Hue is a familiar destination for tourists who love culture and history and love peaceful silence without hustle and bustle. There are many reasons for travel lovers to visit Hue, of which perhaps the most prominent is that accommodation spots in Hue all have their own beauty that attracts tourists in addition to the scenic spots. Together Explore the hotel Senna Hue Hotel Through the article below, you can bag yourself a place to stay worth experiencing.

1. Some details about Senna Hue Hotel

Perhaps it's not too surprising that the hotel Senna Hue Hotel still retains the original ancient features of the ancient capital as a cultural feature that needs to be preserved over decades.

The advantages of the hotel's design are an outstanding attraction for tourists. Geographic location in the center of Hue city, very close to the airport, creating convenient conditions for tourists to travel. In addition, other highlights at the hotel such as Hue cuisine, along with classy service here are the highlights.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

2. Geographic location and transportation instructions to Senna Hue Hotel

2.1. Geographic location of Senna Hue Hotel

Address: the hotel is located at 7 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Phu Hoi, Hue city center. The hotel has a convenient geographical location, very close to Phu Bai airport, only 14km away.

In addition, this place is also close to other tourist attractions such as the Imperial Citadel, Truong Tien Bridge, Dong Ba Market… From the hotel's location, it is very convenient to visit scenic spots, and convenient for transportation. pine. This is also one of the reasons why this place is always crowded even though it is not yet in the peak tourist season. The weather in Hue is divided into two seasons: dry and rainy, the dry season often develops strongly in tourism.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

2.2. Instructions for getting to Senna Hue Hotel

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

Way to hotel Senna Hue Extremely convenient and easy to find because it is located on the city center road. At the same time, traveling to Hue can use many means such as bus, train, and plane because Hue is located in Central Vietnam. Going to the South or going to the North requires moving through the Central region.

Therefore, tourists choose the most suitable means of transportation from their locality. In the inner city of Hue, the most popular means of transportation are motorbikes and taxis.


This is the most chosen means of transport with all airlines operating direct flights to Hue. Flight times are quick and ticket prices are quite reasonable.


Recommended for localities neighboring Hue, travel time is only a few hours. This is the safest and most economical means that visitors can refer to for the best choice.


The vehicle is considered to bring the most wonderful experiences for tourists when admiring the scenery on both sides of the door while traveling to Hue. Trains are also the most chosen means of safety. However, the travel time is a bit long and the price depends on the travel destination and the type of seat chosen.

3. Space at Senna Hue Hotel

The highlight of the hotel is probably the ancient space combined with modernity and amenities to optimally serve the needs of visitors. Looking from the outside or inside the hotel, the Hue features remain the same. The campus has many trees and the air is always fresh. Combined with the convenient services here, it will surely bring visitors many wonderful experiences right from the first time they come to stay.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

4. Room types at Senna Hue Hotel

Hotel Senna Hue There are a variety of room types with different areas suitable for each audience. Anyone traveling with family or friends can stay here.

The room is fully equipped with amenities such as mini bar, safe, wardrobe, coffee table, free tea, separate bathroom, personal toiletries, TV…

4.1. Superior room

The room has an area of ​​40 square meters and is equipped with a double bed, suitable for couples who are traveling. The plus point of the room is that it has a balcony so visitors can lie on the balcony and enjoy the poetic and charming scenery. With only one double bed in the above area, the room has a lot of privacy for visitors to explore and experience.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

4.2. Deluxe Room

Deluxe room's Senna Hue Hotel A special feature is that the two doors connect together, so the space is spacious like a penthouse, bringing a wonderful experience to visitors.

The room has an area of ​​45 square meters and is one of the most popular double rooms because of the space and area here. The room has a direct view of the garden or city, so if you want to see Hue at night, don't miss this room class.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

4.3. Premier room

The room has a large area of ​​67m2 with a maximum capacity of 4 people. The room is arranged with 2 double beds, so many tourists traveling in groups of friends or families will choose this room style for convenience. The room's view overlooks the city, so it's quite quiet during the day and vibrant at night.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

4.4. Executive suite room

The 86m wide room is divided into many different rooms. Living room, bedroom with double bed and bathroom with tub. The balcony is equipped with a spacious drinking table for visitors to watch the sea and city, and enjoy the impressive private space on the balcony. The room is suitable for families because of its large area and full of necessary equipment.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

4.5. President's Room

This is the largest room in the entire hotel with an area of ​​up to 335 square meters divided into many different rooms. The room has two floors and connecting rooms.

Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony. The room can accommodate many people because of the open floor plan. And as the name suggests, this is considered the president's room with many outstanding amenities and facilities.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

5. Senna Hue Hotel's convenient services

5.1. Restaurant and bar

The restaurant is located on the 1st floor Senna Hue Hotel for visitors to conveniently move around and enjoy meals. Served from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Buffet breakfast and dishes prepared in Asian and European styles, especially Hue cuisine, are included in the restaurant's main menu.

From traditional dishes to Western-style dishes, the chefs at the restaurant are all dedicated and thoughtfully prepared, bringing wonderful experiences to visitors.

The restaurant has a bar next door, serving seasonal drinks and other recipes. The bar serves drinks delivered to the pool. The swimming bar is designed as an outdoor space so it is extremely airy and ideal for chill.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

5.2. Conference room and event room

The conference room is on the 2nd floor of the hotel, divided into two small rooms: VIP room and Luxury room. Conference and event rooms serve weddings, meetings, anniversaries on important occasions or gratitude. Special point of Senna Hue Hotel It is a diverse system of meeting and conference rooms, with many options for customers.

The VIP room has an area of ​​45m2, the board meeting room has 17 rooms, and the banquet room has 20 rooms. The Lux conference room has a larger area of ​​252m2, the council meeting room has 50 rooms, and the banquet room has 90 rooms.

Senna Hue Hotel: the charm of the ancient capital

The meeting room is fully equipped with sound, light and other equipment to support conferences and meetings in the best way. These are definitely wonderful experiences at the hotel that not every accommodation location can provide.

5.3. Senna Spa

The spa is located on the 5th floor of the hotel, providing a peaceful relaxation experience for guests after a long day of exploring Hue. Full body massages, massages for each part with natural ingredients, under the experienced hands of the staff here, will definitely bring satisfaction to visitors. Don't miss out on the spa experience when you come here Senna Hue Hoteokay.

5.4 Outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool has a relatively large area, providing a wonderful experience space for visitors. Cleaned every day so that visitors can rest assured that they can take a cool bath. Combined with great tasting cocktails that are loved by many tourists.

The swimming pool is also a reasonable check-in location for tourists who like to live virtual lives. The swimming pool space offers both a view of Hue city and a relaxing bath.

Besides, Senna Hue Hotel There are also other services such as: airport shuttle, souvenir shop for tourists to buy gifts, and tours to explore Hue every day. Depending on needs, visitors can choose the most suitable service.

6. Fun places near Senna Hue Hotel

6.1. Tile bridge

With the original purpose of building a bridge to shelter people from rain and sun, the tile bridge is now an attractive cultural attraction for tourists. It is called tile bridge because it has a tiled roof above, bearing a bold traditional look.

The bridge has been featured in poetry, paintings and movies many times. Taking photos of ao dai or four-piece dresses here will definitely have the most wonderful experiences.

6.2. Bach Ma National Park

This is a wonderful natural ecological tourist destination with a large area and a diverse system of creatures and plants. The cool air all year round is the plus point of this place. No matter what season you travel, you will have the best experience.

6.3. Thuan An Beach

A beautiful beach right near the city, an ideal place for picnics and walks, enjoying delicious seafood dishes in Hue. Hue city has a unique point in that it has enough forests, sea, and land. This is definitely a great place worthy of visitors' experience. The coastline is long, white sand and has private beaches.

In addition, there are many other famous tourist destinations such as Hue Citadel, Dong Ba market, entertainment venues near the Perfume River, Truong Tien Bridge, and other famous historical relics.

7. Places to eat near Senna Hue Hotel

7.1. Hue tea

Che is like an outstanding culinary dish and a specialty in Hue. Hue has up to 36 diverse types of sweet soup and every tourist who comes here should at least try Hue sweet soup once. Hue sweet soup ranges from sweet to salty, from the alley to the street. It certainly will not disappoint visitors. In particular, the price of tea is extremely cheap, starting from only a few thousand VND/cup of tea.

7.2. Bread soup

The noodle soup is cooked with a rich broth, seasoned with green onions, satay, chili sauce and rich shrimp and meat fillings. This is definitely an attractive dish with noodle soup and rich broth, a filling breakfast or lunch.

7.3. Banh loc and Nam banh Hue

Banh loc and banh nam are two familiar rustic dishes of Hue people. Coming to Hue without trying banh loc banh nam is a big mistake. The cakes here have vegetarian and meat fillings to meet all customers' needs.

The reason for the vegetarian filling is because Hue people have the habit of eating vegetarian on special occasions, the first day of the month and the middle of the month. Hue cuisine will certainly bring many interesting experiences to visitors. Both vegetarian and salty cuisine have their own unique features in Hue cuisine.

8. Reservation information at Senna Hue Hotel

Hotel Senna Hue Hotel It has many outstanding advantages compared to other hotels in the area, so many tourists choose to stay when coming to Hue. Surely booking rooms during peak times will be more difficult if visitors do not proactively book early. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact:

  • Address: No. 7 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Phu Hoi, Hue city center
  • Phone number: TravelgodaTravel_goda

Contact now to have the best experience in the hotel's quality rooms. We are always ready to accompany tourists on every trip.