Bac Giang is a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. There are many places to visit and famous historical relics such as: Tho Ha pottery village, Mo stream, wood slot forest, etc. This place also has many luxury hotels with reasonable prices for tourists. You can comfortably enjoy the Bac Giang tourist space. Let's take a look at these Bac Giang hotel You can rest if you come to visit voted and rated highest by tourists!

20 beautiful cheap Bac Giang hotels in the center chosen by many guests

1. Ravatel Inn Bac Giang Hotel

  • Address: 1 Hung Vuong 1, Le Loi ward, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0948 68 29 68

It is a hotel located in a prime location, at the gateway of the city, surrounded by shopping centers that are very convenient for people when they have the opportunity to go on business or vacation here.

Bac Giang Hotel is luxurious, has quite good service, everything is highly appreciated from convenient location to clean rooms. Staff are professional and polite.

2. Muong Thanh Grand Bac Giang Hotel

  • Address: 3/2 Square, Hoang Van Thu, Ngo Quyen ward, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0204 542 888

Bac Giang Hotel 4 stars It is impossible not to mention Muong Thanh Grand. This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bac Giang. Considered an international standard hotel, coming to Muong Thanh Grand, visitors will have the most relaxing and comfortable moments throughout the trip.

If you want to enjoy your vacation in a place with a swimming pool, world-class services, and participate in entertainment, sports, and relaxation activities, choose Muong Thanh Grand. Please.

3. Bac Giang An Binh Super Hotel

  • Address: 02, Hung Vuong, Hoang Van Thu, Bac Giang
  • Phone number: 094 868 2968

Bac Giang hotel

This 3-star Bac Giang hotel has a swimming pool and a large garden to hold parties. Each room is fully equipped with cable TV for customers.

In particular, each room has a private bathroom with a charming lake view, so every evening guests can sip a glass of wine with their family and enjoy the excitement of life.

4. Bac Giang Western Refuge House Hotel

  • Address: 103 Hung Vuong, Ngo Quyen ward, Bac Giang city
  • Room price: 1,749,411 VND/night

This is Bac Giang hotel near the center best. Rooms are designed in a minimalist and luxurious style.

On a milky white wall background, along with modern equipment such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, private bathroom, wardrobe,… will definitely create a feeling of familiarity and closeness to everyone.

5. Bac Giang Ravatel Home Hotel

  • Address: 1A, Thanh Nien Street, Le Loi Street, Bac Giang City
  • Phone number: 094 868 29 68

Bac Giang hotel

Ravatel Home Hotel is located in Bac Giang city, always serving and upgrading the hotel's services and equipment to match the title of a 3-star hotel.

Guests can easily enjoy drinks at the bar, relax with cycling and sauna moments at the hotel. All hotel rooms have luxurious interiors and full amenities such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator, hot and cold water,…

6. Bac Giang Hotel

  • Address: 08 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Bac Giang City
  • Phone number: 0204 3853 043

Bac Giang Hotel has a quite convenient location, for tourists who want to choose a vacation location in busy places, with easy access to amusement parks, then choose Bac Giang Hotel.

The room structure of this hotel is not too special, with full amenities for guests to rest after business trips here or for guests whose requirements are not too high, it will be a reasonable choice.

7. Bac Giang Kim Lien Hotel

  • Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dinh Ke, Bac Giang
  • Phone number: 08 204 3541 000

Bac Giang hotel

Bac Giang Hotel 2 stars Kim Lien is highly appreciated for the quality of its rooms and accompanying services. Inside each room there is a bathtub and spring mattress, ensuring customers the best experience.

Above all, breakfast here is served enthusiastically along with unique dishes and desserts that will make your trip the most comfortable. Kim Lien Hotel deserves to be the top choice for tourists when coming to Bac Giang for vacation.

8. Thang Loi Bac Giang Hotel

  • Address: Ca Trong, Hoang Hoa Tham, Hoang Van Thu, Bac Giang
  • Phone number: 097 127 86 86

The hotel is clean, airy, and the staff is friendly. The room rental price is also extremely reasonable, commensurate with the quality.

The rooms are neatly furnished with modern equipment such as flat-screen TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, etc., promising to satisfy all tourists coming to the resort.

9. Bac Giang Huong Son Hotel

  • Address: 84 Hoang Van Thu, Hoang Van Thu ward, Bac Giang
  • Phone number: 0204620666

Bac Giang hotel

This is a family-sized hotel, the items in the room create a familiar feeling and the service attitude of the staff will always bring back satisfaction from visitors.

In addition to convenient services, you can also participate in outdoor activities with your family as well as enjoy dishes imbued with Vietnamese national identity.

10. Royal Hotel

  • Address: 202 Hoang Van Thu, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0204 3525252

The hotel's rooms have a moderate area. The hotel is located in the center of Bac Giang city so it is quite convenient for transportation

The hotel has a cool space, reasonable prices, and many delicious restaurants nearby. Rooms have air conditioning, hot and cold water,… suitable for recreation and relaxation when coming to Bac Giang.

11. Hai Phong Hotel

  • Address: Cao Thuong, Tan Yen, Bac Giang
  • Phone number: 091 330 63 25

Bac Giang hotel

This is also a hotel with a quite convenient location in the center, making it easy and quick to get to entertainment and dining venues. Although it is not a luxury hotel, if you want to find a place to rest and save money on “travel”, the hotel will be a good choice.

The plus point is that the staff here are enthusiastic, and the room is always cleaned after every morning. Laundry service is available at the hotel if you request it.

12. Quynh An Hotel

  • Address: 6B Dinh Tram, Hoang Ninh
  • Phone number: 02043576532

Quynh An Hotel is a 2-star hotel. The design and amenities in the room are enough to meet the basic needs of visitors. One thing to note is that there is a meal service here upon request.

The hotel space is airy and has entertainment services for visitors. With the motto “customers are king”, the service staff here are friendly, hospitable, and enthusiastically answer all customers' questions.

13. Hoa Binh Hotel

  • Address: No. 223, Hung Vuong, Hoang Van Thu ward, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0204 3828 888

Bac Giang hotel

Hoa Binh Hotel belongs to the 1-star hotel segment. However, basic and essential appliances are still sufficient for customers to use. With reasonable prices and enthusiastic service staff, you will definitely be satisfied.

14. An Binh 2 Hotel

  • Address: Dinh Ke ward, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0973087474

The hotel has simple rooms with white and wood tones. There are many types of rooms for customers to choose from, from rooms with 1 double bed to 2 single beds.

Not only that, the hotel also has a quiet, airy space that will be the top choice for those who want to rest and relax.

15. Huu Nghi Minh Trung Hotel

  • Address: No. 02, Ngo Gia Tu, Tran Phu ward, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0963462211

Bac Giang hotel

Huu Nghi Minh Trung Hotel is located in a beautiful central location of the city. Tourists who like noise and bustle can choose to rest at this hotel. The design has a bit of a modern European style. The room has all the necessary amenities.

The hotel's dishes are rich, with Asian and European dishes attracting visitors every time they choose to rest at this hotel. Most customers highly appreciate the professional service attitude of the staff.

16. Lam Son Hotel

  • Address: Dinh Ke ward, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 02403559025

The hotel is located in a quite quiet location, suitable for customers who do not like noise, and the architecture is also quite classic.

Currently, the hotel has 38 rooms and many convenient services to meet the needs of customers. Enthusiastic service staff, helping guests in all situations.

17. Phu Gia Hotel

  • Address: 18A, Nguyen Thi Luu II, Ngo Quyen, Bac Giang
  • Phone number: (0240).3555.502

Bac Giang hotel

Phu Gia 2-star hotel also has a quite convenient location. The hotel has an area for families who want to hold parties or weddings.

In addition, all rooms are modern style, suitable for your whole family to relax. Phu Gia Hotel deserves to be the choice of tourists when visiting Bac Giang.

18. Huong Viet Hotel

  • Address: 118, Tan My, Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province
  • Phone number: (0240).4352.520

The hotel is clean and airy with the main white color tone giving guests the most comfortable feeling possible. The staff here are also very polite and friendly, dedicated to showing you nearby places. With reasonable prices, the hotel will definitely satisfy visitors.

19. Co May Hotel

  • Address: 247 Tran Nguyen Han, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0204 3526 058

Bac Giang hotel

Located in the center of Bac Giang city, Co May hotel is the ideal address for tourists visiting this city.

With luxurious and comfortable interior, the space has a combination of ancient and modern, creating a quiet space to rest after a series of activities visiting Bac Giang.

20. Truong Son Hotel

  • Address: 516 Xuong Giang, Ngo Quyen, Bac Giang city
  • Phone number: 0204 3551965

Truong Son Hotel belongs to the segment Bac Giang hotel 3 stars. The hotel provides breakfast for guests with many special dishes. The hotel's interior is luxurious, the space is smartly arranged, convenient services, fully equipped with air conditioning, wifi,…

Above is a list of these Bac Giang hotel Best rated by visitors. If you have the opportunity to visit Bac Giang, choose for yourself a reputable address with the best service above!

Xuan Trinh