In recent years, cruises have been very popular and anticipated thanks to their good quality and not too high prices, suitable for the budget of many households. Just below, let's join Explore the top 10 Lan Ha Bay cruise The best, great to experience with loved ones.

1 Top 10 most famous Lan Ha Bay cruises

1.1 Heritage Cruise

The Lan Ha Bay cruise first that What I want to introduce to you is Heritage Cruise. This yacht will take you from one heritage to another so you can fully experience the essence of the trip.

Top 10 most luxurious and classy Lan Ha Bay cruises

The Lan Ha Bay cruise There are 15 super spacious and beautiful cabins that come with balconies overlooking the ocean so you can enjoy the natural beauty anytime you want. The yacht's space and design are extremely luxurious, imbued with European style, making visitors full of surprises.

It would truly be a mistake not to mention the service staff on this cruise ship. Their enthusiastic and hospitable attitude is a huge factor contributing to the cruise's success. Surely this will be a great choice for you and your family to explore the beauty of Lan Ha Bay.

1.2 Elite Of The Sea – 6-star Lan Ha Bay cruise

One Lan Ha Bay cruise Extremely luxurious with extremely “cool” and new designs, bringing a truly new look to many tourists. The yacht possesses an extremely large outdoor space and also contains Vietnam's first gold-plated swimming pool with a total area of ​​up to 50 square meters.

Top 10 most luxurious and classy Lan Ha Bay cruises

The This yacht is arranged with 35 super spacious cabins, creating a comfortable space for families. Each room has a bathtub with beautiful sea views and a private sunbathing yard for guests to bask in the cool, beautiful nature.

And yet, the Lan Ha Bay cruise This place has a golf course large enough for sports enthusiasts to show off their skills. Modern gyms are also arranged, complete with brand new and modern equipment and tools for visitors to exercise. In addition, the cruise also has its own shopping area where visitors can buy souvenirs of Cat Ba Island.

1.3 Rosy Cruise – 5-star cruise in Lan Ha Bay

This is a yacht that is only a few years old but has captured the hearts of many guests. The Lan Ha Bay 5-star cruise This has an extremely modern and luxurious design. It is arranged with about 22 bedrooms, each with a bathtub and balcony facing the sea.

The Lan Ha Bay cruise This hotel has its own outdoor swimming pool with just the right size for you to comfortably show off your swimming ability. Some other unique and interesting forms of experience that you can absolutely experience on the cruise include squid fishing, kayaking, SUP…

Top 10 most luxurious and classy Lan Ha Bay cruises

The Lan Ha Bay cruise This cave is just the right size to enter natural caves with mysterious beauty. You absolutely have the opportunity to touch the old walls and stones, an extremely interesting and special feeling. Furthermore, the lyrical natural scenery of the bay is very suitable for you and your loved ones to confide and chill together.

1.4 Oasis Bay Party

One Lan Ha Bay cruise Another one with quite cheap ticket prices is Oasis Bay Party. From only 3,500,000 VND/person, you can experience the most advanced services of this yacht.

Top 10 most luxurious and classy Lan Ha Bay cruises

The Lan Ha Bay cruise This place is loved by many young people because of its parties all night and all morning. In addition, the boat has fun activities such as kayaking to create a Frog Pond, swimming at Lan Ha Bay… There are also many unique musical performances waiting for you, promising to bring you an unforgettable experience. One-of-a-kind experience.

The restaurant on the cruise ship is extremely high quality, serving a full range of dishes from Asian to European. The dishes are more seafood oriented and they are all fresh, high quality ingredients. The dishes are decorated very delicately and beautifully, so almost everyone feels satisfied with the restaurant.

1.5 Capella Cruise – 5-star cruise in Lan Ha Bay

Capella Cruise is one Lan Ha Bay 5-star cruise ready to travel with you through all the scenic spots of Lan Ha Bay. With extremely noble and luxurious space and design, this yacht will bring you memorable moments.

Top 10 most luxurious and classy yachts in Lan Ha Bay

There are many fun activities on board that will bring you moments of relaxation and entertainment such as swimming, swimming pools, slides… In addition, the golf course area with quite spacious space will be a place for you to enjoy. show off your talent. The Lan Ha Bay cruise There are many other services specialized for women such as spa, movie theater…

Capella Cruise will bring you delicious dishes with the talent of the chefs here. Diverse dishes ranging from Asian to European will bring you from one surprise to another.

2 Top prestigious and high quality Lan Ha Bay cruises

2.1 Scarlet Pearl – luxurious Lan Ha Bay cruise

This yacht has not been in service for long, but it can meet many of your entertainment needs. The ship can accommodate up to 60 guests with spacious outdoor space that comes with a swimming pool. With an extremely simple yet sophisticated design, the yacht promises to bring you truly wonderful experiences.

All rooms above This yacht is equipped with a smart control system that will certainly bring convenient experiences to visitors. The cabins are designed to face the outside so visitors can enjoy the windy, airy and extremely comfortable space.

In particular, the Lan Ha Bay cruise This has a separate room to store pearls or products made from it. These are historical evidence of local people in the process of developing the long-standing mussel farming profession.

2.2 La Casta Regal Cruise

The Lan Ha Bay cruise This is rated 5 stars. You can clearly feel the space and lines of this luxurious, modern yacht. The ship contains about 22 bedrooms with balconies facing the sea. In addition, the boat also has a very modern complex of restaurants, shops, gyms, bars, gyms…

This Ha Lan Bay cruise has a total of 3 floors, the lower the floor, the cheaper the cost, suitable for the budget of many tourists. The ship will take you to visit many famous sights of the bay, creating opportunities for you to have virtual moments with nature.

What should you do if you have small children? Don't worry, pc Lan Ha Bay cruise This has its own very safe play area for children. What could be better than a vacation on this luxury yacht? Surely this journey will be worth every penny you spend.

2.3 Lan Ha Bay Indochine Cruise

Indochine is the one Lan Ha Bay cruise The next famous celebrity that I want to introduce to you. Launched in 2019, the ship has a perfect combination of traditional and modern design. With extremely large capacity and load, 43 rooms are truly an impressive number for many visitors.

The items and furniture on the ship are arranged extremely delicately and meticulously, giving visitors a wonderful experience down to the very smallest details. Bedroom on the unit Lan Ha Bay cruise The room is designed to be open so that as much light as possible can enter, making you feel like you are immersed in fresh, fresh air.

2.4 Aqua Of The Sea Cruise

Aqua Of The Sea is one Lan Ha Bay cruise It has only been launched for a short time, but the ship's parameters appear to be extremely impressive and have attracted the attention of many tourists. The 5-star cruise ship has 27 state-of-the-art equipped cabins, promising to bring visitors the most wonderful experiences.

Aqua Of The Sea has a huge outdoor Zacuzi jacuzzi. In addition, each room on the yacht is equipped with a large glass door system so that natural light always floods the room. The staff on board are also highly appreciated for their professional and enthusiastic service attitude, satisfying even the most demanding guests.

2.5 Rita Cruise

If you are looking for one Lan Ha Bay cruise 2 days 1 night Rita Cruise cannot be ignored. The ship with many extremely classy and luxurious services is ready to satisfy even the most demanding guests. You will have the opportunity to travel with this yacht through beautiful caves and islands at an extremely affordable price.

Rita Cruise has a modern complex of restaurants, bars, shops, spas… for women to freely relax. In addition, the ship also has its own play area for children that is very safe and secure. The bedrooms on the ship are equipped with the most advanced appliances, providing a modern and comfortable space for guests.

Above is the top 10 list Lan Ha Bay cruise but I recommend you to experience it once in your life. Wishing you will have moments of relaxation and fun on the beautiful Lan Ha Bay.