers can sit and rest while waiting to check-in.

In addition, inside the hotel there is also a restaurant area with spacious, clean space and a variety of delicious dishes. If you have the opportunity to come here, please try this service, you will not be disappointed.

3.2. Room system at Sea View hotel Long Hai

Room system at Seaview Long Hai hotel Arranged scientifically and logically, there are 21 rooms in total. In addition, daily room cleaning such as changing sheets and pillows is also fully guaranteed by the hotel to bring customers the best experience. Below are some of the hotel's room categories that readers can refer to.

3.2.1. Single room

This room type has an area of ​​about 25m2 with maximum standards for 2 adults and 1 child. The room has an elegant white tone with light brown curtains covering it, creating a familiar, close feeling like being in your own home.

Besides, this room class is fully equipped with furniture such as high-speed wifi system, flat-screen TV, small refrigerator… to fully meet the needs of visitors.

Sea View hotel Long Hai - A peaceful place amidst the bustling urban life

Sea View hotel Long Hai - A peaceful place amidst the bustling urban life

Sea View hotel Long Hai - A peaceful place amidst the bustling urban life

3.2.2. Double room

This room type has a larger size, about 35m2, with maximum standards for 3-4 people. Like the above room categories, this room is also fully equipped with amenities to bring guests the best experience.

In addition, the room also has a direct view of the extremely beautiful, clear blue Long Hai beach. Imagine being able to rest and enjoy the fresh, cool breeze, what could be more perfect, right?

Sea View hotel Long Hai - A peaceful place amidst the bustling urban life

4. Outstanding utility services at Sea View hotel Long Hai

4.1. Airport shuttle service

With a distance of 80km to Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, it will take visitors about 2 and a half hours to travel from Sea View hotel Long Hai.

With this distance, if you take a taxi or bus, you will lose a lot of money. Therefore, visitors should book the hotel's airport shuttle service to save money. You can book this service when booking at this hotel.

4.2. Car rental service

If tourists are wondering what means of transportation they should use to visit Long Hai town, they can refer to the car rental service at Sea View hotel Long Haigate right now.

The hotel rents a variety of vehicles from cars to bicycles. You can contact the front desk to book this service. Cars have 4 to 7 seats, enough to meet tourist needs.

Besides, there are also many types of bicycles such as single bicycles or double bicycles depending on the preferences of each tourist. Tourists should try the experience of cycling around the coast here, it's an extremely wonderful feeling.

4.3. Organize a BBQ party

Because it has a large yard space Seaview Long Hai hotel Also provides BBQ party organization service if guests need. In addition, the hotel also has a diverse and attractive menu with bold characteristics of the coastal region.

In particular, visitors should try the seafood dishes here, extremely fresh and delicious. If you want to organize a party, you should contact the hotel in advance, the staff will support you enthusiastically and thoughtfully.

5. Customer reviews about Sea View hotel Long Hai

With such good, professional service and quality, it's no wonder Sea View hotel Long Hai received many good reviews from visitors. Below are some experiences of visitors when coming here hotel:

Quoc (rate 5/5) commented: “Good price – Nice room – Clean. The hotel is very nice and clean. The hotel has a spacious kitchen and dining area. You can buy seafood at Long Hai market to prepare yourself, and the kitchen is fully equipped with cooking utensils. Friendly employee. Very pleased.”

Thuan (rate 5/5) shared:The hotel has a beautiful view, comfortable, airy and luxurious space. Very good room service, enthusiastic and kind boss. Will come back with a group of friends to introduce Sea View”

An (rate 5/5) commented: “The blankets, pillows, and mattresses are all clean and tidy, the mattress is quite soft, very close to Dinh Co, Chu Hoa floor, leisurely strolling at night, very close to the beaches, can walk to beach number 8, near the Restaurants like Nhi and Tuan Kiet. The owners and staff are friendly, showing them places to eat, shower, and have fun. The room is equipped with Daikin air conditioning, cools very quickly and smoothly, the exhaust fan in the bathroom is good, the hot and cold water is very good, especially the large shower on the bathroom ceiling is very nice. If you're afraid of the cold, remember to ask for another blanket. We're going with 2 people, so even though it's a bit small, it's okay.”

6. Price list at Sea View hotel Long Hai

Room price Sea View hotel Long Hai often changes according to actual conditions (according to room status or tourist season, etc.), so please contact us. to get the best price deals. Below is the official phone number and website, our team of consultants is always ready to connect to support you.

7. Reservation information at Sea View hotel Long Hai

  • Address: group 18, Hai Tan quarter, center of Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province, Vietnam.
  • Phone number:

So along with Travelgoda.comyou have a detailed review about Sea View hotel Long Hai – one of the famous 2-star hotels in Long Hai town. We hope you will have wonderful and unforgettable experiences here.