Explore the locations along the North Central region you will come to Tien Son Cave. The cave is famous for its ancient vestiges. Coming here, visitors can sightsee and discover mysteries. In the article below, Travelgoda.com I will share my experience exploring caves in Thanh Hoa.

1. Some main features of Tien Son Cave in Thanh Hoa

Miraculous nature has gifted the land of Thanh Hoa with a cave named after him Tien Son Cave. Here is attractive with countless limestone stalactites. When entering here, visitors will feel like they are lost in a wonderful world, a place to freely explore and enjoy the pristine beauty.

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

Visiting this place is a special journey, with unique scenery drawn from pristine stalactites. You will be fascinated and amazed by the majestic beauty created millions of years ago. Tien Son Cave also contains spiritual works with sacred spaces.

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

The best time to go to the cave is fall or summer. Because there is little rain on this occasion, the journey will be much safer and more comfortable. Tien Son Cave Also open and free is a big advantage, visitors will visit freely without any costs.

2. Address and directions to travel to Tien Son Cave

Address: Vinh An commune, located in Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province.

About 3 hours drive from Hanoi and only nearly 1 and a half hours from Thanh Hoa, come explore Tien Son Cave is also relatively easy:

  • Personal vehicle: Departing from Hanoi, you can ride a motorbike or personal car along the following routes: Nguyen Xien – Hanoi Ninh Binh Expressway – National Highway 1A – Ninh Giang – Yen Binh – City Tam Diep – Thanh Hoa city – Vinh Minh – Vinh An commune – cave.
  • Passenger cars: There are many North-South bus routes running through Thanh Hoa, estimated to have dozens of trips every day. Some companies from Hanoi – Thanh Hoa that you can consider are as follows: Ngoc Mai bus, Hao Huong bus, Bao Chinh bus or Khanh Ly bus. Buy a ticket and catch the bus at Nuoc Ngam station or Giap Bat station. The bus ticket is only about 150,000 VND/person.

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

3. The most interesting things in Tien Son cave must be experienced

3.1. Explore the magical stalactite system inside the cave

Stalactites in the cave Tien Son cave is a unique spot that takes visitors into a mysterious world. With a length of up to 500m, a width of 12.5m and a height of 20m, this place offers a magical experience. In particular, in the Gieng Troi area, the cave has a height that can exceed 50m and is extremely beautiful. This creates a unique landmark, making every visitor amazed by the majesty of nature.

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

Tien Son Cave, Thanh Hoa divided into 3 main areas. Inside, visitors are immersed in the impressive landscape, with lights strategically arranged to highlight the beauty of each stalactite. The magical stalactites and stone slabs are not only gorgeous but also create the feeling of entering a fairyland. With each step through the steps alternating between towering cliffs, visitors will admire the majestic and extremely enchanting scenery.

3.2. Admire the statues inside Tien Son cave

Enjoying the beauty from outside to inside the cave, you will begin a unique adventure with artistic masterpieces. First, when entering, the gentle light highlights the extremely delicate statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva sits on a lotus with eyes wide open, full of compassion.

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

LIVE Tien Son Cave There is also a bright statue of Bach Tien, attracting all eyes with her serenity. Going further, you will see the statue of Hoang Bo – a figure from folk mythology that stands out for his innocence and youthful spirit. Mr. Hoang Bo is exquisitely carved, with a childish smile and artistic posture. In particular, visitors will have the opportunity to set foot on the altar of Ba Chua Kho.

3.3. Lake in Tien Son Cave

Inside Tien Son Cave There is also the attraction of the fairy lake. The water is clear and cool, so the space is pleasant. Setting foot in this area, visitors will be amazed at the clear beauty and blend of natural light with clear blue water. Sometimes, light from outside reflects onto the water surface, creating mysterious pictures.

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

The water in the lake is not only a common water source but is also considered precious according to many anecdotes. According to folk tales, the lake's water is considered a sacred water source, containing positive energy and beautifying the skin. This creates a widespread belief in the tourist community, causing them to often ask for water from the lake to apply to their faces, believing it will bring purity and youthful skin.

3.4. Check in at the cave

Every corner Tien Son Cave will help visitors freely take photos. Sparkling light creates special effects, highlighting every unique detail in the cave. The feeling of being lost in a magical world hidden behind cliffs and stalactites is indescribable in words. You can choose for yourself the most eye-catching scenery to check in as a souvenir.

Tien Son Cave - Explore mysterious and unique caves in Thanh Hoa

4. Other tourist attractions near Thanh Hoa cave

4.1. Ham Rong Bridge

  • Address: across Ma River, 4 km from Thanh Hoa city

Located very close to Tien Son Cave, Ham Rong Bridge has both the role of connecting traffic and being a living witness of many heroic and painful victories of war that this land has had to go through. Seen from a distance, the bridge brings a special beauty, highlighting the land with its rich history and culture. The bridge is considered a symbol of the strength and resilience of the Thanh people.

When visiting the bridge, you will immediately witness the novelty in architecture. Detailed lines create an attractive work. The twinkling lights on the bridge make it mysterious and charming, especially in the evening. You will listen to emotional stories about important historical events that have taken place.

4.2. Ho Dynasty Citadel – famous place in Thanh Hoa

  • Address: Vinh Tien, Vinh Loc, Thanh Hoa city

Ho Dynasty Citadel is the next place Travelgoda.com Suggest you should come. This is an unparalleled symbol of the unique and magnificent capital, marking a long and impressive history. This goal was built solidly, with hundreds of tons of stacked limestone. The city wall certainly takes people back to the glorious era of the Ho Dynasty.

The Ho Dynasty Citadel offers a space rich in history and also very peaceful. This place witnesses stories of the past. From the tops of the towering walls, visitors can admire the solid scale of the architecture and immerse themselves in the solemn atmosphere.

4.3. Elephant Waterfall – a place to relax with nature

  • Address: Thanh Van commune, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province

After exploring Tien Son Cave, go to Elephant Falls. This place opens up a completely different landscape. Visitors will see the wonderful image of the clear blue water flowing down from the top, creating the grandeur and immenseness of nature in the green mountainous region.

Each stream of cool water falls with a soothing sound like a natural concert that captivates everyone's heart. Faced with this beauty, people cannot help but feel small before the power and majesty of nature. Every detail at Elephant Falls is a masterpiece, every moment is a thrill, making every visitor excited and admiring.

5. Revealing places to stay near Tien Son Thanh Hoa Cave

5.1. FLC Sam Son

  • Address: Ho Xuan Huong street, Quang Cu commune, Sam Son, Thanh Hoa
  • Phone number: 094 333 3333

FLC has a long scale with a private beach, giving you the experience of immersing yourself in captivating nature. This place is famous for its high-end, top-class hotels and villas nearby Tien Son Cave. The design style with blue and white tones brings a bit of ocean breath so it is extremely peaceful.

Bedroom systems number up to hundreds. Each room has a reasonable layout, the highlight is the balcony to freely immerse yourself in nature. In particular, when you come to FLC Sam Son, you must spend time experiencing a series of services such as golf, infinity pool, gym, spa relaxation or dining at the restaurant bar.

5.2. Fusion Resort Sam Son

  • Address: Quang Cu commune, Sam Son town, Thanh Hoa
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

Vacation spot way Tien Son Cave Not too far away is Fusion Resort. Here, you will feel refreshed when immersed in the ocean waves every day. The attraction of the resort is its outstanding design with Mediterranean beauty and cool sea views. The rooms at Fusion have brown and white tones combined with pleasant, harmonious pastel colors.

The amenities at this resort cannot help but surprise visitors. From local restaurants, Asian and European restaurants to spas, gyms or outdoor swimming pools, everything is extremely high-class. When you come to this place, don't miss the entertainment at the top golf course or water park. Furthermore, Fusion Resort is also attractive with exciting and stimulating sea exploration tours and sea sports.

In the article above, Travelgoda.com have discovered everything about everything with you Tien Son Cave. Please prepare a thorough plan to explore this cave with your family and friends.