Hoa Binh is a province and city with the beauty of majestic nature and a simple, loving human life. Please also Travelgoda.com Check out the top 20 Hoa Binh hotel Ideal to learn more about this place!

20 Cheap and beautiful Hoa Binh hotels worth staying at during the tourist season

1. Hoa Binh Grand Hotel – Diamond Palace

  • Address: 129 Le Thanh Tong, Group 5, Tan Thinh, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0218 6255 999

With a system of 80 spaciously designed rooms and the most modern technology, visitors can feel completely secure when setting foot in the hotel. Hoa Binh hotel 3 stars Grand – Diamond Palace.

Here, all rooms have views of the Da River, mountains or the entire city. Located near the city center so visitors can easily travel and visit interesting places in Hoa Binh tourist area.

Guests can completely trust the services at Grand Hotel – Diamond Palace.

2. Hoa Binh V'Star Hotel

  • Address: Expert swimming pool area, Group 18, Huu Nghi Ward, Hoa Binh City, Huu Nghi, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0218 3888 688

Like a miniature homestay, V'Star provides a cozy and comfortable space like home to help visitors enjoy a true vacation.

Including 35 resort rooms, household and personal equipment are all prepared. Furthermore, V'Star also provides other convenient services for guests such as laundry service, room service, airport shuttle, restaurant, cafe, bar, tennis court, etc. Very convenient. Right?

3. Hoa Binh Hoa Dao Hotel

  • Address: Group 5 Le Thanh Tong Street, Tan Thinh Ward, Hoa Binh City
  • Phone: 0218 3883 588

Hoa Binh hotel

One of Hoa Binh hotel near the center, Hoa Dao is located on the most beautiful street in the city, on the left bank of the Da River. With a beautiful view as well as a perfect location, Anh Dao hotel can be an ideal resting place for visitors when coming to this young, dynamic city.

Within a radius of 1 km, visitors can easily see most shopping centers, kindergartens, supermarkets, bars, etc., with interiors and design styles that are a bit modern, worthy of being a tourist destination. in those Luxurious Hoa Binh hotel for tourists to visit.

4. Hoa Binh Hung Manh Hotel

  • Address: Muong Khen Town, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0218 3831 999

Hung Manh Hotel is located in the city center complex, a beautiful location, convenient for tourists to explore and visit famous places in the city.

Considered one of the high-class and high-class hotels in the area but with surprisingly cheap accommodation prices, Hung Manh will definitely bring the best service to visitors.

The arrangement and decoration of furniture and room equipment is very neat and eye-catching. Friendly and enthusiastic staff, always ready to welcome visitors.

5. Hoa Binh Khoa Thanh Hotel

  • Address: Mo Luong Lake, Chieng Chau, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0218 3867 162

Hoa Binh hotel

Hoa Binh Hotel 2 stars Khoa Thanh is located in an extremely favorable location, in the center of Mai Chau valley, where mainly Thai ethnic people live.

When coming here, visitors can have relaxing moments, immerse themselves in peaceful life, and explore the unique features of the cultural lifestyle and customs of the residents here.

The hotel includes 25 bedrooms and VIP rooms, 1 restaurant, 1 multi-purpose hall, etc. Relaxation and entertainment services with luxurious amenities are sure to satisfy visitors.

6. Hoa Binh Mai Chau Sunset Boutique Hotel

  • Address: Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau Town, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 096 282 62 33

Coming to Mai Chau Sunset Boutique, visitors will be immersed in the atmosphere of Vietnamese countryside, because most of the hotel's interior uses bamboo and brocade materials… After long days of hard work. Straightforward, hardworking, relaxing at the hotel is a memorable experience for you.

The hotel has a view overlooking a quiet field, facing the cold sun. Furthermore, the hotel is owned by a local family so you can completely rest assured when resting here.

7. Hoa Binh Mai Chau Sky Hotel

  • Address: Na Thia, Na Phon, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 097 228 37 88

Hoa Binh hotel

Providing high-quality tours, close to scenic spots, easy to explore the cultural beauty, lands and people here, Hoa Binh hotel Mai Chau Sky is a popular choice for both vacationers and business travelers.

Unique interior design and decoration make Mai Chau like a lovely village located on the romantic Pom Yeu mountain. Northwest dishes have rich flavors with a unique marinade, which will definitely make visitors “fall in love” with this place.

8. Mai Chau Lodge Hotel

  • Address: Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau District, Chieng Chau, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0218 3868 959

From first sight, Mai Chau Lodge attracts tourists because of its design style unlike anywhere else. That's right, because this hotel is inspired by Thai houses. The main attraction of the hotel is that the rooms all have balconies facing the beautiful mountains or valleys!

One of Hoa Binh hotel 3 stars reputable, Mai Chau Lodge is ready to bring the most comfortable services to visitors. Spa services, massage by professionally trained staff, international cuisine and diverse drinks, useful outdoor activities,… will not disappoint you.

9. Mai Chau Xanh Bungalows Hotel

  • Address: Lac 2 Village, Chieng Chau Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province
  • Phone: 0396 713 962

Hoa Binh hotel

Mai Chau Green Bungalows cheap hotel is located in Chieng Chau commune city. This probably is Cheap Hoa Binh hotel for those looking for a place to stay with excellent service but at an affordable price.

Reception service 24/24, attentive and dedicated staff, ready to serve you from check-in to check-out or any request.

10. Mai Chau Mountain View Resort Hotel

  • Address: 2 Lac Village Mai Chau Mountain View, Mai Chau, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0218 6269 269

Mai Chau Mountains is Mai Chau hotel 4 stars Luxury located in Mai Chau district. The resort has great amenities such as a restaurant, free bicycles, swimming pool, bar and garden, and also provides 24-hour reception and airport shuttle service. and room service…

Room amenities are also fully equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, shower, hair dryer, desk, etc. All rooms have wardrobes and private bathrooms.

11. Mai Chau Villas Hotel

  • Address: Mai Hich, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0379 508 659

Hoa Binh hotel

Mai Chau Villas is a resort complex located in the middle of Cha Lang valley. Here, visitors can explore the majestic Northwest nature, admire the beauty imbued with national identity, and immerse themselves in a private space where the walkway is covered with smooth green grass and the garden is full of flowers.

The bedroom is designed with maximum use of curtains and transparent glass doors. Standard service, professional working style, friendly, cheerful and open staff.

12. Mai Chau Hotel & Homestay 24

  • Address: 24 Ban Lac, Chieng Chau Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province
  • Phone: 036 721 8635

Mai Chau Hotel & Homestay 24 is probably a wise choice for those who are looking for a place to stop with excellent service and convenient for traveling around the city.

24-hour reception desk, quality room service, reasonable prices compared to service quality will bring comfortable moments for guests staying.

13. Binh Minh Hotel

  • Address: Ban Lac Junction, Chieng Chau Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province
  • Phone: 094 179 65 56

Hoa Binh hotel

Staying at Binh Minh hotel is a right choice when tourists visit Chieng Chau commune.

Hoa Binh Hotel 1 star Binh Minh is easy to find with a prime location, close to many public amenities. The service style at the hotel as well as the reception team who are always ready to assist are highly appreciated by visitors, worthy of 10 points for quality.

14. Serena Resort Kim Boi Hotel

  • Address: Khai Doi, Kim Boi, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 098 134 68 68

Featuring the rustic and rustic architectural style of the Northwest, Serena Resort Kim Boi will be an ideal vacation destination that tourists should not miss when traveling to Hoa Binh.

To be Hoa Binh hotel 4 stars standards, this is definitely the ideal place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and return to nature.

The resort's all-inclusive services are also very attractive, well worth it if visitors want to enjoy a perfect trip.

15. Luxury Mai Chau Hideaway Hotel

  • Address: Suoi Lon Hamlet, Tan Mai Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province
  • Phone: 098 669 98 66

Hoa Binh hotel

With a beauty that makes visitors lost in a fairyland, Mai Chau Hideaway is the best place for visitors to hide away from the hustle and bustle of crowds, feeling the relaxation and peace of natural beauty.

Enjoy your favorite dishes with a special culinary style, a team of professional and attentive staff, and wifi coverage throughout the resort's common areas.

16. Hoa Binh 2 Hotel

  • Address: 160 An Duong Vuong, Thai Binh, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0218 3564 723

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and fully experience the beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests, Hoa Binh 2 Hotel will be the great resort you are looking for.

Although not the best hotel in Hoa Binh, it is the hotel that brings the most memorable experiences. Let this resort location leave you with beautiful memories throughout your journey.

17. Da Giang Hotel

  • Address: 185 Cu Chinh Lan, Phuong Lam, Hoa Binh
  • Phone: 0218 3852 985

Hoa Binh hotel

Located in the city center, near Phuong Lam market – the city's central market and a busy trading road, Prestigious Hoa Binh hotel Da Giang is a reasonable stopping place for tourists who want to visit the city.

Around the hotel there are full service systems such as banks, markets, museums, bus stations, etc.

All rooms are fully equipped with 32' to 42' smart TV systems, private bathrooms equipped with personal items, and walls made from tempered glass to help you enjoy your stay. comfortable moments.

18. Mai Chau Valley View Hotel

  • Address: Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province
  • Phone: 097 205 86 96

Mai Chau Hotel near Valley View center is a top recommendation for backpackers who want to rest in a place that is both comfortable and affordable.

This is a place with excellent service, full amenities, modern equipment and uniquely designed according to most guests.

19. Mai Chau Ecolodge Hotel

  • Address: Na Thia Village, Na Phon Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province
  • Phone: 024 3221 6726

Hoa Binh hotel

Located in the “heart” of Mai Chau valley, Best Mai Chau hotel Mai Chau Ecolodge will give visitors the feeling of being immersed in nature, clouds, sky and mountains.

Built from natural materials, the interior is made from bamboo and wood, and the lighting system is powered by solar energy, completely environmentally friendly.

20. Ngoc Bach Hotel

  • Address: Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province
  • Phone: 094 179 6556

Hoa Binh Hotel 2 stars This hotel is designed elegantly and politely, providing a comfortable and relaxing space when visitors stay here.

An ideal location for tourists to visit famous entertainment destinations in Mai Chau, this is also a place for you to enjoy the combination of unique dishes, bold with the quintessence of the nation combined with Modern dishes at the request of tourists.

Are you ready to explore this land of poetic beauty? Top 20 Hoa Binh hotel Listed above will probably make you hesitant to choose because each location has its own unique characteristics and beauty.

But that's okay, as long as you dare to pick up your backpack and go, anywhere is an interesting place to explore, right?

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