Traveling along the West will take you to the beautiful land called Soc Trang. This place has attractive cuisine and rich festivals. In particular, the points Soc Trang tourism always has a charm that makes everyone admire. To give you a better understanding, the article below by will share with tourists the top 15 most beautiful check-in destinations.

1. Beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang

1.1. Soc Trang stork garden

  • Address: Long Binh Commune, Nga Nam Town

One destination Soc Trang tourism A favorite is the stork garden located in Nga Nam town. This place will take you to discover the impressive beauty of nature. When coming here, visitors seem to be drawn into a peaceful, quiet space. Ecotourism area in Soc Trang This place concentrates many rare types of storks, creating a diverse scene.

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Going through the small road, you will be surprised to see buffalo storks, white storks, gong storks, herons, fire storks… Sunset is the ideal time to catch the fluttering stork wings, adorning the picture. mystical nature paintings. This stork garden is also an important place that contributes to preserving and maintaining biodiversity.

1.2. My Phuoc Islet – Thai Soc Trang eco-tourism area

  • Address: Nhon My Commune, Ke Sach District (in the middle of Hau River)

Located in the Hau River area, one Soc Trang tourist destination The next place you should go is Con My Phuoc. With its gentle and delicate beauty, My Phuoc Islet takes you into a world full of beauty, creating a feeling of peace and relaxation. This floating land is especially attractive because of its peace, an ideal space to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and immerse yourself in plants and rivers.

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Beautiful scenery of Soc Trang It is also known as a fruit bowl with enough mangoes, apples, rambutans, oranges, and mangosteen. Visitors can freely eat fresh fruit right in the garden

1.3. Soc Trang floating market

  • Address: Nga Nam Town, Thanh Tri District, Soc Trang Province

Nga Nam floating market is located on the peaceful river, an attractive destination for those who want to try something new. Every morning, the floating market starts operating at 4am. Soc Trang tourist destination stands out with boats loaded with goods, full of fresh fruit, seafood or agricultural products typical of this land.

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Soc Trang floating market is not only a place of exchange for local people but also a destination for traders from far away. Goods from the market will be distributed throughout the Western provinces. On weekends, people come Soc Trang tourism Often visit this place to shop and eat. Because on the boats that visit, people sell enough broken rice noodles, coffee, juices…

1.4. Be Lake – Beautiful scenery of Soc Trang

  • Address: Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Chau town, Soc Trang province

Arrive Soc Trang tourism If you don't know where to go, visit Ho Be beach. Because it is naturally accreted here, it has a quite special beauty. The smooth white sand beach stretches out for kilometers. This is not just a beach, but a masterpiece created by nature. Watching the sunrise at Tonle Sap Lake is a wonderful experience, when the sunlight begins to shine on the sea, illuminating the majestic natural picture.

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Chill spot Soc Trang tourism This place also has spacious space for camping. Nighttime here offers a rare opportunity to admire the star painting in the sky. Although Bien Ho Be attracts a large number of tourists, it still retains its inherent wild beauty every day.

1.5. Cu Lao Dung – Beautiful scene in Soc Trang

  • Address: End of Hau River, Soc Trang Province

Vi vu Soc Trang tourism, don't forget to go to Cu Lao Dung. This is a land known as the paradise of fruit gardens. Thanks to its peaceful beauty, Cu Lao Dung attracts tourists to see the beautiful scenery of trees and interlaced canals.

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Tourist area in Soc Trang This place has lush, fruitful gardens. Rows of coconut trees, pomegranate trees, custard apple trees, and many others are extremely delicious. Visiting Cu Lao Dung, you can also take a boat to explore the flooded cork forest. In particular, if you choose late afternoon, you will witness a wonderful scene when thousands of birds and storks return after a long day of foraging.

2. Reveal famous places in Soc Trang

2.1. Som Rong Pagoda

  • Address: 367 Ton Duc Thang, Hamlet 2, Ward 5, Soc Trang City

You can experience Som Rong Pagoda when going to Soc Trang. This place has modern architecture and ancient Khmer culture. The temple grounds are designed and divided into many different areas, but the most attractive thing is still the main tower, where extremely sacred and delicate architecture combine harmoniously. The main tower of the pagoda stands out with decorative lines that create a spiritual picture, deeply engraved with cultural and religious imprints.

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

At sunset, the temple becomes more poetic than ever. Ivory white walls and tower tops sparkling in the sunlight paint a space filled with peace. Tourists arrive Soc Trang tourism Regularly choose this time to admire the beauty and enjoy quiet moments.

2.2. Bat Pagoda – Tourist area in Soc Trang

  • Address: Van Ngoc Chinh Street, Ward 3, Soc Trang City

An impressive building that should be seen when going Soc Trang tourism That is Bat Pagoda. The pagoda was built in the 16th century and is a Buddhist masterpiece. The sustainability of the temple's architecture and beauty are proof of good culture. Around the pagoda are many green trees and lakes, where you can enjoy the scenery.

Top 15 beautiful tourist destinations in Soc Trang, excellent check-in

There are many bats that often fly around the campus. The bat is considered the temple's mascot, symbolizing peace and blessings. Visit Soc Trang tourist destination Here, every visitor feels peaceful and comfortable.

2.3. Khléang Pagoda

  • Address: Ton Duc Thang Street, Ward 6, Soc Trang City

Khléang Pagoda is a place to preserve and transmit cultural values. This is considered the oldest temple that has existed for half a century. At first sight, Kh'leang Pagoda attracts visitors with the exquisite beauty and impressiveness of traditional Khmer architecture. The project harmoniously combines Vietnamese and Chinese features, creating a space filled with unique cultural identity. The main hall has extremely sophisticated sculptures and is where major ceremonies take place.

Soc Trang tourist destination Over time, it still maintains its delicate and unique beauty. This is a treasure trove of documents about the Khmer people. Khléang Pagoda is also the place where typical traditional rituals take place.

2.4. Mo O Beach – Beautiful scenery of Soc Trang

Address: Trung Binh commune, Tran De district, Soc Trang province

The place that attracts a large number of tourists is probably Mo O Beach. There are countless experiences waiting for visitors here. The beach offers wild and pure beauty, where you can feel peace and quiet. At this location, visitors can participate in catching fish and turtles.

In addition, this beach is also a great place to play mud slides to enjoy fun moments with your family. Arrive Soc Trang tourism When stopping at Mo O, don't forget to explore the mangrove forest. Visitors to this place can learn about the typical ecosystem of Soc Trang in particular and the Southwest in general. The mysterious forest paths and strange plants will captivate you.

2.5. Farmstay San Tien tourist village

  • Address: 177 Vo Thanh Van Hamlet, An Thanh Nam Commune, Cu Lao Dung District, Soc Trang Province

One Soc Trang tourist destination Everyone knows it is Farmstay San Tien. Near this location there is a flooded forest with a scale of up to 1500 hectares. The ecosystem is extremely rich with all kinds of animals and plants. This tourist village provides a variety of services such as sightseeing tours, experience tours, dining, and accommodation.

Farmstay San Tien will help you have space to go fishing, crab fishing, cycling, boating, clam raking or try the monkey bridge. Next eco-tourism area in Soc Trang At this time, all tourists are excited to enjoy Western specialties such as sour fish soup, steamed giant fish, grilled mudskipper, steamed snails with lemongrass… What is more worth mentioning is that at Farmstay San Tien there are also other famous signs. Performing Don Ca Tai Tu or Cai Luong is extremely interesting.

3. Tourist destinations in Soc Trang make tourists excited

3.1. Soc Trang Freshwater Lake

  • Address: No. 2 Hung Vuong Street, right in the center of Soc Trang city

Dubbed the green lung of the city, Nuoc Ngot Lake has a peaceful space with rows of willows silhouetted against the water. The lake area is about 20 hectares with many trees creating a green campus, so people come here for entertainment and exercise. Every morning, this place has clear, pleasant air, so coming here to exercise is reasonable.

In the afternoon and at night, couples also often go to Freshwater Lake to go on dates and enjoy romantic feelings. Vi vu point Soc Trang tourism This is also chosen to organize the city's major festivals. Walking to this place, you can go along Hung Vuong street to enjoy dishes such as duck porridge, curry noodles, and extremely delicious noodle soup.

3.2. Khmer Museum

  • Address: 53 Ton Duc Thang, Ward 6, Soc Trang

With a large area and unique architecture, the Khmer Museum is home to many artifacts and documents related to the life and history of the Khmer people. Soc Trang tourist destination This will take you to discover the history and culture of the community.

In the exhibition area, description boards and introduction boards can help visitors better understand the outstanding features of Khmer culture, from traditional costumes, religious rituals to traditional arts. Artifacts such as pottery, bronze, and traditional agricultural production tools are also vividly displayed.

3.3. Chen Kieu Pagoda

  • Address: Dai Tam, My Xuyen, Soc Trang

Go Soc Trang tourism, you should come to Chen Kieu Pagoda to discover the mysteries. The pagoda appeared in 1815, is a cultural symbol, deeply spiritual, related to the Khmer community. The exterior of the pagoda is especially attractive because it is decorated with ceramic materials to create eye-catching patterns. The decorative details are exquisitely crafted, showing the dedication of the artisan.

The highlight of Chen Kieu Pagoda is the majestic and majestic main hall, whose design blends traditional culture and a bit of modernity. This place is suitable for tourists to pray and learn about spiritual culture. Soc Trang Tourism Coming to Chen Kieu Pagoda will give you an unforgettable impression.

3.4. Soc Trang – Binh An tourist area

  • Address: No. 71 – Ward 2 – Soc Trang city – Soc Trang province.

Soc Trang tourist destination That's great The suggestion is Binh An ecological area. This place will bring an interesting riverside countryside experience. The tourist area has a fresh lake and lush green trees, so every tourist who comes to explore feels relaxed and relieved.

In Binh An, you can go boating, swimming or fishing. Not only is there an amusement park, Famous place in Soc Trang There is also space for people to dance and enjoy music. Don't forget to visit the restaurant to eat delicious countryside specialties.

3.5. Vinh Hung Pagoda – one of Soc Trang tourist destinations

  • Address: 110 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 2, Soc Trang

Vinh Hung Pagoda has an extremely impressive and sacred appearance. The ancient temple is located in the middle of a large campus with many cool and relaxing green trees. Traveler Soc Trang tourism often come here to pray for family peace, to find peace and optimism in life.

The diligence and dedication in building from monolithic stone not only demonstrates the beauty of architectural art but also brings eternal beauty and solid strength. Every detail of the temple is meticulously cared for, from the main door to the Buddha statues and interior, all creating a solemn space.

Soc Trang Tourism will take you to the impressive Western country. A trip will be more complete if visitors have prepared all the plans. Wishing you a trip beyond your expectations.