Ben Tre is not only famous for its idyllic riverside nature but also attracts tourists from near and far with its famous delicious gifts. Follow along Find list 12+ Ben Tre specialties Most popular with tourists today.

1. Top delicious Ben Tre specialties that make diners love it

1.1. Chopped flour soup cake

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

There are many versions of chopped dough noodle soup created by combining different types of toppings. Basically, it's still hand-made noodle soup with broth simmered from bones, mushrooms and radishes, pork sausage and raw vegetables.

When enjoying, dip raw vegetables into the broth and add a little satay, fresh lemon and sliced ​​chili to add flavor to the broth. A hot, filling bowl of Banh Canh with soft, chewy noodles and a crispy pork leg dipped in rich fish sauce makes many diners fall in love.

1.2. Sour soup with sesbania linden fish – Ben Tre specialty in flood season

Every time the flood season comes, the people of Dua land have the opportunity to prepare and enjoy the delicious sour soup of sesbania fish. This is considered a dish Ben Tre specialties simple, rustic from ingredients from the beloved fields.

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

As the name suggests, this soup is made with 2 ingredients: lingzhi fish and sesbania flowers. Added to that is tamarind juice, herbs and familiar spices. The sesbania lingon fish soup bowl attracts diners at first sight with the eye-catching yellow color of the sesbania flowers along with the fresh lingon fish.

Dish Ben Tre specialties This dish is often served with white rice or noodles. When you eat, you will clearly feel the mild sour broth, fragrant scent of Sesbania flowers, plus the firm, naturally sweet fish meat.

1.3. Coconut shrimp and meat salad

Coconut shrimp and meat salad is also one dish Ben Tre specialties ordered by many diners at restaurants and kitchens in tourist areas. This unique salad is made from the main ingredient of young coconut tubers, white, crunchy, with a cool taste and sweet aftertaste.

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

In addition to coconut noodles, the chef also combines tender shrimp, thinly sliced ​​pork belly, onions, and Vietnamese coriander. All mixed together with sweet and sour fish sauce. Finally, sprinkle with roasted green beans and fried onions.

Enjoy Ben Tre specialties Here, visitors will feel the full range of sour – spicy – salty – sweet flavors. The piece of coconut tofu adds a bit of the pungentness of onions, the spiciness of laksa leaves and the sweetness of shrimp and meat. This dish is suitable for serving with shrimp chips as an appetizer or main dish.

1.4. Grilled snakehead fish

The West in general and Ben Tre in particular are famous for their rich nature, interlaced rivers and canals, so seafood is very rich, notably copper fish. From there, the rustic grilled snakehead fish dish was born and rose to the status of a specialty.

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

The snakehead fish is washed, then a bamboo stick is inserted into the fish's mouth and planted in the ground. Then cover the top with straw and burn until the fish is cooked. Ben Tre specialties The preparation of grilled snakehead fish is not complicated, but that simplicity helps keep the fresh, naturally sweet flavor of the fish meat intact.

This dish will be served with tangy vermicelli, raw vegetables, cucumber, rice paper and a cup of divine dipping sauce. When eating, roll it all into rice paper and dip it in fish sauce. The sweetness of the fish meat along with the freshness of the vegetables and a bit of sourness from the fish sauce create a truly memorable taste experience.

1.5. Coconut worm – Unique Ben Tre specialty dish

Coconut weevil is a dish Ben Tre specialties related to coconut that you will definitely find it hard to forget if you have ever seen it or had the opportunity to enjoy it.

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

Coconut weevils are larvae of sun beetles that live inside coconut trees. They have a plump appearance and contain many nutrients. When eaten, it will have a very unique fatty taste. From coconut worms, Ben Tre people often eat them raw with fish sauce, stir-fry or grill on charcoal. Although at first glance, this dish may make many people shy, if you have enjoyed it, you will definitely fall in love with its unique flavor!

2. Ben Tre specialty cakes are famous near and far

2.1. Giong Luong coconut leaf cake – Famous Ben Tre specialty cake

Ben Tre is famous for many unique cakes made from coconut, of which Giong Luong coconut cake is considered the most popular. The cake is wrapped with layers of young coconut leaves, inside is sticky rice and a rich filling.

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

Enjoy the dish Ben Tre specialty cakes Here you will see the fragrant sticky taste of the sticky rice plus the natural sweetness of the filling inside. In particular, Giong Luong coconut leaf cake can also be preserved well when taken away, so many tourists buy it as gifts. Currently, this cake has also been exported abroad by many units.

2.2. Phu Da rice snail pancake

Coming to Ben Tre Coconut land, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Phu Da rice snail pancakes. Banh xeo is filled with a crispy crust and especially the filling is made from the meat of rice snails with a naturally sweet taste.

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

The fragrant pancakes will be served with raw vegetables, bean sprouts, pickles, rice paper and a cup of spicy and sour fish sauce. When enjoying the dish Ben Tre specialties Rice snail pancakes, you will be impressed by the unique flavor with the focus being the chewy, crunchy rice snail filling that is very different.

2.3. Son Doc puff cake – delicious Ben Tre specialty cake

Son Doc puff cake is a dish Ben Tre specialty cakes famous for decades because of its unique, delicious flavor. The cake is meticulously made from fragrant waxy sticky rice and rich coconut milk.

Top 12+ Famous Ben Tre Specialties Loved by Many Tourists

Regular puff pastryng is served with hot tea. When you bite into it, you will feel the crunch and aroma of sticky rice and coconut milk. Next is the sweet and fatty taste mixed with the slightly bitter taste of dog tea for a wonderful experience, without fear of boredom.

2.4. My Long rice paper

Specialties in Ben Tre that's next What I want to introduce to you is My Long rice paper. The local rice paper making village has a history of more than 100 years.

Fragrant rice paper with eye-catching colors is meticulously processed by hand, ensuring attractive flavor and safety for health. When you eat it, you will feel the crispiness of the crust and the sweet and fatty taste of coconut milk. When traveling to Ben Tre, don't forget to buy this specialty as a gift!

3. Ben Tre specialties as gifts are popular with many people

3.1. Ben Tre coconut candy – Simple Ben Tre specialty

If you are looking to buy something Ben Tre specialties As a gift for relatives and friends, coconut candy is the number 1 priority. Ben Tre coconut candy is not only famous domestically but also famous abroad with its unique flavor.

Square pieces of coconut candy, fragrant with coconut milk, are sticky when eaten, have a strong sweet taste, and gradually melt in the mouth. This is a gift that Ben Tre people often invite distinguished guests to visit. Tourists traveling to the land of Coconuts have the opportunity to see firsthand the candy production process. In addition, you will enjoy at the factory as well as buy sweet, fragrant coconut candy products as gifts.

3.2. Ben Tre coconut wine

In addition to coconut leaf cake and coconut candy, coconut wine is also a famous gift specialty made from coconut trees that is popular with many tourists. The wine is fermented from sticky rice and coconut rice, giving it an extremely unique flavor, characteristic aroma, and mild spiciness.

Awake Ben Tre specialties This is built right inside a coconut skull with a unique and attractive shape. That's why many tourists, especially men, often choose to buy coconut wine to enjoy and give as gifts to colleagues and partners.

3.3. Ben Tre coconut jam – Attractive Ben Tre specialty

Coming to Ben Tre and eating coconut jam is a big mistake. Coconut jam is handcrafted for a sweet, nutty flavor with an extremely seductive scent.

Over time, instead of just having the original white coconut jam. Now, with the combination of natural colors from fruits and vegetables, jams have been produced in all colors such as red, green, brown, yellow, orange, etc. Jams are carefully packaged and boxed with beautiful designs. Very suitable for giving as a gift or buying to display during Tet.

3.4. Coconut wax

Ben Tre specialties The last to appear on this list is coconut wax. This was originally a specialty of Tra Vinh province and was then widely grown in Ben Tre. Waxed coconut with thick coconut meat, clear and sweet wax is very popular with diners.

Due to its special flavor, the price of waxed coconut is also higher than that of regular coconut. Wax coconut can be eaten raw, made into jam or simply mixed with condensed milk, adding ice cubes to create a delicious and delicious coconut wax dip. When you come to Ben Tre, don't forget to buy wax coconut to give to your relatives and friends!

So, Just discovered interesting information about the Top 12+ with you Ben Tre specialties Famously delicious, making many diners fascinated. During your journey to explore the coconut land, don't forget to take time to enjoy all the specialties suggested above!