Coming to Hai Duong, you will definitely not be able to miss the poetic beauty as well as the interesting things in the space and people's lives here. If Hai Duong is the next place you want to explore, then the top 20 Hai Duong hotel We have compiled below a little “secret” to help you prepare for your journey.

20 best cheap and beautiful Hai Duong hotels right in the center to choose from

1. Star Hotel Hai Duong

  • Address: No. 1 Hong Chau, Hai Tan Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 097 902 01 71
  • Accommodation price: 290,000 VND

With the desire to provide prestigious and high-quality services, in the spirit of “customer is king”, Hai Duong Hotel always values ​​and listens to customers' opinions. Best of all, the reception staff are qualified and fluent in multiple languages ​​(English, Indonesian and Malaysian).

The hotel has a large garden, shared lounge and free wifi. Each room at this 2-star Hai Duong hotel has garden views, a children's playground, and a sunbathing terrace.

Besides, there are many bustling activities outside such as cycling, aerobics, fishing, etc. It would be great to relax here, wouldn't it?

2. Nam Cuong Hai Duong Hotel

  • Address: No. 10, April 30 Street, Central Square, Hai Duong City
  • Phone: 0220 3894 888
  • Accommodation price: 2,000,000 VND

Located near the commercial center, all four sides of the hotel are green lawns connecting to Hanoi, Hai Phong highways, international sea routes and the airport. This is considered one of the Luxurious Hai Duong hotel The city's top resort as well as a high-class resort.

Hai Duong Hotel 4 stars Nam Cuong Hai Duong is a suitable resort for those who love visiting the world's natural and cultural heritages. The service style not only does not lose national identity but is also combined with professional service in a modern style.

3. Hai Duong Thao Anh Hotel

  • Address: 11 Tu Dong Street, Cam Thuong Ward, Hai Duong City
  • Phone: 090 603 23 68
  • Accommodation price: 380,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

Thao Anh is one of them Cheap Hai Duong hotel is rated well not only for its comfortable and convenient room conditions, attentive and enthusiastic service but also for its luxurious European style. In particular, the garden is decorated with many green trees, bringing a feeling of comfort to visitors when coming here.

4. Hai Duong Lotus Hotel

  • Address: Truong Chinh, Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 3898 111
  • Accommodation price: 520,000 VND

Lotus Hai Duong Hotel meets 2-star hotel standards. Although the design is a bit modern, it still feels cozy and comfortable.

Clean rooms, affordable prices, quiet space, professional service, Lotus will definitely be the right choice for tourists coming here, worthy of being ranked as one of the top hotels in the world. Best Hai Duong hotel .

5. Hai Duong Tien Thanh Hotel

  • Address: 364 Nguyen Luong Bang, Thanh Trung Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 3898 338
  • Accommodation price: 800,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

Tien Thanh is one of them Hai Duong hotel near the center prestige of the city, located near West Square, on the central road into Hai Duong City.

In order to provide high quality services to tourists, Hai Duong provides convenient and comfortable equipment designed and installed according to modern standards. Professional service style along with friendly staff will definitely not disappoint visitors.

6. Hai Duong MIO Hotel

  • Address: Lot 15.32 Western Urban Area, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 090 227 20 00
  • Accommodation price: 260,000 VND

MIO is one of these Cheap Hai Duong hotel of the city. The room space is decorated quite eye-catching. Air conditioner, TV, hair dryer, desk,… are all available. The bathroom is fully equipped with personal hygiene items.

Here, visitors can also participate in sports activities such as cycling, mountain climbing, etc. The nearest airport is Cat Bi International Airport – 59 km from the hotel.

7. Hai Duong Hoang Ngan Hotel

  • Address: No. 7 Doan Ket Street, Quang Trung Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 096 800 10 01
  • Accommodation price: 350,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

With eye-catching design, located in a beautiful location, panoramic view of Bach Dang park, luxurious and special rooms, and “customer-friendly” price, Hoang Ngan hotel deserves to be an ideal location. ideal for tourists.

Reception is available 24/24, with shuttle service, breakfast service, etc. Staff are attentive, enthusiastic and friendly to guests.

8. Long Hai Hotel

  • Address: Lai Khe Street, Hoa Kim Thanh Hai Duong Commune, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 091 231 39 55
  • Accommodation price: 350,000 VND

Long Hai Hotel is located quite far from the city center. Designed in a modern style, the rooms are fully equipped with necessary appliances.

Owning a garden, spacious terrace, free parking, airport shuttle service as well as full room services… We promise that guests will feel comfortable during their stay.

9. Kim Bao Hotel

  • Address: 16 Vuong Chieu, Binh Han Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 3867 389
  • Accommodation price: 950,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

The design trend of Kim Bao hotel can completely overwhelm you with its beauty. The unique, sophisticated design and perfection in every detail are what make Kim Bao so special.

Hotels are currently chosen by many people for long vacations. Located in the heart of the city center, very suitable for travel and tourism activities in Hai Duong.

10. Phuong Anh II Hotel

  • Address: Truong Chinh, Bui Thi Xuan Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 3831 832
  • Accommodation price: 850,000 VND

The hotel's big advantage is taking advantage of its beautiful location, located on Truong Chinh Street – a wide road convenient for traveling, sightseeing, and shopping.

Services here are quite diverse, with free motorbikes for guests to use, concierge services and currency exchange services. Bedrooms are fully equipped, buffet breakfast is served daily, and passengers are allowed to bring pets.

11. Duong Thanh Hotel

  • Address: Road 391, Nghia Dung Village, Dai Dong Commune, Tu Ky District, Hai Duong Province, Hai Duong
  • Accommodation price: 440,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

Duong Thanh is 3-star Hai Duong hotel 37.7 km from Cat Bi international airport and 69.4 km from Noi Bai international airport.

The space inside the hotel is spacious and airy, in addition to providing seating areas for all rooms, free private parking… All equipment and personal items are available for guests. used by tourists.

12. Phuong Anh I Hotel

  • Address: No. 18.1-03, Ngo Quyen Street, Thanh Binh Ward, Tan Binh Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province
  • Phone: (+84 320) 3 832 832
  • Accommodation price: 850,000 VND

With a total of 38 rooms, 1 restaurant with a capacity of 120 guests, specializing in serving traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as Asian – European dishes,… Phuong Anh I is considered a 3-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Duong.

Phuong Anh provides many modern equipment as well as recreational fitness activities for visitors coming here. There is a beautiful gym system and royal garden,… reasonable room prices and professionally trained staff.

13. Hai Duong Garden Hotel

  • Address: 54 Do Ngoc Du, Thanh Trung Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 3899 222
  • Accommodation price: 1,000,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

If you want to experience Japanese style when coming to Hai Duong, Hai Duong Garden hotel is the ideal place for you to explore.

There are 63 rooms with many different sizes, a gym, a Japanese restaurant, etc., all fully equipped to help visitors have a comfortable and convenient place to stay.

This is not only an ideal resting place for tourists but also for those who are working away from home or on long-term business trips.

14. Kien Cuong Hotel

  • Address: 112 Bach Nang Thi, Hai Tan Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 02363.227.999
  • Accommodation price: 390,000 VND

Kien Cuong is not only a hotel but also a small apartment for tourists traveling with their families. Here, visitors can rest assured with the professional service attitude of the staff or the hotel's care services.

Although located right in the city center, the area is very quiet, very convenient for travel, work and outings.

15. Au Co Hotel

  • Address: 1A Nguyen Huu Cau, Ngoc Chau Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 6282 828
  • Accommodation price: 500,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

Located in Binh Lau area, Au Co Hotel has a garden, bar and restaurant, etc. During your stay, guests will feel comfortable and convenient.

Large space, lots of green trees, quiet, full amenities, professional service style, delicious food and reasonable prices, Au Co has absolutely become Best Hai Duong hotel in the city.

16. Asia Hotel

  • Address: Lane 159 Thanh Binh Street (next to Vua Bia), Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 3891 568
  • Accommodation price: 300,000 VND

Asia Hotel provides a modern interior equipment service system for visitors when visiting. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. A shuttle service and bicycle rental are also available.

Affordable prices, beautiful space, friendly and hospitable staff… Asia Hotel will definitely be the trustworthy accommodation you are looking for.

17. Duy Anh Hotel

  • Address: 19 Vu Van Dung, Quang Trung Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 090 624 86 66
  • Accommodation price: 600,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

Duy Anh Hotel provides many facilities to enrich your vacation in Hai Duong such as family rooms, wifi in public areas, dry cleaning laundry service, cafe, restaurant.

The hotel has 25 beautiful rooms, each including ironing facilities, balcony/terrace, air conditioning, non-smoking rooms, internet access – LAN (free). Service staff are attentive and dedicated to customers. Don't hesitate to try one of these Best Hai Duong hotel any!

18. Lake Side Hotel

  • Address: 47 Doan Ket, Quang Trung Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 096 886 67 66
  • Accommodation price: 500,000 VND

Located in a convenient location for sightseeing, entertainment and moving around, in addition to its airy lakeside location, enthusiastic service style, dedicated customer care service… Lake hotel Side scores absolutely points in the eyes of tourists.

It would be a huge mistake to miss this Hai Duong hotel during your trip.

19. Ctech Plaza Hotel

  • Address: Ctech Plaza, Dong, An Nhan, Tu Ky, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0788 922 666
  • Accommodation price: 450,000 VND

Hai Duong hotel

With 25 comfortable, modern and luxurious rooms, Ctech Plaza is Hai Duong hotel 3 The first star in Tu Ky that tourists should not miss.

The hotel has many accompanying services such as: Supermarket, children's play area, cafe, cinema, restaurant, etc. Polite and attentive hotel staff will definitely bring satisfaction to visitors. .

20. Truong Thanh Hotel

  • Address: 2 Thanh Nien, Binh Han Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong
  • Phone: 0220 3852 666
  • Residence price: 850,000 VND

As one of the best Hai Duong hotels, Truong Thanh will certainly bring the best service to visitors. Located on a convenient route, it is easy to find famous local restaurants, banking systems as well as shopping and entertainment places….

Special design with modern trends, excellent service, Truong Thanh is definitely the best place for you to choose.

top 20 hotels in Hai Duong Listed above will partly help tourists feel less confused when choosing a suitable place to stay during their vacation. Why hesitate any longer if you haven't set foot here yet?

Xuan Trinh