If you have not chosen a suitable place to stay for a trip to explore peace, you can refer to one of the most popular resorts here called Sun Village Hoa Binh with The room space is airy, in harmony with the nature of the mountains and forests. Surely you will love Sun Village from the first time you step in, let’s join Travelgoda.com let’s explore.

1. Some details about Sun Village Hoa Binh

Sun Village Hoa Binh Located in a prime location on lush green hillsides, nestled in primeval forest trees next to a romantic lake. The charming landscape of the mountains and water is like a candle to the villas and stilt houses that stand out with their majestic beauty.

Sun Village Hoa Binh - Super resort villa near Hanoi

2. Address Sun Village Hoa Binh

Sun Village located in Tan Vinh Commune, Luong Son District, Hoa Binh Province. Because it is located near Hanoi, you can choose to travel by many means of motorbike, bus, tourist car or private car.

If in remote provinces, tourists can book flights to Noi Bai, Gia Lam, Hoa Lac airports with distances from 30 to 45 km. Then you can easily book a car to move to the resort Sun Village Luong Son Hoa Binh.

Sun Village Hoa Binh - Super resort villa near Hanoi

3. Space and design style of Sun Village Hoa Binh

3.1. Design style

Sun Village Hoa Binh is one of the most modern resorts in Hoa Binh city today, inspired by Nordic style design combining modern East Asia with Vietnamese Muong cultural aesthetics.

When entering the garden villa or collective stilt house space, visitors will feel the sophistication and meticulousness in the modern, elegant decoration.

Sun Village Hoa Binh - Super resort villa near Hanoi

With the large glass door design, no matter which room you relax in, you will be able to admire the vast mountain and hill scenery, or look at the clear blue water of the romantic Go Cap lake.

You can also enjoy the charming scenery when relaxing, practicing sports on the terrace or taking a dip in the cool water at the swimming pool.

Sun Village Hoa Binh - Super resort villa near Hanoi

Currently, the overall project Sun Village Divided into 6 apartment categories:

  • 2 bedroom villa
  • Villa with 3 bedrooms and 1 floor
  • 3 bedroom 2 story villa
  • Villa with 4 bedrooms and 2 floors
  • The villa has a private swimming pool
  • Collective stilt house

High-end villas Along with many entertainment amenities and services, they continue to be expanded to serve the relaxation needs of tourists.

3.2. Room system at Sun Village Hoa Binh

3.2.1. 2 bedroom villa

2-bedroom Villa for groups of 3 to 4 members. The villa has a luxurious and sophisticated design with bright neutral colors, giving visitors a natural and spacious living space in the city. Sun Village Hoa Binh.

The rooms are more natural with fragrant wooden furniture arranged interwoven. Along with synchronized wood grain patterns in door and frame details, cabinets and cabinets, TV shelves and sofa tables, the design incorporates hanging paintings inspired by pure nature.

3.2.2. 1-storey villa with 3 bedrooms

The villa is designed with 1 spacious floor with smart, minimalist interior in Scandinavian style. The room is covered with a layer of white paint with matching colored stones to create a bright and pristine look.

Large gray curtains are added to the glass walls to create an elegant and sophisticated look. Glass door border details, picture frames and wooden staircase handrails create a modern highlight with the black lines of metal slats or wooden frames.

The 3-bedroom villa is suitable for families or groups of 5 to 6 members. Wood, stone, and metal materials are blended in the interior design, especially the attic has wooden floors that harmonize with nature. With specialized functional utility rooms to serve your family, you can comfortably enjoy a comfortable and convenient vacation.

3.2.3. 2-storey villa with 3 bedrooms

The villa is designed with 2 spacious floors and a warm, cozy Nordic-style interior. The room is covered with a layer of white paint with matching colored stones to create a bright and pristine look.

Large pink curtains are added to the glass walls to create a gentle, cozy feeling. The elegant black color is delicately embellished in the details of the glass door edges, picture frames and the most impressive thing is the wooden staircase with handrails with elegant metal spokes.

3-bedroom Penthouse for groups of 7 to 8 members. The villa has a luxurious and sophisticated design with full modern equipment, creating a feeling of comfort and convenience.

From the room, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the green garden from above and enjoy green hills, cool breezes and fresh air. Sun Village Hoa Binh.

3.2.4. 2-storey villa with 4 bedrooms

The 2-storey 4-bedroom villa is located isolated on the hillside with a luxurious and elegant design of stone walls and wooden fences. The white villa peeks out from behind the green foliage of the ornamental garden in front of the house, behind the white wooden railings, exuding a charming, luxurious look.

The interior of the room is contemporary inspired combined with modern oriental architecture. The wooden lounge sets and dining tables are crafted in the same color combined with simple patterns on the floor mats, wooden backrests and paintings with diverse themes.

3.2.5. Pool villa

Pool villas are designed with 3 or 4 bedrooms, suitable for groups of 6 to 8 members. The room is designed in a modern style with 2 or 3 floors with a terrace so guests can have more space to relax and organize outdoor activities. The white-painted house is located close to the edge of the swimming pool, creating a luxurious and elegant space.

The sand castle villa is more splendid with its luxurious and meticulous interior design. The delicate combination of creamy white, pink, metallic colors with glossy silk material makes the room more noble and youthful.

The most impressive design is the floral inspiration that goes into each design, from art murals, flower cushions and cushions to sculpted details on the edge of the sofa, bed, dressing table mirror, and cabinet top.

3.2.6. Sun Village Hoa Binh stilt house

Collective stilt house of Sun Village Hoa Binh has a large area with a capacity of up to 50 visitors. Guests will feel comfortable with the large, fully furnished and delicately designed room, harmoniously decorated interior, and large glass windows that help you see the panoramic view of nature outside.

In a stilt house, you will enjoy fresh air and the scent of garden plants Sun Village Hoa Binh. The view towards nature allows you to enjoy the wild and majestic beauty of the vast mountains and forests in the distance or the romantic pinwheel hills right before your eyes.

4. Outstanding utility services of Sun Village Hoa Binh

4.1. Pool

In Sun Village Hoa Binh with a garden swimming pool designed within the villa grounds. Here you will be able to comfortably entertain and relax in the fresh, turquoise water.

When it’s calm, the calm lake surface is like a mirror reflecting all the beautiful scenery of the garden villa landscape. When the sun rises, the wind from the hills ripples the surface of the lake, the water seems to be plated with shimmering gold, shining in the space.

In addition, near the penthouse area there is a communal swimming pool designed to hide in the cool green garden. On one side of the pool are dwarf palm trees with rows of shady chairs, on the other side of the pool are vast foliage like green lungs that purify the air for the resort. Sun Village Hoa Binh.

4.2. Restaurant

Sun Village Hoa Binh will bring you mountain and forest specialties along with many famous delicacies from other regions. You can choose original flavors or dishes that have been transformed into something new with the talented hands of professional chefs.

The restaurant space is located indoors or outdoors for a feeling of closeness to nature. The outdoor restaurant is placed on a rustic wooden floor with a very unique umbrella.

4.3. Lakeside cafe

Coffee tables placed on the grass along the lake are ideal dating spots for couples or families. Coming here, you can enjoy delicious drinks, snacks, and enjoy the charming nature.

The gentle rays of sunlight filtering through the green leaves, or the hill breezes passing over the surface of the lake bring cool steam to help soothe the soul and relieve all worries.

4.4. Rose garden grounds

Update current trends, resort space Sun Village Hoa Binh Planted together with green trees, flowers and grass in the resort grounds.

The fresh garden with rich and diverse vegetation will be the ideal place for you to explore nature or relax and exercise.

When walking around the campus, remember to visit the rose garden to admire the brilliant flower colors and enjoy the fragrant, gentle scent of flowers.

4.5. Recreational sports

Spacious campus Sun Village Hoa Binh Suitable for teambuilding activities, barbecues, music festivals, gala dinners, jogging, calisthenics, etc. In addition, you can organize water fun programs at the 4-season swimming pool, or rowing. boat, fishing at Go Cap lake.

4.6. Children’s play area

Your children will be able to comfortably play in our outdoor entertainment area Sun Village Hoa Binh. Here, an interesting game system is installed on a colorful lawn that not only helps stimulate curiosity and creativity, but also encourages children to participate in sports activities, exercise and explore nature. In the green garden, your baby will be exposed to gentle sunlight to increase the ability to absorb vitamins.

5. Customer reviews Sun Village Hoa Binh

Tourists who come to visit and relax leave many good comments about the quality of the rooms and accompanying services. You can refer to some reviews below Sun Village Hoa Binh:

“The atmosphere is very pleasant. The villas are built according to the slope of the hill. Does not destroy the landscape like many other resorts. Comfortable amenities for playing 2 days 1 night.

Outdoor + indoor swimming pool, duck boat, kayaking, children’s play area, rose garden, climbing area, grass slide, panorama cafe, yoga meditation area, camping area in the primeval forest…

Cheap and delicious food. Not as grand as other areas, but staying here has a peaceful feeling that you want to return to, not the hustle and bustle of industry. Will definitely come back to the resort Sun Village Hoa Binh. Hopefully when I come back, the 5-star area above will be operational.”

“Coming to vacation with family on the weekend, even though it was crowded, the staff still enthusiastically supported us, the airy space had a number of entertainment services suitable for families and young people, very great for a last picnic. week with friends.”

6. Reservation information at Sun Village Hoa Binh

You can contact Hotline: to receive information related to Sun Village Hoa Binh. In addition, to update resort room prices along with many voucher packages and service incentive programs, please visit our connection channel. Travelgoda.com as follows:

7 . Nearby tourist attractions Sun Village Hoa Binh

Around the resort There are many famous tourist destinations that attract tourists from all over. You can easily book a car to visit and explore nearby tourist attractions such as:

  • Dong Chanh Dam
  • Luong Son Market
  • Sports shooting range
  • Heritage trees
  • Bui River

Above is all the review information Sun Village Hoa Binh for groups of tourists who are planning to rest here. In general, the hotel designs a comfortable accommodation system with a dedicated and professional staff. Travelgoda.com Hope you have time to rest and explore soon.

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