Moc Chau is a district in Son La province famous for its poetic natural scenery of forests and mountains. Coming here, you will be immersed in a peaceful, romantic space. When traveling to Moc Chau, you can choose to stay at luxurious resorts with beautiful mountain and forest views. Let’s Explore the top 10 Moc Chau resort famous cheap price.

✅ Design style ⭐High-end modern luxury
✅Space ⭐View of mountains and forests
✅ Service ⭐Swimming pool, Restaurant, Gym
✅ Utilities ⭐Garden, Balcony, BBQ, Terrace

1. Thao Nguyen Resort

  • Address: Phieng Luong, Moc Chau district, Son La province

Thao Nguyen Resort Moc Chau It is always a place of stay chosen by many tourists. With an area of ​​up to 6 hectares, the resort impresses with its extremely luxurious, modern design, combining unique East-West culture. Furthermore, the spacious garden area, planted with many trees, helps visitors immerse themselves in fresh nature.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stopThao Nguyen Resort Moc Chau provides a system of 100 resort rooms with different categories such as Osaka Stilt House, Private Bedroom Villa Area, Palm Hill Area, Five Bedroom Villa, Standard Twin, Central Area – Deluxe Double/Twin. Each room is fully equipped with amenities such as a TV, air conditioning, desk, private bathroom, and personal items.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

Special Moc Chau Resort This company also invests in building other utility services such as bars, restaurants, spas, conference rooms, or entertainment areas. During your journey to discover Moc Chau, if you choose to stay at this resort, it will help you have more interesting and wonderful experiences.

2. Phoenix Moc Chau Resort

  • Address: Dong Sang, Moc Chau district, Son La province

Among the top Moc Chau resorts is Phoenix Resort. This place is a complex of entertainment areas, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, golf courses, and resorts with an area of ​​up to 50 hectares.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stopBecause it is located between a pine forest and a quiet lake, visitors can roam and admire the scenery on the campus. Especially just need to pose a few light poses to have beautiful check-in photos. Been to Moc Chau resort Here, visitors can feel the most peaceful and relaxing moments with their loved ones.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

With more than 20 bungalows, resorts in Moc Chau, This hotel offers 7 different room types from Standard, Superior to Deluxe, and Family. Each class has a different design and furniture arrangement, meeting the relaxation needs of each traveler.

Stay at Moc Chau Resort Phoenix, and you will enjoy Northwest dishes or unique three-region cuisine at luxurious restaurants. Don’t forget to experience golf while relaxing at the resort.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

3. Moc Chau Retreat Resort

  • Address: Phieng Luong, Moc Chau district, Son La province

Moc Chau Retreat Resort has become an extremely familiar vacation destination for many tourists. Outstanding with rustic design, bold Northwest mountain style, Moc Chau resort This place is surrounded by nature, trees, and cool streams.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

Not only that, the rooms are located at the back of the hill, which is extremely unique. When you stay here, you can admire the majestic and poetic scenery. Using simple materials from nature, Moc Chau Resort Retreat gives visitors a very familiar and warm feeling.

Besides, to give visitors unforgettable experiences when exploring Moc Chau, this accommodation also organizes many interesting activities such as fishing, campfires, bamboo dancing,…

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

4. Moc Chau Arena Village

  • Address: Chieng Di Sub-Area, Moc Chau District, Son La Province

If visitors want to find one The most beautiful resorts in Moc Chau To relax with ordinary people, you can refer to Moc Chau Arena Village. Located in an ideal, peaceful location right at the foot of the hill, the resort is surrounded by flower gardens, plum gardens, and green tea hills. It seems that visiting this place helps you immerse yourself in how clear and pure the space is.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

Moc Chau Arena Village is designed from brightly colored containers, making the scene even more romantic. Therefore, you will see sophistication, novelty and charm. Besides, in Moc Chau resort This place also has traditional ethnic houses and Japanese wooden stilt houses that meet the standards of all visitors.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

Furthermore, during your stay you will be able to eat delicious Northwest specialties. Or in your free time, ride a bike and take a walk to admire the natural scenery, clouds and sky of Moc Chau.

5. Moc Chau Eco Garden Resort

  • Address: Bai Say village, Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La, Vietnam

It can be said that Moc Chau Eco Garden is the place that will help you have the most complete and memorable vacation. The resort has a view overlooking the mountains and forests of the plateau, so visitors can freely admire the vast natural scenery without having to go far.

Top 5 cheap Moc Chau resorts, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, pretty decor, worth a stop

The Resort’s design has a blend of modern and traditional features, focusing on decoration to every detail. Moc Chau Resort offers a variety of room types with different prices for visitors to choose from. Some categories that attract guests to book rooms include Garden Bungalow, Family Bungalow, Executive Suite Bungalow, and Community Room.

Relaxing in an airy, spacious and fully furnished room, you can also smell the scent of flowers and plants, listen to the gentle sound of a flowing stream or the chirping of birds.

Not only does it serve a full menu of delicious dishes at the restaurant but also within the premises Moc Chau Son La Resort This place also has a four-season swimming pool – where you can enjoy immersing yourself in the cool water.

6. Moc Chau Emopea Resort

  • Address: Sub-area 32, Phieng Luong commune, Moc Chau town, Son La province

The peaceful resort location that you can go to when coming to Moc Chau is Emopea Resort. Visiting here, visitors will not only enjoy staying with the best services but also admire the beauty of the green tea hills covered with morning mist.

Moc Chau Resort This house is designed in harmony with nature, rustic and extremely spacious. There are 10 private rooms here, with views of the vast tea hills. The resort provides a number of basic utility services such as restaurants, bars, gardens for barbecues, hydromassage baths,…

7. Stella Moc Chau Resort

  • Address: Dong Sang, Moc Chau, Son La

Tourists have an upcoming trip to Moc Chau so they want to look for a reputable resort to book a room. Stella Moc Chau Resort is an extremely great suggestion want to introduce to visitors.

Because it is located far from the center, this place always brings you a peaceful, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Visitors coming here will probably be impressed by the colorful bungalow rooms with their backs leaning against the hill and facing the airy garden. The rooms are fully equipped with amenities so you can rest assured.

Many visitors are extremely interested in the flower-filled campus at Stella Moc Chau Resort, contributing to creating a beautiful background to freely check in and live virtually. Furthermore, visitors can also organize romantic BBQ parties with friends or have fun at the pool and enjoy a delicious glass of wine at the bar.

8. Wooden House Moc Chau

  • Address: Chieng Di, Moc Chau town, Son La.

Built in a special location on the hillside, Wooden House is famous for being Moc Chau resort beautiful with a stunning view. Relaxing here, you will be fascinated when admiring the bright, colorful natural picture.

Wooden House uses brown wood as the main design material to create a cozy but equally airy and spacious feeling. You can choose to stay in a small Double View room, a luxurious Twin View room or a Family View overlooking the rice fields. In the room, all appliances and equipment are fully arranged to meet your requirements.

If you go on vacation with a group of friends or family, you can organize outdoor BBQ parties. The feeling of gathering together, chatting happily and enjoying delicious food is also a way to enjoy happiness.

9. Van Ho Ecolodge

  • Address: 171 Highway 6, Van Ho, Moc Chau, Son La.

Van Ho Ecolodge is known as Moc Chau resort loved by many tourists. Nestled in the heart of the vast steppe, the resort is an ecological resort with bold characteristics of the highlands.

The design uses tile red and wooden yellow tones as the main colors, enhanced with the green color of nature Moc Chau resort become attractive. With a total of 8 bungalows, the resort provides a wonderful relaxing space suitable for traveling couples.

Besides, Moc Chau resort Van Ho Ecolodge is also close to many famous tourist destinations for you to easily visit such as Van Ho Grassland, Hua Tat Pine Forest, Tat Nang Waterfall.

10. The Nordic Village Moc Chau

  • Address: Ban Tua Hat, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district, Son La province

The Nordic Village is Moc Chau resort Close to some extremely beautiful check-in spots such as Dai Yem Waterfall, Moc Chau Heart Tea Hill, Ang Village Pine Forest. This place is located in the middle of a pine forest, with a cool, fresh climate all year round, very suitable for tourists who want to find a private and peaceful vacation.

The design style cleverly combines local and modern European stilt houses, using environmentally friendly materials. Each room is decorated elaborately, detailed and extremely meticulous. In particular, to keep the room always airy, Moc Chau resort Design many windows to receive natural light.

The spacious garden area is a place to organize teambuilding activities and campfires in the evening. Don’t forget to relax your health and spirit by using the ice bath with Himalayan pink salt or herbal foot bath.

Above are the top 10 Moc Chau resort Nice view and good price want to introduce to visitors. Please refer and choose a suitable place to rest.