Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa Standing out with its luxurious and elegant design, it is the ideal place to stay for tourists when coming to the flower city of Da Lat. With a romantic city space and quality room amenities, the resort promises to bring you wonderful vacation moments. Together Explore the beautiful resort right in the article below.

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1. Some details about Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa is the perfect tourist area for tourists who love the natural beauty of Da Lat where there are green pine trees on high windy hills.

Nestled in beautiful nature and a mild climate, the resort offers an elegant and comfortable resort space for visitors to fully enjoy every moment of their vacation.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

Arrive at the resort, Visitors are immersed in majestic nature where there are pristine rocky mountains, vast green fields, lush green hills and valleys of beautiful flowers.

Here you can not only relax in comfortable rooms and high-class services, but also visit the extremely impressive sports area or nature reserve in the tourist complex.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

2. Destination address Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

2.1. Detailed address

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa located at DT723, Da Sar, Lac Duong, Lam Dong. The resort is located about 39km from Lien Khuong airport, 9km from Dalat Flower Gardens, about 10km from Yersin Park and Lam Vien Square.

2.2. Directions to get there

If you are in Da Lat city, you can use common means of transportation such as Limousi, sleeper bus, private car,… to get to the resort, only 6km from the city center. Foreign tourists or far away cities and provinces can choose many methods of transportation such as plane, train, and bus.

If traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose to fly by plane: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar and VietJet Air for about 40 minutes. Or save more with the Phuong Trang or Thanh Buoi bus departing from Ho Chi Minh with free shuttle buses within a 10km radius.

If traveling from Hanoi, you can choose 4 airlines operating flights from Hanoi – Da Lat including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, VietJetAir and Bamboo.

Flight time from Hanoi to Da Lat is about 1 hour 50 minutes. After arriving at the airport, you can easily book a car or use our shuttle service Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa.

3. Space and design style Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

3.1. Design style of Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa Building a system of modern and comfortable rooms but still retaining the unique, Vietnamese beauty.

Unique rooms with eye-catching ethnic motifs dotted in the designs of blankets, cushioned chairs, and carpets. The rooms are more elegant with hanging lights and high-class curtains, creating a warm, relaxing feeling for guests to rest.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

Rest rooms Not only is it beautiful in design, the equipment system and room lights also bring great effects so you can fully feel the clear, cool nature on the windy pine hills.

3.2. Room system at Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

3.2.1. Standard Room

Standard rooms are spacious with modern and comfortable design. The items are smartly and flexibly arranged, including beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs,…

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

The bathroom is installed with a high-quality shower and sink system separate from the functional spaces. In this room you will enjoy the common amenities of Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa such as: parking, free movement within the campus… You can choose 2 Standard room categories as follows:

  • Standard Double Room: Room area is 30m2 with elegant double bed design, suitable for couples or families with small children.
  • Standard Twin Room: Room area is 35m2 with cozy space design, 2 single beds with a capacity of 2 adults.

3.2.2. Superior Room

Superior Double Room offers a beautiful space experience with elegant room design facing nature. The room has 1 double bed or 2 single beds in an area of ​​35m2 for you to choose from.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

Comfortable rooms with curtained glass doors and yellow lights will bring a luxurious, cozy resort experience for couples or families. Here you can admire the impressive landscape Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa.

3.2.3. Superior Triple Room

Superior Triple room is a special design of standard Superior. With an area equivalent to 35m2, the room is smartly furnished to accommodate an additional single bed so that guests can enjoy spacious, spacious and fully functional space.

With the design of 1 large double bed and 1 single bed, Triple room Suitable for families with small children or groups of 3 people.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

3.2.4. Deluxe Double Room

Deluxe Double Room is elegantly designed with neutral colors combined with wooden furniture to create a feeling of closeness to nature. The entire floor is tiled with unique grain patterns, creating a luxurious and high-class look.

Designed with a double bed in a space of 40m2, the Deluxe Double room is a great choice for families or groups of 2 to 3 people when staying at the hotel. Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

3.2.5. Deluxe Quad Room

Deluxe Quad Room is the perfect choice for groups of 4 to 5 people with 2 spacious double beds. The room has an area of ​​35m2 with fully furnished reception tables and chairs and useful items such as: electric kettle, refrigerator, TV, bathroom toiletries,…

With a yellow lighting system, large windows welcoming natural sunlight and curtain fabrics, floor mats, pillow patterns, and yellow-colored beds, the room creates a natural, warm feel.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

3.2.6. Deluxe Family Room

A great choice for families or large groups of guests Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spayou can choose the Deluxe Family apartment.

The accommodation has an area of ​​80 square meters, designed with 3 large double beds and 1 elegant lounge bed, able to accommodate 6 to 7 guests. The resting area is designed with a flexible 2-layer hanging curtain system to easily adjust the flow of natural light, creating maximum comfort for guests.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

3.2.7. Suite Family Room

Families or groups of guests with many members when arriving Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa You can choose the Suite Family room with many luxurious amenities.

You can comfortably rest on the soft bed or rest your head next to the relaxing lounge and watch TV. Next to it there is 1 large salon bed along with 2 double beds, both suitable for large families and convenient for business trips and trips.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

3.2.8. Executive Suite Room

The Executive Suite has an area of ​​up to 104m2, including a bedroom with 1 double bed, a separate bathroom and a separate guest house with a comfortable sofa and table set.

Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa - Modern, luxurious resort

The room is designed with a system of romantic wall lights and chandeliers with soft and attractive curtains, creating a more private and warm space. Executive Suite room is the ideal room type for couples to feel the romantic scenery of Da Lat city.

4. Outstanding utility services of Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

4.1. Restaurant

Cuisine restaurant at Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa offers a diverse menu of famous Vietnamese and Middle Eastern dishes. Here you can also enjoy rustic dishes following the dining style of local people.

Dishes are made from clean ingredients, organic vegetables, and farm-raised meat to ensure healthy nutrition and provide abundant energy.

4.2. Stop station

Located in the Station area Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spaa mini supermarket that sells sweets, soft drinks, snacks, daily necessities and specialties from Da Lat as well as other regions.

This is like a stall reserved for tourists who love high-end drinks, and those who enjoy them need special sophistication. The souvenir shop is located right next to the tea room area with many dry drinks, flower tea, coffee, Da Lat wine and tea sets, wooden tea tables to enjoy the tea ceremony.

Especially next to the waiting room Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa There is also a gas station so tourists can ensure their travel itinerary. This is considered an outstanding point of the resort compared to many other resorts in the area because the nearest gas station is quite far away.

The store is flexibly decorated with an airy space for visitors to enjoy on the spot or take home. Coffee counter Also serves fast food for breakfast, snacks or cakes to enjoy with tea or coffee.

4.3. Spa & Salon

This is an ideal destination for visitors to relax their bodies, renew their spirits, and renew their appearance. After spa & massage cycles with relaxing essential oils, regenerating your skin, bringing youthful beauty, you can go to the Salon where you can change your appearance more comprehensively with waxing and skin care services. face, hands, feet and hair drying and styling.

5. Customer reviews Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

You can refer to some comments below to get a better feel for it Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa:

“Possessing internal and external amenities filled with green trees, the resort is truly a place worth experiencing with many diverse services: restaurants, comfortable hotels, spas, camping areas! Worth coming back!”

6. Reservation information at Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

You can contact Hotline: to receive information related to Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa. In addition, to update resort room prices along with many voucher packages and service incentive programs, please visit our connection channel. as follows:

  • Address: Tel 723, Da Sar, Lac Duong, Lam Dong
  • Phone number:
  • Fanpage: //
  • Website:

7. Nearby tourist attractions Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa

Resort Connecting to many famous landscapes, sights, and tourist attractions in the area. Relaxing here, you can easily move to tourist destinations to have fun and explore, including:

  • Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area
  • Cam ly waterfall
  • Dalat Mushroom Village
  • Mong Mo Hill, Da Lat
  • Valleys love

Above are all the reviews Thuy Hoang Nguyen Resort & Spa as well as experience for tourists who want to visit and relax here. Hope Providing the most useful information so you can easily choose a resort room and soon enjoy happy relaxing moments here.