Quang Ninh owns a vast sea, countless beautiful islands, and is a favorite tourist paradise for many people. Moreover, this land is also impressive with delicious and bold specialties of the sea. To provide more specific information to visitors, Travelgoda.com will introduce you to the top 10 Restaurant near Cua Ong temple Please.

1. Suggestions for top quality restaurants near Cua Ong Temple

1.1. La Ban Van Don Restaurant – Restaurant near Cua Ong temple

  • Address: Thong Nhat Urban Area, Area 8, Cai Rong Town, Van Don District, Quang Ninh.
  • Phone: –

La Ban Van Don Restaurant has been operating for several years, rising to a solid position in the culinary industry. This is not only due to the quality of the food, but also thanks to the professionalism of the staff and the classy space that this place provides. Compass's space is a combination of classic and modern.

Top 10 extremely famous restaurants near Cua Ong Temple

The private dining room system at La Ban Van Don is carefully and thoughtfully invested. Menu's Restaurant near Cua Ong temple Extremely attractive, delicious and creative. Seafood from the ocean will be prepared by chefs in a novel way, bringing the newest flavors.

Top 10 extremely famous restaurants near Cua Ong Temple

La Ban is extremely famous for its unique dishes such as braised seabass with ginger, grilled octopus with garlic, various sturgeon dishes, mixed stir-fried sea cucumbers… Furthermore, dishes such as soup, salad and appetizers are also relatively complete for everyone. people get the maximum experience. If you love hot pot, try the super spicy, super unique Thai hot pot.

1.2. Huong Bien Cua Ong Restaurant

  • Address: No. 283 Bao Bien Street, Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Huong Bien Restaurant is a destination for those who are passionate about sea cuisine. Here there is a team of enthusiastic chefs full of dedication and creativity with unique recipes. With a commitment to always bring fresh seafood, the restaurant will bring a completely different flavor compared to other restaurants.

Top 10 extremely famous restaurants near Cua Ong Temple

Highlights in the restaurant's menu are attractive hot pot dishes. The secret to cooking separate broth and secret spices makes it quite new when you try it for the first time. Besides, Huong Bien also offers other dishes such as fried garlic fried surface, King crab soup, fried squid with garlic butter. With a team of dedicated chefs, fresh seafood and professional service, Restaurant near Cua Ong temple This is creating a special attraction in the hearts of customers.

1.3. Beach City – Restaurant near Cua Ong temple

  • Address: Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Pho Bien is a restaurant right on the beach, with views overlooking the vast and majestic ocean. With a two-story scale, this restaurant is not only suitable for parties, but also a great space for gathering friends and relatives. This place is designed to be open, so you can freely enjoy the freshness of the sea right at the dining table.

Top 10 extremely famous restaurants near Cua Ong Temple

Fresh seafood is the most special highlight of the menu. Despite the excellent culinary quality, the prices at Pho Bien are still considered reasonable. This helps Restaurant near Cua Ong temple attracts a large number of visitors, from romantic couples to groups of close friends or families.

1.4. Restaurant Near Cua Ong Temple – Lighthouse

  • Address: Cua Ong, Ben Tau, Van Don Bridge, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

The perfect place to have more experience of coastal cuisine is Hai Dang restaurant. With its location near the pier, close to the sea, the restaurant is very easy to find, just need to look up the directions a little to get there. In particular, thanks to that advantage, when you come here, you will enjoy the beautiful space, majestic sea, and whispering waves. Before stopping in Restaurant near Cua Ong temple, Travelgoda.com We recommend that you call to reserve a table in advance.

Top 10 extremely famous restaurants near Cua Ong Temple

The restaurant allows diners to eat seafood while watching the sunset in the distant ocean. Hai Dang specializes in serving Thai hot pot, fish salad, salted fried shrimp… The drinks here are equally attractive so everyone can enjoy them as they please. Chefs always know how to listen to diners' feedback to produce the best quality dishes.

2. List of restaurants near Cua Ong Temple with eye-catching, delicious and creative menus

2.1. Hai Yen Restaurant

  • Address: Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Hai Yen restaurant is right on Cua Ong street so it is very easy to get around. The restaurant area is large, airy and has cool air conditioning. Stepping in here, you will feel extremely comfortable, not stuffy or frustrated. It is open to welcome guests from morning until night, serving a very wide menu of dishes.

Top 10 extremely famous restaurants near Cua Ong Temple

Quality of seafood in Restaurant near Cua Ong temple then there is nothing to discuss. Each seafood tank is made of glass so visitors can observe and choose what they want to prepare. Under the professional hands of the chef, each snail, fish, shrimp or crab is marinated with spices and crafted in many ways to produce a premium product that is eye-catching and appealing to the taste buds.

2.2. Hoang Dat – Restaurant near Cua Ong temple

  • Address: Group 1 Cao Son Area, Cam Son Ward, City. Cam Pha, Quang Ninh Province

Hoang Dat Restaurant is near Cao Son area, Cam Son ward, just a few minutes away from the famous Cua Ong temple. Inside this place is very spacious, luxuriously decorated, attracting diners with classic decor. You can both dine and comfortably book a party. Because the restaurant offers a large number of private rooms, meeting all special requirements.

Restaurant near Cua Ong temple Highly appreciated for its menu, the food is both diverse and delicious. From seafood dishes to forest dishes, all are extremely meticulous and sophisticated in processing. If you have the opportunity to come to Hoang Dat, try sturgeon hotpot, buffalo meat, seafood hotpot, steamed shrimp, squid rolls… Surely, the menu here will satisfy your taste buds and make you want to come back again. next time.

2.3. Thang Loi Restaurant

  • Address: 35 Provincial Road 334, Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Thang Loi Restaurant has the advantage of being close to the sea, becoming a familiar meeting place for many tourists and locals. Restaurant near Cua Ong temple This restaurant has attracted customers because of its clean space and harmonious layout. Coming here, everyone will enjoy the rare warmth. The large area allows customers to enjoy meals comfortably without feeling cramped.

Thang Loi is famous for its diversity in the menu, from fresh seafood to attractive hot pot dishes. The chefs here are all knowledgeable about secret recipes, so each dish is meticulously prepared and seasoned to suit every diner's taste. Each dish is prepared quickly and with quality, without making customers wait long. With prices starting from 200,000 VND/person, Restaurant near Cua Ong temple Helps you enjoy the taste of the sea and enjoy a leisurely meal.

3. Explore restaurants near Cua Ong temple at affordable prices

3.1. Restaurant near Cua Ong – Duc Beo temple

  • Address: No. 313 Beach Road, Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

After arriving at Cua Ong, visitors often feel tired after exploring activities. To recharge, many diners often choose to visit Duc Beo restaurant. This is a simple but cozy restaurant, designed in a spacious casual style.

With its location close to the beach, Restaurant near Cua Ong temple Bringing each person a new experience. Here, visitors can eat delicious dishes, enjoy the peaceful space and watch the vast sea and sky. Duc Beo is famous for serving delicious dishes from seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, octopus,…

Seafood here is always carefully selected, ensuring freshness and quality. The chefs at this restaurant are experienced and knowledgeable about how to prepare seafood, thereby creating attractive dishes with rich flavors of the sea. According to many diners, the seafood at the restaurant is not only delicious but also suitable for taste and retains its rich sweetness.

3.2. Phu Gia Restaurant

  • Address: Provincial Road 334, Cua Ong, Van Don, Quang Ninh

Phu Gia is Restaurant near Cua Ong temple loved by many people. The space here is not only large but also decorated quite romantic, giving a special impression to guests from far away. The outstanding feature of Phu Gia restaurant is its extremely affordable price, but the quality and diversity of the menu are still guaranteed.

Fresh seafood is the highlight, bringing the freshest flavors that can only be found here. Customers can rest assured to enjoy the best dishes without worrying about quality. The warmth and friendliness of the owner and staff create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, making diners feel satisfied.

3.3. Thien Trang Restaurant – Restaurant near Cua Ong temple

  • Address: Tran Quoc Tang, Cam Thinh, City. Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Thien Trang Restaurant is the last location Travelgoda.com introduce. The advantages of this place are convenient location, good security and car parking. The restaurant style is boldly classic, spacious, and extremely meticulously decorated. Special, restaurant has a neat and flexible setup space that can meet all diners' needs. Luxurious VIP rooms are the number 1 choice for private dates.

The dishes at Thien Trang are always up to standard, maintain their natural delicious taste, and do not use colorants in processing. Dishes such as seafood hotpot, squid rolls, shrimp, and tiger prawns are all the restaurant's best sellers. In particular, the sauce is equally special, which is the factor that makes this place famous.

The above article, Travelgoda.com shared with you the top 10 Restaurant near Cua Ong temple. Each restaurant is clean, beautiful, spacious and above all, has an attractive menu, worthy of your choice to dine during your visit to Quang Ninh.