Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall Known as the 9-step waterfall of love, it is an ideal destination for tourists every summer. The clear blue water, majestic landscape and open space will bring unforgettable experiences to your trip. Follow this article to explore together Please.

1. Brief introduction about Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall

Located at Lang Su stream, nearly 100km from the center, May Thanh Hoa waterfall has a fresh and clean climate all year round. Water from the waterfall flows from above creating cool green streams, combined with the wild natural scenery and surrounding jungle.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

With a height of about 100m, May waterfall in Thanh Hoa radiating majestic and modern beauty. Because the dense layers of white flowing water surround the waterfall all day long, creating a look like clouds flying in the middle of nature. That is the origin of the name “May waterfall”.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

Arrive May Thanh Hoa waterfall, you can climb to the top of the mountain to see the panoramic view of the mountains. At the same time, you can bathe in cool streams or participate in water games at the stream.

2. Address and directions to Thac May Thanh Hoa

2.1. Address

  • Address: Dang Thuong village, Thach Lam commune, Thach Ban district, Thanh Hoa

2.2. Moving instructions

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall Located about 150km from the center of the Capital, so it will take about 3 to 4 hours to go to May Waterfall.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

Starting from the center, you follow Highway No. 6 to Xuan Mai, Chuong My. Then, turn left and move to Cuc Phuong bridge – the beginning of Song Ngang bridge and turn right. Follow the road for about 10km to the fork and turn left and then go a little further and you will reach May Waterfall.

3. When is the ideal time to travel to May Waterfall Thanh Hoa?

Thac May is a perfect destination in Thanh Hoa, where you can enjoy the wild beauty. However, to enjoy the entire beautiful view of the falls, there is an ideal time for you to travel.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

Ideal time to arrive Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall are summer and fall. During this time, the waterfall will have a rushing and green water flow, bringing a cool and refreshing feeling to visitors. You can watch the rain erupt from the top of the waterfall, creating a very special mist effect.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

In addition, on these days, the fresh, airy air of Thanh Hoa mountainous region also makes travel more comfortable. You can freely explore the forest paths around the area, admiring the natural beauty.

4. Suggested costs when going to Thac May

Currently, May Thanh Hoa waterfall does not charge any entrance fees for visitors. However, you still have to pay about 10,000 VND for parking fee. This is a small fee to ensure the safety of your vehicle during exploration.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

In addition, when you visit Thac May, you should consider contributing 5,000 – 10,000 VND to the environmental protection fund here. This helps maintain and protect the beautiful natural landscape of this area.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

Arrive Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall If you feel hungry after exploring, don't worry because there are restaurants near the tourist area that serve delicious and diverse dishes. The cost of a meal at the restaurant ranges from 300,000 – 500,000 VND depending on your choice.

5. Certain interesting experiences not to be missed when going to Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall

5.1. Check in to the 9-step love waterfall

Considered a paradise for couples, May waterfall in Thanh Hoa carries romantic meaning and sweet memories. Discovering and capturing vivid photos at the white flow of the waterfall will be an unforgettable experience.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

Besides, Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall It also gives visitors an adventurous journey in pristine nature. You can walk around and admire the scenery from above or delight in admiring the beauty of the lush green forest. The feeling of comfort and peace when living in nature will make you forget the pressures of daily life.

5.2. Thanh Hoa May Waterfall Tourism: Explore Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park is home to many rare animals and plants with its vastness and ecological layers. You can participate in trekking trips to conquer forest paths and admire the beautiful scenery of the natural ecosystem.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

Besides, you can also visit Cuc Phuong Environmental Education Center. A place to learn more about nature conservation, environmental education activities are held here. This is an ideal opportunity to explore and see animals such as pandas and baboons.

5.3. Experience the culture of local people

When you come May Thanh Hoa waterfall, not only has natural beauty but also unique cultural experiences of local people. This is one of the tourist attractions that makes your trip more interesting and meaningful.

Thanh Hoa Cloud Waterfall - A great destination for a hot summer day in Thanh Hoa

Local people in Thanh Hoa are very hospitable and friendly. You will be greeted with bright smiles and enthusiasm from the guides and people in the area. In addition, you can also participate in cultural exchange activities such as watching circus performances and traditional music and dance.

5.4. Bathing in the waterfall is extremely interesting

Thac May in Thanh Hoa known as a natural paradise with majestic scenery. When you come into contact with the clear blue water of the waterfall, you will feel freedom and immersion in nature.

Bathing at May waterfall is not only an entertaining experience but also beneficial for your health. Water from the waterfall's flow has a massage effect, increasing blood circulation and eliminating stress and fatigue.

Furthermore, bathing in the water of May Thanh Hoa waterfall also gives you a feeling of closeness and friendliness. You can soak in the water while admiring the interesting natural scenery.

6. Some reputable, cheap accommodations near Thac May

6.1. Cuong Lam Guesthouse

  • Address: Area 1, Kim Tan Town, Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa
  • Contact phone number:

Cuong Lam Guesthouse is known as a small but luxurious building, with a warm atmosphere and professional service. With the friendly service of the staff, you will feel attentive care from the moment you book until the end of your trip.

With reasonable prices, not only single travelers but also families or groups of friends can find a room that suits them. From comfortable apartments for travelers who want to be natural amidst the melody of their homeland. Luxurious villas are for those who want to experience a luxurious vacation and show off their class.

6.2. Hai Son Guesthouse – Ideal vacation spot when traveling to Thanh Hoa May Waterfall

  • Address: Highway 45, Thanh Kim, Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa
  • Contact phone number:

Only a few minutes walk from May Waterfall, this is one of the reputable and cheap options for tourists who want to explore the natural beauty of this place. May Thanh Hoa waterfall.

Hai Son Guesthouse offers a large, quiet and friendly space. Guests can relax in private rooms, providing a full range of amenities from basic to high-end. Includes TV, air conditioning, wifi and comfortable beds to rejuvenate after a day of walking at May waterfall.

6.3. Hoai Phuong Guesthouse

  • Address: Thach Cam, Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa
  • Contact phone number:

Hoai Phuong Guesthouse is highly appreciated for the professionalism and enthusiasm of its staff. They are always willing to assist visitors in providing travel information and suggesting interesting activities. Besides, we also ensure that all your requirements are best met.

With reasonable room rates, Hoai Phuong Guesthouse is a suitable choice for travelers with a limited budget but still want to have a memorable trip. You will be delighted in the airy space and high quality service.

7. Important notes when traveling to May Waterfall Thanh Hoa

Below are some things to note to ensure a trip May Thanh Hoa waterfall complete and safe:

  • You want to enjoy the stunning views the waterfall has to offer without worrying about getting drenched. Always bring your own raincoat or jacket.
  • Always follow safety rules when near stream banks or swimming in the area near waterfalls. You also need to maintain personal security at all times and keep cash flows and important documents in separate pockets.
  • Please keep the area around May waterfall clean by not leaving waste and following environmental protection rules.
  • The rocks around the waterfall will have a lot of moss and can easily become slippery. Therefore, you should prepare shoes/slippers with high friction when going to May waterfall.

Finally, enjoy your travel at May Thanh Hoa waterfall. Explore nature, take check-in photos and participate in recreational activities in the area.

8. Collection of the hottest check-in images on social networks of tourists at May Waterfall

With fresh natural scenery, fresh and cool waterfalls of Thanh people, May Waterfall is a tourist destination that should definitely not be missed. Above is a summary of experience May Thanh Hoa waterfall but want to convey to you. Hope you will pocket something useful.