Tam Thanh Pagoda is a typical spiritual symbol in the collection of scenic spots of Lang Son. With its long history and unique architectural beauty, this pagoda has long attracted the attention of both locals and foreign tourists. Let's join Travelgoda.com Explore and learn about the special things of this temple!

1. Introduction to Tam Thanh Pagoda

Tam Thanh Pagoda stands out with its classical and sophisticated architecture. This pagoda was built during the Le Dynasty, bearing traditional Asian architecture with many classical motifs meticulously carved. Covered with a layer of dust for a long time, the pagoda has a beauty that is both ancient and strangely unique.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

For those who love exploration and photography, Tam Thanh Pagoda offers stunning natural scenery. From large caves to the Netherworld Lake with its clear blue water and unique natural formations, this place is a great source of inspiration for photographers and nature lovers.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

As an ancient historical site associated with many important events, the pagoda is home to many valuable artifacts. The most special thing here is the system of ancient stone steles recounting important historical events through the ages. Visitors can come here to learn about the history or explore the unique architecture of the pagoda.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

In addition to exploring history and nature, every year the temple still welcomes many tourists from all over the world to come here to pray for luck, prosperity, and good health for themselves and their families.

2. Where is Tam Thanh Pagoda? Directions to the pagoda

2.1. Where is Tam Thanh Pagoda?

You are wondering Where is Tam Thanh Pagoda?? Also known as Thanh Thien Tu, the pagoda is located in Vinh Trai town, Chau Thot Lang district, Lang Son province, Vietnam.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

Nestled in the midst of majestic mountains, this temple offers a quiet and sacred space. It is also an ideal place for those who love photography and peaceful natural scenery. In particular, the temple is also an important cultural and historical heritage of the region.

2.2. Instructions for moving and visiting the temple

Located more than 150km from Hanoi, tourists can easily travel to Tam Thanh Pagoda Lang Son, Travelgoda.com Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Motorbike, car: From Hanoi, follow National Highway 1B or National Highway 1A north to Lang Son city, then continue west along Provincial Road 254 (Provincial Road 254). In Vinh Trai town, you will find the pagoda standing out among the green trees.
  • Coach: There are many coaches with schedules from Hanoi to Lang Son. Tourists can go to My Dinh or Giap Bat bus stations to choose a suitable coach. Tickets only range from 100,000 – 150,000 VND.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

  • Plane: For tourists coming from provinces far from Hanoi, they can choose to travel by plane to save time. Then rent a motorbike, car or take a bus to the temple.

3. History of Tam Thanh Pagoda

Built during the Le Dynasty in the 15th-16th centuries, this pagoda was originally a Taoist place of worship with three symbolic fairylands. However, later on, the religion here underwent changes, adding elements of Buddhism.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

Tam Thanh Pagoda is also famous for its stone steles dating back many years, recording various historical and cultural events. The architecture of the pagoda is interesting because it is located inside a cave, creating a unique space that very few pagodas have.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

In the past, the pagoda played an important role in protecting and preserving military assets during the resistance against French colonialism and American imperialism. This is part of its illustrious history in defending the country from enemy invasion. Today, the pagoda is being preserved and restored, allowing visitors the opportunity to learn about its history and culture.

4. Interesting experiences at Tam Thanh Pagoda

4.1. Admire the unique beauty of the temple

When you arrive Tam Thanh Pagodayou will admire the beautiful scenery here. The pagoda is located deep in the vast cave complex of Lang Son, surrounded by towering mountain peaks and thick white clouds.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

Going through 30 stone steps, through the Tam Quan gate, you will reach the Buddhist shrine, both spiritual and mysterious. On the cave wall of the shrine, there is a prominent work by Ngo Thi Si depicting the beauty of the pagoda amidst the wild, majestic and steadfast mountain landscape.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

In particular, the pagoda also owns a white Amitabha Buddha statue created directly on the wall. This Buddha statue carries the architecture and Buddhist ideology of the Le – Mac period. In addition, the pagoda was also a place to worship Confucius and Lao Tzu – two important figures in Confucianism and Taoism. This is a rare feature in pagodas in Vietnam.

Tam Thanh Pagoda - The sacred pagoda with the most famous ancient architecture in Lang Son

4.2. Participate in Tam Thanh Pagoda Festival

Festival Tam Thanh Pagoda Lang Son usually takes place exactly on January 15 every year and is one of the oldest traditional festivals in the province. This festival attracts a large number of tourists to visit and enjoy spring.

The most worth-seeing part of the festival is the procession of Mr. Ngo Thi Si’s tablet from Tam Giao Pagoda. The music from the drums combined with the lion dance and the lively parade create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere during the New Year. This is also an opportunity for locals and visitors to gather to offer prayers and pray for good things for themselves and their families.

4.3. Learn about the history of our country

Inside the pagoda, many ancient stone tablets and historical relics are preserved. In particular, the “Renovation of Thanh Thien Cave” stele was created in 1677. In addition, the pagoda also has other steles written by authors and poets in different historical periods to honor the beauty of Tam Thanh Cave.

Tam Thanh Pagoda Lang Son Not only is it a sacred temple, but it is also a valuable historical treasure of the country. In the past, the temple has gone through many historical periods and played an important role in the country's timeline. Therefore, this is an ideal place for visitors to learn about the country's history.

5. Accommodation near Tam Thanh Pagoda

5.1. Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son

With a 21-storey design, Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son offers an ideal resting space with a panoramic view of the city, and in the distance is the majestic mountain scenery surrounded by clouds. With a modern design, meeting 5-star standards, the hotel is loved by many tourists.

The hotel has 6 main room categories including Deluxe, Suite, Presidential Suite and Disablement Room, divided by view and area. Each room is meticulously decorated, with a spacious area, enough for visitors to rest and breathe the fresh air of Lang Son.

5.2. Phu Quy Hotel

Located away Tam Thanh Pagoda less than 2km, Phu Quy Hotel is the top choice for tourists who want to explore and visit the temple. In addition, around the hotel there are also many shops and restaurants, extremely convenient for tourists.

The hotel has been newly renovated and decorated with a striking white paint color but not too flashy. The rooms are fully furnished for guests to rest. The hotel price is very affordable, suitable for guests who want to save money on their trip.

5.3. SOJO Hotel Lang Son

With a luxurious style, Sojo Hotel is one of the top hotels in Lang Son. The hotel is a white-painted high-rise building, highlighted by large glass windows. Therefore, from here, visitors will have a panoramic view of the city.

Stepping inside, you will definitely be attracted by the extremely unique decor of this place. In particular, the hotel also has an entertainment room decorated like a colorful, dynamic and impressive world. Visitors here can both relax and have fun right at the hotel without having to go far.

6. Notes when visiting Tam Thanh Pagoda

When deciding to come to Tam Thanh Pagoda Lang Sonthere are some important notes that you should consider to experience your journey in the best way:

  • Modest Dress: When visiting a temple – a solemn and polite space, you should prepare a modest outfit. Avoid wearing too short shirts, shorts, or sleeveless shirts when you visit a temple.

  • Turn off your cell phones: When you enter the temple grounds, please turn off your phones or put them on silent mode. The temple is a sacred and quiet place, so please maintain a quiet atmosphere.
  • No Photography in Restricted Areas: Many temples have areas where photography or video recording is prohibited to protect the sacredness and respect religious principles. Please follow the signs and instructions of temple staff.
  • Respect the Temple: If you want to pray or worship Buddha, please respect the temple and the person praying. Avoid talking loudly and do not disturb others during this time.
  • Pay attention to opening hours: Check the temple's opening hours before you go to make sure you are not restricted in your visit.

If you have the opportunity to visit Lang Son, do not miss the opportunity to explore Tam Thanh Pagoda – a symbol of the beautiful nature of Lang Son and the heroic history of the Vietnamese people. Travelgoda.com Hope you have the best experience here!