Co To Island possesses the wild, peaceful beauty of nature. An ideal place for tourists who want to find a place to relax with beautiful natural scenery. Today, let's follow along Come to Golden Coto Hotel Bringing the beauty and breath of the sea and islands, meeting all requirements for a classy resort with modern amenities.

A few words about Golden Coto Hotel

Co To Hotel

Golden Coto Hotel Located in the top 3-star hotels of international standards on Co To island. Bringing a modern, luxurious beauty with the combination of the beauty of “Gold” in “Golden” expressed in the smallest details such as color, lighting, and design of the hotel.

The hotel owns a comfortable room system with more than 60 rooms including 3 room categories from standard to luxury to provide you with the best vacation. Besides, the hotel also offers many amenities with 3 restaurant areas and other island experience activities such as yachting and squid fishing.

Address of Golden Coto Hotel

Address: 124 Nguyen Du, Area 2, Co To Town, Co To District, Quang Ninh, Vietnam.

Golden Coto Hotel Located about 3.6km from the center of the island, it only takes you more than 8 minutes to get to the sightseeing center. Besides, from the hotel you can also quickly and easily go to beaches such as Love Beach and Cau My Co To Beach.

Space and design style of Golden Coto Hotel

Co To Hotel

Entering the hotel lobby, you will be overwhelmed with sparkling golden light from interior colors to decorative lights, bringing elegance and luxury. The main color is the color of “gold” with the meaning of wealth and prosperity, leading to a warm and joyful life. With the desire to bring the best to visitors when they come to relax.

Outside Golden Coto Hotel owns a green space with an outdoor Jellyfish restaurant area, on both sides are cool and fresh trees. Brings a pleasant feeling to visitors when enjoying cuisine.

Golden Coto Hotel's room system

Superior King Room

The room is large with a large king-size double bed, suitable for couples on vacation. With modern amenities including TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, desk, wardrobe. The room stands out with its open space and large window design both in the room and the bathroom, bringing a comfortable feeling to guests.

  • Area: 20m2
  • Bed type: 1 double bed
  • Direction: City

Superior Twin Room

With modern design and bright colors, the room is designed to be open with 2 large glass windows and a balcony so it is always filled with light. The room space includes 2 beds, 1 living area and bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a large bathtub overlooking the garden, giving you a very chill feeling when you soak in and admire the scenery.

Co To hotel 4

  • Area: 20m2
  • Bed type: 2 double beds
  • Direction: Garden

VIP room

Co To hotel 4

This is a room class for family vacations, with room amenities to accommodate up to 4 people comfortably and comfortably. The room is tiled with wooden floors and modern furniture including TV, refrigerator, desk, air conditioner and other necessary personal items, promising to bring the most comfortable vacation space for the whole family.

  • Area: 30m2
  • Bed type: 2 double beds
  • Direction: Garden

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Outstanding utility services of Golden Coto Hotel

Enjoy Co To seafood at Jellyfish restaurant

Hotel owns 3 restaurant areas for you to enjoy specialties, a restaurant area on the first floor of the hotel, a green garden with airy outdoor space. A special area near the Sea with romantic BBQ parties. Explore now Co To restaurant Let's see what's interesting here!

Co To Island Seafood Jellyfish Restaurant

Come in Golden Coto Hotel You will immediately see the Jellyfish restaurant area with an open space filled with the fresh flavor of the sea. With a luxurious and modern space to meet the company's parties and gala dinners with a capacity of up to 300 guests, including a party area and stage area. The restaurant menu is diverse with seafood dishes at Co To for you to enjoy.

Green Garden Jellyfish Restaurant

Green Garden with its airy and spacious space will certainly be the restaurant area that brings you the best comfort with outdoor space. The large restaurant is surrounded by rows of green trees, suitable for organizing events and barbecues that can accommodate up to more than 150 guests.

Jellyfish Restaurant – Beach BBQ party area

If you love romantic parties by the beach, this is a great choice. Golden Coto Hotel There are free electric cars available for you to get to the beach quickly. BBQ party space from decoration, table and chair setup, food are all prepared by guests. You will enjoy fresh seafood next to the dreamy beach, airy space with whispering ocean waves.

Co To hotel 4

Contact to book a party: 092 574 9999


Boat excursion and night squid fishing service

An experience not to be missed when you come to Co To island. Transform into a fishing village fisherman and go boating with local people, enjoy the night view and squid fishing. After being caught, seafood will be processed and enjoyed on board.

Car rental service to visit the island

You don't know where to go in Co To, you want to find delicious restaurants to enjoy. Please contact the hotel reception, you will be provided with schedules to visit and explore by electric vehicle provided by the hotel.

Professional event organization service

Possessing 3 diverse dining areas, meeting all needs for parties, gala dinners, and corporate events. Please contact Golden Coto Hotel to receive appropriate advice if you are in need of organizing a gala event.

Teambuilding activities by the beach

A popular activity with large groups or companies. To quickly and conveniently, you can contact the receptionist for advice on games and team program scripts. Full package service includes MC leading the team, team playing equipment and costumes, and rewards. You just need to come and play your best.

Golden Coto Hotel booking information

Wishing you and your family a wonderful vacation with family and friends in Co To.

Tourist attractions near Golden Coto Hotel

Love Beach (2.3km)

Address: Co To, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Coming to Co To, everyone must be familiar with Love Beach. With its location closer to the center, this is the choice of many tourists. The feature of the bath is that it is located next to the wharf area, which brings many great virtual photos to you in Co To. From Golden Coto Hotel It only takes about 10 minutes to get to the beach.

Hong Van Beach (3.3km)

Address: Dong Tien, Co To, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

From the hotel, it takes about 15 minutes to go to Hong Van beach. Located in the top beautiful beaches on Co To island, the beach with clear blue water and long white sand is located in the middle of the casuarina forest, a wild beauty. simple, rustic.


Hopefully, through the above introduction of Helps you have new and interesting choices when vacationing in Co To. Golden Coto Hotel With a modern room system and many amenities, it promises to bring you and your family a wonderful vacation.