Hai Phong is famous for many beautiful beaches and unique architectural works. This place is also an attractive spiritual spot with many temples and pagodas with hundred-year-old architecture. When visiting the port city, don't forget to spend some time at the temples to worship. Travelgoda.com will reveal to you the top 10 Hai Phong Pagoda nice.

1. Some Hai Phong pagodas have unique architecture

1.1. Du Hang Pagoda

  • Address: 121 Du Hang, Le Chan, Hai Phong

If you are looking for these Hai Phong Pagoda To visit, Du Hang Pagoda is an ideal destination. This place has a long history, stretching back thousands of years with its origins dating back to the Pre-Le Dynasty around the 11th century. The imprint of time and the combination of feudal culture has created a temple with great value. extremely valuable.

Top 10 sacred Hai Phong temples, attracting tourists

Enter the space of Du Hang Pagoda Hai Phong, you will be fascinated by the lipstick covering every corner. The shimmering decorative couplets create a poetic picture, interwoven between spirituality and art. The monumental images and photographs meticulously carved on wood demonstrate the sophistication and ingenuity of the craftsmen, creating a beautiful and majestic space in the temple.

Top 10 beautiful sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

This pagoda has become a special historical treasure, containing many valuable relics and antiques from Vietnam's feudal period. For centuries, the unique features of Du Hang Pagoda have been preserved and passed down through each era. In 1917, an important restoration took place, bringing newness while still preserving the beauty of the building. Hai Phong Hang Pagoda.

1.2. Red Pagoda

  • Address: 286 Le Lai, May Chai, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong

Red Pagoda, also known as Co Linh Do Tu Pagoda, is one of the temples pagoda in Hai Phong. This place impresses visitors not only with its unique beauty but also with its long history spanning hundreds of years. Through each stage of restoration and repair, the Red Pagoda has more and more special marks, standing out with differences in scale and architecture.

Top 10 beautiful sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

The uniqueness of Hai Phong Red Pagoda expressed in the design is unlike any other temple. With an ancient architectural style, the pagoda bears the mark of ancient times. Highlights of the pagoda Hai Phong Pagoda This building is built on 3 floors with 20 independent roofs. This creates a magnificent and majestic image, making people unable to help but be amazed at the creativity and ingenuity in the design.

Each floor of the Red Pagoda has its own beauty, meticulously decorated, creating visual and architectural harmony. Inside, the sacred space with eye-catching murals and statues shows respect for the people's beliefs. Hai Phong Pagoda This is not only an impressive spiritual site but also a unique work of art and culture.

1.3. Dong Thien Pagoda Hai Phong

  • Address: Vinh Niem ward, Le Chan district, Hai Phong city

Hai Phong Pagoda Next beautiful Travelgoda.com I want to share that it is Dong Thien pagoda. With its large space, Dong Thien Pagoda brings a comfortable and cool feeling to those who enter. The temple's architecture includes many horizontal and vertical rows, all facing Northeast, typical of Buddhist temple architecture. From the architectural arrangement to choosing the direction to blend in with nature, everything creates a picture of tranquility and peace.

Top 10 beautiful sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Hai Phong Pagoda Dong Thien is not only celebrated for its history, but also for its exquisite design and beauty. Without frills in architecture, this temple brings a simple, intimate and elegant beauty.

Top 10 beautiful sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Visitors coming here will have the feeling of being immersed in Buddhism, their souls gently settling. Pagoda in Hai Phong It seems to take people on a journey to learn about history and spirituality, and bring peace and quiet in noisy modern life.

1.4. Cao Linh Pagoda Hai Phong

  • Address: Bac Ha village, Bac Son commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong city

Cao Linh Pagoda is known as one of the temples Hai Phong Pagoda, bearing the mark of time. With a history of more than 300 years of existence, the pagoda has an area of ​​nearly 50,000 square meters. Over the centuries, the pagoda has undergone many restorations, still retaining its beauty and sacredness.

Top 10 sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Not only does it have a large area and campus Hai Phong Pagoda Cao Linh also represents a wonderful architectural masterpiece with unprecedented grandeur and uniqueness. Stepping into the temple grounds, you will see an extremely large and impressive five-sense gate. With the sparkle of lavish gold, the gate becomes a true work of art.

Top 10 sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Cao Linh Pagoda is not only beautiful in architecture but also creates a peaceful and quiet space, suitable for meditation and retreat. Along with Buddha statues and unique works of art, this temple is truly a destination not to be missed when traveling to Hai Phong.

2. List of pagodas in Hai Phong that are spiritual and full of attraction

2.1. Tuong Long Tower Pagoda – Attractive Hai Phong pagoda

  • Address: Van Son Ward, Do Son Town, Hai Phong City

Hai Phong is an interesting destination for those who love culture and spirituality because it is famous for many unique and beautiful temples. One of them is Tuong Long Tower Pagoda, which has attracted a large number of tourists to visit. With a history of more than 1000 years old, this is considered Hai Phong Pagoda most ancient.

Top 10 sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Throne Hai Phong Pagoda built on a mountain, creating a beautiful picture. The outstanding feature of Tuong Long Tower Pagoda is the 20 giant stone statues along with the temple bell weighing up to 1 ton.

Unique Buddha statues and holy spirit statues simulating characters from the classics create a sacred and solemn space. The resounding temple bell will make the space more sacred, reminding you of the peace and quiet of the soul. Hai Phong tourists, remember to visit Tuong Long Tower Pagoda to check in, visit and worship.

Top 10 sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

2.2. Mo Pagoda – famous pagoda in Hai Phong

  • Address: Ngu Phuc commune, Kien Thuy district, Hai Phong city

Located on an area of ​​nearly 13,000 square meters, Mo La Pagoda Hai Phong Pagoda beautiful and has vast space. Over the centuries, Mo Pagoda has witnessed many changes over time, but still retains its peaceful beauty and solemnity. More than 700 years of history have made the temple a cultural and spiritual monument.

Top 10 sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Mo Pagoda is divided into many different compartments, each compartment has its own meaning and value. In this pagoda, there is a special memorial area for the Mac dynasty kings.

The memorial area in the pagoda, especially the main hall, contains many precious worship objects and antiques from ancient times. This is not only a place of worship to honor kings, but also a space that preserves important historical marks of ancient times.

Top 10 sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Not only impressive in architecture, Hai Phong Pagoda This place is also famous for its ancient rice tree that is hundreds of years old and provides shade. Every year, the Mo Pagoda Festival takes place at this pagoda, marking an important event of the year. The festival is not only an opportunity for local people to show their respect, but also an opportunity for visitors to experience unique culture and participate in traditional activities.

2.3. Hai Phong Projection Pagoda

  • Address: Mieu 2 hamlet, Du Hang Kenh ward, Le Chan district, Hai Phong city

Mentioned pagodas in Hai Phong Chieu pagoda is indispensable. This temple was started construction in 1953. It is located in the middle of the lake, contributing to creating a feeling of harmony with nature. When viewed from afar, the pagoda appears like a pure lotus, creating a poetic image, bringing a feeling of peace and serenity to those who come here.

Top 10 sacred temples in Hai Phong, attracting tourists

Hai Phong Pagoda This includes 5 front rooms and 3 back rooms. Each room has a unique and special way of construction. The combination of unique architecture and traditional temple style creates an impressive picture, making a deep impression on visitors when visiting.

Top 10 sacred Hai Phong temples, attracting tourists

Today, although it is a place to worship Buddha statues, the throne is Hai Phong Pagoda This place still retains many precious historical relics. In the solemn space of the temple, historical relics such as Kim Dong, Ngoc Nu and ancient artifacts from terracotta and stone are still preserved and displayed. Anyone who visits Chieu Pagoda will have a special feeling.

3. Revealing Hai Phong pagodas that attract many tourists

3.1. Dot Son Pagoda – the second most beautiful pagoda in the coastal city

  • Address: Cap Tien, Tien Lang, Hai Phong city

Mentioning the Hai Phong Pagoda Attracting visitors is Dot Son Pagoda. This temple is not only a place where Buddhist ideas were spread through many dynasties, but also carries many precious historical memories. The temple has witnessed many changes in the country's history.

Top 10 sacred Hai Phong temples, attracting tourists

During the resistance war against the French, pagoda in Hai Phong This was destroyed along with many other important monuments of the coastal city. This destruction has resulted in the loss of part of its precious historical and cultural heritage.

Top 10 sacred Hai Phong temples, attracting tourists

Even though the temple has gone through many historical ups and downs, it continues to shine. Dot Son Pagoda is a testament to the close connection between history, culture and religion in Vietnam. Visitors have the opportunity to visit Hai Phong Pagoda This beautiful person will be able to walk around the campus to admire the scenery, relax and immerse themselves in nature.

3.2. Met Pagoda – the most beautiful pagoda in Hai Phong

  • Address: Le Loi, Co Am, Vinh Bao, Hai Phong city

Located in Co Am, Met La pagoda Hai Phong Pagoda famous, developed through many ups and downs in history. Today, the pagoda still exists with a large stone stele, recording important milestones in the past.

Top 10 sacred Hai Phong temples, attracting tourists

At the temple's ancestral tower, there stands a tower that holds the relics of monk Tran Khac Trang. This shows respect and gratitude to those who have made important contributions to the development of Buddhism. Met Pagoda has become a Buddhist destination, attracting monks and nuns from all over.

In particular, every year in March, the pagoda is a gathering place for monks and nuns in the area, creating a special spiritual space where everyone seeks serenity and contact with Buddhism.

Top 10 sacred Hai Phong temples, attracting tourists

Not simply a place to guide Buddha, Met Pagoda is also a precious cultural and historical symbol of Hai Phong. The blend of ancient architecture and spiritual values ​​has created a special cultural space that attracts many people to explore. Coming to this place, visitors will definitely have beautiful photos as souvenirs.

3.3. Nghe Temple

  • Address: 53 Le Chan, An Bien, Le Chan, City. Hai Phong, Hai Phong

Nghe Temple is a temple Hai Phong Pagoda In particular, the place honors General Le Chan, who is considered a patriotic, talented, and virtuous general. This temple was built in 1925 and restored in 1926.

Top 10 sacred Hai Phong temples, attracting tourists

This place has a moderate area with many green trees. In the space of the temple, there is a sculpted stone bell, meticulously shaped, delicate and showing sophisticated lines. This bell is crafted from a monolithic block of stone 5cm thick, 1m high and 1.6m wide, creating a unique and beautiful work of art.

Characteristic features of the house's architecture Hai Phong Pagoda This has created an extremely unique space and is also a cultural and historical symbol of Hai Phong. Honoring general Le Chan and the Hai Ba Trung uprising through this pagoda has profound meaning, connecting the era with the past and inspiring patriotism and courage for the next generation.

Travelgoda.com have shared these with you Hai Phong Pagoda famous beauty. Temples not only have spiritual and cultural significance but also contain proud historical stories. Hurry and explore with your friends now.