Our country's cuisine is extremely diverse. Each region has its own flavors that make many guests excited when enjoying. One of the dishes that leaves a lot of impression on diners is roast duck. Let's Travelgoda.com Find out the top 10 selling addresses Lang Son roast duck Best quality!

1. Brief introduction about Lang Son roast duck

Lang Son cuisine always makes people “admired” after each enjoyment. A dish that must be mentioned when coming to this region is roast duck. Duck needs to be carefully selected to ensure quality and flavor. They are not too old, nor are they underdeveloped. In addition, the seasoning process must also be done meticulously to make each piece of duck meat special.

Top 10 addresses selling quality Lang Son roasted duck that you should not miss

The fragrant grilled duck blends with the smell of honey hook leaves and spices such as pepper, lemongrass, chili, soy sauce, honey,… ensuring visitors are impressed from the first time they enjoy it. The duck skin is crispy while the meat remains soft and moist. This rustic yet attractive dish makes many guests “fascinated” and unforgettable. How to make Lang Son roast duck It is also very sophisticated, requiring the chef to have experience and put his heart into it.

Top 10 addresses selling quality Lang Son roasted duck that you should not miss

2. Top shops selling roasted duck in Lang Son that you must try

2.1. Hong Xiem Roast Duck

  • Address: No. 2A, Phai Ve Street, Dong Kinh Ward, City. Lang Son, Lang Son
  • Phone: 0912 192 262

Shop for sale Lang Son roast duck first that Travelgoda.com I want to suggest Hong Xiem. This is a name that is no longer strange to local people as well as gourmet guests. This brand has more than 80 years of experience, so visitors can be completely assured of the quality here.

Top 10 addresses selling quality Lang Son roasted duck that you should not miss

The restaurant's menu is also available Lang Son roasted duck pho again. Fragrant pho, firm and fatty meat mixed with the right mixture makes everyone satisfied when eating. The restaurant receives many positive reviews from diners because of its fast service and always good food quality. Besides, you can also order delivery if you don't have time to go directly to the restaurant.

Top 10 addresses selling quality Lang Son roasted duck that you should not miss

2.2. Huong Nga roast duck restaurant

  • Address: 164 Bac Son Street, Hoang Van Thu Ward, City. Lang Son, Lang Son
  • Phone: 0977 777 761 & 0988 186 888 & 0983 819 488

Restaurant Lang Son roast duck Located right in the center is Huong Nga restaurant. The number of customers queuing for a table here is very large, enough to prove how “hot” the restaurant is. Furthermore, the space of the restaurant is very spacious and clean so diners can feel secure about the quality of food hygiene and safety.

Top 10 addresses selling quality Lang Son roasted duck that you should not miss

Restaurant use Spices for marinating Lang Son roast duck Extremely unique, according to its own formula. Therefore, when eating, the flavor of each piece of meat will make visitors remember forever. Agile staff, quick service. Although the number of customers is quite large, you will not have to wait too long for your food to arrive. This is also the reason why many customers often return to the restaurant if they have the opportunity to visit Lang Son.

2.3. Do Doanh Lang Son Roast Duck

  • Address: 159 (181) Bac Son Street, HVT Ward, City. Lang Son
  • Phone: 0368 295 784 & 0963 984 616 & 0985 778 565

Visit the salon Lang Son roast duck Do Doanh, visitors will witness the process of marinating and grilling meat. All stages are guaranteed cleanliness. After being cooked, the owner cuts the meat into bite-sized pieces and puts it on a plate. Accompanying it are bowls of thick dipping sauce, mixed by the owner in unique ways.

Top 10 addresses selling quality Lang Son roasted duck that you should not miss

The ducks here are selected very carefully. The ducks must not be too old, so the meat will not be tough. In addition, duck bones are small and full of meat. After cleaning the ducks, the shop owner stuffs their stomachs with honey leaves. When grilled, the aroma of the leaves mixes with other spices to create an attractive aroma.

3. Top Lang Son roast duck restaurants are loved by many diners

3.1. Nguyen Sinh Lang Son Roast Duck


  • 124 Bac Son, Hoang Van Thu, City. Lang Son, Lang Son
  • Dong Kinh market gate, Nguyen Du, City. Lang Son, Lang Son
  • No. 2 Phai Ve, City. Lang Son, Lang Son

Phone: 0988 731 667

Lang Son roast duck Nguyen Sinh must be a familiar name. This is an extremely famous brand with a very unique flavor that not every duck shop has. When the duck dish is brought out, you will observe the shiny and crispy skin. Each piece of meat is soft and moist, chopped to taste. In addition, visitors can also order rice or soup to eat.

Top 10 addresses selling quality Lang Son roasted duck that you should not miss

Furthermore, this brand has opened 3 branches in Lang Son. This also partly confirms the quality and how much diners love Nguyen Sinh. Therefore, every time you come here, don't forget to take the time to visit this roast duck shop to experience it.

3.2. Thao Vien roast duck restaurant

  • Address: No. 145 Phai Ve Street, Dong Kinh Ward, Lang Son City

Thao Vien restaurant is famous for its Lang Son roasted duck spices distinctive. Visitors only need to eat it once to remember that special flavor forever. Above all, what makes Thao Vien receive the support of diners is that the space is clean and quite large. This is also a place often chosen to hold parties, festivals, etc. Even though it welcomes a large number of guests, it does not make people feel cramped or cramped when coming here.

The meat is grilled to perfection, the skin is beautifully shiny. A little sesame is sprinkled on top, making the flavor even more fragrant. Accompanying the duck meat is soy sauce and herbs. Coming to Thao Vien restaurant, visitors can also enjoy Lang Son roasted duck pho or stitching humiliation. These are all must try dishes that cannot be missed.

3.3. Thu Hang roast duck

  • Address: Area 2, That Khe Town, Trang Dinh District, Lang Son
  • Phone: 0989 265 586

Lang Son roast duck Thu Hang is a restaurant recommended by many locals. The restaurant is located right in That Khe town – a bustling place with many delicious restaurants. Therefore, visitors do not spend too much time finding their way here. To ensure quality meat, the restaurant always carefully selects each animal to bring a standard flavor for customers to enjoy.

When dining at Thu Hang roast duck restaurant, visitors will be served by young, agile and professional staff. Your enthusiastic attitude will be appreciated by all diners. The fast-cooking and beautifully presented dishes are also what make the restaurant gradually become loved and supported by many people.

4. Take a look at the top roasted duck restaurants in Lang Son with reasonable prices

4.1. Hung Hung roast duck restaurant

  • Address: No. 13 Bac Son Street, Lang Son city center

The roasted duck restaurant located right in the center of Lang Son city that cannot be ignored is Hung Hung Quan. Spacious area, neat tables and chairs are the first things diners feel when coming here. Above all, the restaurant looks very clean and neat so you can dine with complete peace of mind.

About the Spices for marinating Lang Son roast duck The shop's quality is similar to many other shops. However, what makes the restaurant special is the quality of the meat, which is soft and has few bones. In addition, the dipping sauce is moderately spicy and sour, fragrant with soy sauce, so when dipping, it makes the flavor of roasted duck meat even more attractive. The selling price at the restaurant is also very reasonable, suitable for the budget of many customers.

4.2. Lang Son Hai Xom Roast Duck

  • Address: No. 42 Ba Trieu Street, located in Hoang Van Thu Ward, City. Lang Son

Every time I visit the shop Lang Son roast duck Here, you will feel the bustling atmosphere. The number of customers in the restaurant is always crowded, so avoid coming during peak hours to avoid having to wait long. Instead, visitors call to reserve a table in advance or take away.

The shop's shipping packaging method is also very careful. Thus, the meat delivered to customers still retains its warmth and does not affect the flavor. Besides, diners should order extra rice and soup to help fill their stomachs. From there, you will have enough energy to explore unique attractions in Lang Son.

4.3. Roast duck at Dong Kinh Lang Son market

  • Address: Phai Ve street, Vinh Trai ward, Lang Son.

This roasted duck restaurant is only about 1km from Lang Son station. Therefore, many tourists often come here to dine after a long journey. In terms of quality, the meat is soft and evenly cooked. The skin is crispy, fatty and shiny, very beautiful. Regarding the service attitude of the staff, they are all young, agile and enthusiastic.

External menu Lang Son roast duck The restaurant also has many other Chinese dishes. Therefore, you can ask the staff to advise on dishes that suit your taste. The food here is deliciously prepared and will certainly not disappoint visitors.

4.4. Roast duck at Ky Lua night market

  • Address: located in Hoang Van Thu ward, city. Lang Son

Ky Lua night market not only sells many gift items, but also rich cuisine. Lang Son roast duck The price here is quite cheap, but the quality is not ordinary at all. The taste is just right, the aroma of honey hook leaves mixed with the taste of pepper, lemongrass and a little sweetness from honey.

Best of all, although sold at the market, it is extremely clean and ensures hygiene and safety. The shop usually operates from late evening until late at night. Therefore, if you come back from a late night out and don't know what to eat, stop by Ky Lua night market to enjoy this delicious roasted duck dish!

Travelgoda.com believe that, with 10 shops Lang Son roast duck The above will help you have a memorable culinary experience. Wishing you and your family a journey to explore Lang Son with many beautiful memories.