Bac Kan is a northern mountainous province with many tourist destinations with beautiful landscapes. This place is famous for Ba Be Lake, Puong Cave, Dau Dang Waterfall, Nang Tien Cave,… Below are the top 20 hotel in Bac Kan Rated as the best that tourists should know when planning to travel.

The 20 best cheap and beautiful Bac Kan hotels are highly appreciated by tourists

1. Bac Kan Paradise Hotel

  • Address: Nong Thuong, Bac Kan city
  • Contact phone number: 0209 3885 885

The hotel has full amenities: air conditioning, water heater, TV. Hotel staff can communicate in English, convenient for foreign tourists who want to rent a room.

Besides Hotel in Bac Kan city so it's very easy to find. The highlight that attracts visitors when coming to this hotel is the modern, clean space.

With a price that is not too expensive, Paradise is very popular with tourists. The hotel has restaurant services, the food here has many unique dishes with typical flavors of Bac Kan.

2. Bac Kan Green Hotel & Coffee

  • Address: Phung Chi Kien, Bac Kan city
  • Contact phone: 097 105 82 58

Green Hotel & Coffee is designed with Japanese architecture. The entire area of ​​the hotel is covered by wifi and there is always a receptionist on duty 24/24.

Just by hearing the name, visitors will know that this place has a chain of hotels combined with a bar area for visitors to entertain and relax. The room is decorated in a simple but sophisticated Japanese style. The food here is also quite delicious, suitable for many people's tastes.

3. Anh Thu Hotel – Bac Kan hotel in the center

  • Address: Group 11c, Duc Xuan, Bac Kan city
  • Contact phone: 0209 6259 999

hotel in Bac Kan

This is an affordable hotel for travelers who want to save money when traveling. However, the hotel also provides all amenities such as wifi and high-speed elevator system for guests.

With a quite convenient location, located in the center of Bac Kan city, visitors can freely move to tourist destinations.

Anh Thu Hotel has 71 rooms, more than half of which are luxury rooms for guests who want to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious space. The remaining Dulex rooms are also fully equipped and clean.

4. Bac Kan Ba ​​Be Ecolodge Hotel

  • Address: Phieng Chi, Ba Be District, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 097 111 13 18

This place is highly appreciated for its menu of vegetarian, Asian, and American dishes. The rooms have views of the river and surrounding landscape. The room design is in harmony with nature, rustic, simple but sophisticated.

For tourists who like simple, ethnic style, this place will be a great choice.

What could be better than sitting and enjoying food amidst the green space of the mountains and forests and eating rich specialties? It will be an interesting experience.

5. Bac Kan Hotel Le Jardin Bac Kan Hotel

  • Address: 9A Duc Xuan, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 093 303 99 28

hotel in Bac Kan

Le Jardin Bac Kan has a spacious garden, restaurant and luxurious bar area. With a bold Western design style, foreign tourists coming here must exclaim at its luxurious and splendid appearance.

In addition to the swimming pool area for the whole family to relax, women who want to beautify themselves can also go to the Spa area with excellent relaxation and beauty services. The rental price here is not too expensive, only about 700,000 VND.

6. Bac Kan Anh Ngoc Guest House Hotel

  • Address: Hao Nghia, Na Ri, Bac Kan
  • Phone: 0209 6252 012

Anh Ngoc Guest House has a prime convenient location and a rich menu for breakfast. A special feature of this hotel is the view overlooking the vast hills and mountains.

You will freely relax your eyes on the immense green here. Although the rooms are not modern because this is a relatively budget hotel, they are clean and fully equipped.

7. Bac Kan Hoa Lan Hotel

  • Address: DT254, Khang Ninh, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone number: 093 213 99 83

hotel in Bac Kan

Hoa Lan Hotel has a spacious garden area suitable for families who want to organize BBQ parties. If groups like to stay in a space combined with real estate, orchids will be an option not to miss when coming here.

With a simple design following the real estate structure, the room is clean and spacious. There are rooms for two people and rooms for groups of up to 10 people. Therefore, if you love hotels with space in harmony with nature, choose Hoa Lan Hotel right away!

8. Nui Hoa Bac Kan Hotel

  • Address: No. 5, Lane 9, Truong Chinh Street, Group 4 Duc Xuan, Bac Kan Town
  • Phone: 0209 3880 789

This is one of the best hotels in Bac Kan. The bedroom here is very airy, with glass windows to take advantage of natural light coming into the room.

Laundry and car wash services are very affordable. The food service here is also quite good, the staff is enthusiastic, bringing a comfortable feeling to visitors.

9. Minh Quang Homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 0395 420 267

hotel in Bac Kan

One of the homestays chosen by many tourists. One is because the rental price is very affordable. Second, because the room is quite clean and the owner is enthusiastic and friendly.

Because of staying with the host, visitors can enjoy many local specialties. One thing to note is to just suggest the items you need. If possible, the host will respond enthusiastically to visitors.

10. Minh Duc Homestay

  • Address: Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 0379 286 961

All rooms have lake views. There is comfortable parking if you travel with the whole family. This is also Cheap Bac Kan hotel chosen by many people.

You will also enjoy delicious dishes, such as the famous grilled pork, and specialties that only the people here can introduce to you.

11. Hoang pass Homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 096 183 82 32

hotel in Bac Kan

This place is considered the cleanest and most beautiful homestay, with a cozy style and enthusiastic welcome from the homeowner.

Hotel near Ba Be lake so you can easily move to the lake. You will also love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while looking at the beautiful sparkling view of Ba Be Lake.

Although the room structure is not too large, it is still cozy and comfortable. If visitors come here once, they will definitely want to come back a second time.

12. Quynh Mai Homestay

  • Address: Bo Lu village, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Phone: 0336 798 090

The architecture of Quynh Mai Homestay is similar to other homestays, still relatively similar to the architecture of stilt houses. The attraction is that the food here is very delicious.

The local host is very enthusiastic. You can ask the host to cook typical dishes here.

13. Ba Be Lake View Homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Phone: 096 598 96 99

hotel in Bac Kan

This is Famous beautiful hotel in Bac Kan, received very positive feedback from domestic and foreign tourists. This place has beautiful scenery, delicious food and very cheap prices.

More specifically, the hotel is located right next to Ba Be Lake. Just think there's nothing better than eating delicious food while looking out at the entire lake, right?

14. Duy Tho Homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi Village, Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 0352 022 985

The homestay has quite complete amenities and a convenient location. This is also a place that tourists rate as clean and providing quality services. The price of this homestay is quite affordable, corresponding to the services that Duy Tho provides.

15. Bac Kan Hotel

  • Address: Group 8B, Duc Xuan Ward, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 02093873796

hotel in Bac Kan

Bac Kan Hotel is located in the center Bac Kan town. The hotel has a total of 86 rooms with full amenities. There are also large rooms to serve customers wishing to organize conferences. This is one of the best Bac Kan hotels.

16. Sai Gon Ba Be Resort

  • Address: Ba Be National Park Administrative Area, Khang Ninh, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 0889173335

The hotel is a high-end resort address for customers who love to experience comfort and tranquility. The surrounding area is full of trees and hills, so the air is fresh and extremely quiet.

Not only is the surrounding space covered with green mountains and forests, but even the rooms are decorated and refreshed with potted plants and flowers. Here, you will find yourself lost in nature, immersed in the Northwest mountains and forests.

17. Lam Son Guesthouse Ba Be Lake View

  • Address: Ba Be Lake, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Contact phone: 096 880 25 75

hotel in Bac Kan

The hotel has a complete view towards Ba Be Lake. The hotel also provides experiential services such as boating on the lake, watching the lake at night,…

In addition, the dishes here have a strong local identity so visitors can explore and enjoy.

18. Thai An Homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Accommodation price: 035 9620333

Thai An homestay is considered by tourists to be a place with beautiful scenery. With room view overlooking the lake. Here you can also enjoy specialty dishes.

The host is very friendly and enthusiastic and will help guests enjoy their vacation to the fullest. The rooms are simple but clean and airy.

19. Nam Pe Homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Phone: 0335 384 183

hotel in Bac Kan

Although it is a homestay, this place can serve a full range of services for tourists. The exterior design of the homestay is also very unique, with the same architecture as a traditional ethnic house.

Inside, visitors will experience a bedroom with a mattress directly placed on the wooden floor.

The food here is quite attractive, with all the typical dishes. You can also ask the host to book a boating service on Ba Be Lake to have an enjoyable experience here.

20. Huyen Hao Homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan
  • Phone: 0355 913 600

The homestay has a spacious balcony view and lush green trees. The dishes are also very fresh and delicious, prepared by the owner himself.

A surprising point is that the homestay is surrounded by rice fields. In the early morning, the scent of grassland gives visitors a very pleasant and relaxing feeling.

The above hotels are all very spacious, comfortable, and provide full amenities for tourists. Depending on the number of people traveling and the length of stay, you can choose the most suitable address for yourself.

Above are the top 20 Bac Kan hotel Highly rated by many tourists. Bac Can is currently an ideal destination for tourists. Hopefully, you will have an enjoyable trip here.

Xuan Trinh