Western cuisine probably always makes every tourist fascinated. When you come here, you will be satisfied with your food and drink. In particular, the Soc Trang region has countless delicious specialties, buying as gifts is number 1. Travelgoda.com will list the top 13 tourists Soc Trang specialties be famous.

1. Soc Trang specialties are sure to make you fall in love with them immediately

1.1. Noodles – Soc Trang specialties

  • Address: 144 – 146 Phu Loi, Ward 2, City. Soc Trang, Soc Trang

Soc Trang specialties The first thing to mention is noodles. Surely everyone who travels to the river region wants to try this delicious dish. To create an irresistible flavor, locals must find the freshest ingredients. This dish is often modified from broth with the subtle aroma of pork bones, dried shrimp and broth from blooming rice noodles.

Top 13 attractive Soc Trang specialties, best bought as gifts

Each bowl of Soc Trang noodle soup has the perfect blend of soft vermicelli noodles, fully absorbing the flavor of the delicious broth and accompanying ingredients such as pork, intestines, shrimp, and blood. Famous noodle shops will be concentrated in the city center so it won't be too difficult for you to find them.

1.2. Snakehead fish porridge with bitter vegetables – Delicious dish of Soc Trang

  • Address: 2G Phu Loi, Ward 2, Soc Trang

Delicious Western dish 102 is snakehead fish porridge with bitter vegetables. The outstanding feature of this dish is the use of fresh snakehead fish, famous in the Mekong Delta. Snakehead fish not only brings delicious flavor and rich nutrients but is also a good source of healthy protein. The process of processing snakehead fish and steaming it helps the fish meat retain its softness and deliciousness without losing its natural flavor.

Top 13 attractive Soc Trang specialties, best bought as gifts

An equally important thing is that bitter vegetables help create diverse flavors and balance nutrition. The broth used to cook porridge is made from carefully simmered pork or chicken bones, giving it a rich, juicy flavor.

1.3. Noodle Soup – Delicious Soc Trang dish

  • Address: No. 45 Phu Loi Street, Ward 2, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province

Delicious foods has a great taste so try it's noodle soup. As the name suggests, the secret of this dish lies in the broth – the important thing that creates a unique aroma that visitors will never forget. The broth blends pork bone broth, lemongrass, and sea fish sauce, highlighting the culinary flavors of the Southwest region.

Top 13 attractive Soc Trang specialties, best bought as gifts

In the bowl of noodle soup, there will be other ingredients such as fresh shrimp, fish, and pork. Besides, there are all kinds of the most delicious raw vegetables. The noodles are chewy and delicious, each drop of broth is soaked in. When you eat it, you have an extremely strange feeling, both rich and delicate, with a bit of spiciness and the scent of lemongrass. The attractive taste of Soc Trang specialties This makes it difficult for anyone to resist.

first.4. Shrimp and meat pancakes

  • Address: 616 Vo Van Kiet (old National Highway 1A), Ward 2, Soc Trang City

The preparation of shrimp and meat pancakes is also quite impressive. Fresh shrimp are carefully selected, tender tenderloin is chopped and mixed with spices to create a filling filling. The crust is made from rice flour plus coconut milk to create a fragrant flavor and double the crunchiness. Dish Soc Trang specialties This recipe also has a secret in the bowl of fish sauce with a strong Western flavor.

Top 13 attractive Soc Trang specialties, best bought as gifts

When the banh xeo is fried until golden brown, each thin piece of cake is rolled inside a layer of delicious shrimp and meat filling. When eaten, the flavors of shrimp, meat, and banh xeo blend together to create a unique culinary experience. You can just taste the spicy taste of the dipping sauce or the fresh taste of the vegetables and most of all the fatty taste of the pancakes.

1.5. Silk noodles – Delicious dishes of Soc Trang

  • Address: 11 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ward 1, Soc Trang

Soc Trang specialties The most delicious dish that diners should eat is silk noodles. The process of making this dish is also quite simple with the basic ingredients being noodles made from soybeans, mushrooms, mushrooms, and meat. This noodle dish is quite important in the step of stir-frying the ingredients. As for the broth, it will be stewed from pork trotters and spices to help increase the aroma.

Top 13 attractive Soc Trang specialties, best bought as gifts

When traveling to Soc Trang, you can visit noodle shops to try. Each bowl of grass noodles has enough toppings such as seafood, noodles, chicken, pork ribs, etc. With a full range of different toppings, diners will have more options to suit their taste. Soc Trang specialties This excellent price is only 30,000 VND.

2. Soc Trang's specialty cakes are irresistibly delicious

2.1. Banh Dong – Specialties in Soc Trang

  • Address: 28 Dai Chi Hamlet, Dai Tam Commune, My Xuyen District, Soc Trang

A quintessential specialty of the Soc Trang region is banh chung. Banh Dong attracts people because of its eye-catching appearance and special flavor. The surface of the cake is delicately convex, with a layer of fresh shrimp or prawns on it, creating an appeal at first sight. Inside, the filling is made from minced meat, delicious red onions, and green beans.

Top 13 attractive Soc Trang specialties, best bought as gifts

The process of making banh chung is also an art. The baker must have his own secret to create a crust that is crispy enough when fried. When the cake is fried until golden and fragrant, it will be served with herbs and sweet and sour fish sauce. Fresh herbs such as coriander and lolot leaves, accompanied by delicious local fish sauce, create an unforgettable flavor.

2.2. Shrimp crackers

  • Address: 09 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 3, Soc Trang

Known for its characteristic yellow color, shrimp crackers are a culinary masterpiece. Soc Trang specialties This is most important in the skillful seasoning step. Each cake stands out with its outside appearance and inside flavor.

Top 13 attractive Soc Trang specialties, best bought as gifts

The ingredients to make it Soc Trang specialties This product is 100% quality, combined with flour, chicken eggs, and river shrimp. The mixing ratio of ingredients is extremely suitable to create a crispy cake with enough sweet and salty taste.

2.3. Soc Trang pineapple cake

  • Address: No. 735, Pham Hung, Hamlet 7, Ward 8, Soc Trang

Pineapple cake not only marks its appearance but is also the crystallization of traditional flavors, natural colors and easily identifiable aroma. Soc Trang specialties Rich in cultural imprints, local people have different ways of choosing ingredients and processing processes.

Pineapple cake has a light yellow-green crust made from glutinous rice flour and pineapple juice. The most distinctive difference of Soc Trang pineapple cake lies in the aroma of pineapple, a fruit famous for its cool sweetness and gentle scent. When the cake is still hot, the rich aroma becomes even more attractive. To fully enjoy the flavor of the dish Soc Trang specialtiesit's best to eat while it's still hot.

2.4. Salty rice cake – Soc Trang specialty cakes

  • Address: No. 735, Pham Hung, Hamlet 7, Ward 8, Soc Trang

Salty rice cake is Vinh Chau Soc Trang specialties extremely famous, symbol of pure cuisine. Sticky rice is the main ingredient, along with indispensable coconut milk and peanuts. More specifically, sausage, stilt meat, and dried shrimp will contribute to increasing the richness of the flavor of banh u.

Besides, salted duck eggs are a unique feature that creates a unique flavor for salty rice cakes. The blend of these ingredients creates a unique, irresistible flavor that captivates even the most demanding diners. Salty rice dumplings are often wrapped in banana leaves, creating an isosceles triangle-shaped package.

3. Check out Soc Trang's specialties to buy as gifts for tourists

3.1. Sausage – Soc Trang specialties

  • Address: 144 Tran Binh Trong, Soc Trang

Soc Trang specialties as gifts top reasonable Travelgoda.com The suggestion is sausage. This product has delighted many tourists coming to the Western country. This famous specialty is prepared according to a family recipe, creating a unique flavor that is hard to forget.

The high-tech processing process preserves the natural taste of the ingredients, so the product is extremely high quality. Ingredients such as pork and chicken combined with spices make the sausage more unique than other places. Soc Trang specialties This product only costs from 200,000 VND/kg.

3.2. Pia cake – Soc Trang specialties as gifts

  • Address: 130 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 4, Soc Trang

Pia cake contains the sophistication of traditional baking art. The flavor of Pia cake is not only unique with its delicious filling but also lies in the crispy crust material. The main ingredients of Pia cake are the filling made from green beans and durian. The secret of Pia cake is in the way the filling is made, the balance of spices has been preserved for many generations.

Dish Soc Trang specialty cakes Not only to eat but also to give as gifts, especially during holidays. Each yellow Pia cake is eye-catching, makes a visual impression and stimulates the taste buds when enjoying. Diners who try it for the first time will see the fatty, sweet aroma of the crust and filling.

3.3. Lying sesame – Soc Trang specialties

  • Address: 948A Vo Van Kiet, Soc Trang

Sesame seeds are probably the most nutritious and cheapest dish for those who are looking to buy it Soc Trang specialties. The taro fruits are cut thinly and dried in the sun. The next important step is to fry the cake, then mix it with sugar water, creating a sweet candy mixture. Then, the cake will be rolled in sesame and roasted, creating a crispy crust and unique flavor. Each cake seems to contain the beauty of Chinese culture in Soc Trang.

The delicious taste of Specialties in Soc Trang Not only is it fragrant of taro, but it also adds a bit of sweetness from sugar water and the attractive smell of sesame seeds. If you have the opportunity to travel here, sesame seeds will be an exquisite gift for you to bring home to everyone.

3.4. Thanh Tri buffalo dried

  • Address: No. 241, Hamlet 2, Phu Loc town, Thanh Tri district, Soc Trang province

Specialties of Soc Trang Equally famous is dried buffalo. Each batch of fresh buffalo meat is cut into pieces, marinated with spices and dried in the oven. When finished, the buffalo meat still has a natural delicious taste and wonderful aroma. Enjoying this dish with tamarind fish sauce is truly wonderful and attractive. Due to the rather sophisticated processing process and premium ingredients, the price of dried buffalo will be somewhat expensive.

Article above Travelgoda.com has suggested to tourists the top ones Soc Trang specialties Super delicious and super nutritious. Please save it so that when you come here to travel, you can buy a few different dishes to enjoy or give as gifts.