Are you planning to travel and explore Ha Nam province? So let’s Summary helps you top 20 Ha Nam hotel The best, fully equipped with the enthusiastic and hospitable service attitude of the locals!

20 Cheap Ha Nam hotels with beautiful views near the center of Phu Ly city

1. Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel Ha Nam

  • Address: Le Hoan, Hai Ba Trung, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Ha Nam hotel

Built next to the Day River with a cool, fresh climate in the heart of the city, Muong Thanh Luxury promises to be an ideal stopover for tourists coming to Ha Nam.

Muong Thanh Luxury Ha Nam is one of them hotel Ha Nam 5 stars with the largest scale in the city. With a number of rooms up to 190 rooms, every visitor will find a place to rest to suit their needs here.

Each room has a spacious design accompanied by modern, luxurious equipment such as television, air conditioner, kettle,… to necessary personal items. In addition, the hotel premises also specially designed sports areas, spas, tennis courts and luxury swimming pools to bring the most comfortable moments.

2. Ha Nam Vinpearl Condetel Phu Ly Hotel

  • Address: 60 Bien Hoa, Minh Khai ward, Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

Located in the heart of Ha Nam city, the hotel possesses a prime location, providing excellent support for guests throughout their travel. From sightseeing, learning about indigenous people’s culture to enjoying cuisine,…

Putting guest satisfaction first, the hotel always strives to serve in the most attentive way. All rooms are equipped with modern equipment. The hotel also has a series of entertainment and relaxation services such as a sauna, indoor swimming pool and shopping area that visitors can easily find.

Some of the hotel’s outstanding services include wifi system, optional breakfast buffets and door-to-door shuttle buses always ready to serve guests. Vinpearl condetel Phu Ly is very worthy of being rated as hotel Ha Nam the best with what it brings.

3. Lagolo Hotel Ha Nam

  • Address: 278 Le Hoan, Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

Nestled in the city of Ha Nam with reasonable prices, Lagolo hotel Ha Nam is hotel Ha Nam 4 stars provides an extremely ideal resting place for tourists. The rooms are fully equipped with sharp flat-screen TVs, hot and cold water, air conditioning and wardrobes.

The front desk at the hotel always serves you 24/24. With quality and enthusiastic staff, you will definitely be extremely satisfied and have a wonderful vacation when you come here.

4. Ha Nam Tien Loc Hotel Place hotel

  • Address: Commercial Area 4, National Highway 1A, Thanh Chau Ward, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Tien Loc Place is hotel Ha Nam 3 stars with a system of rooms with views overlooking the lake and especially the communal garden on the premises.

At Tien Loc, there are full services from dining to entertainment with attractive free services included. In particular, some rooms are also designed with a balcony to help guests have a place to admire the beauty of the city and breathe fresh air.

5. Ha Nam Inco Hotel 515.9

  • Address: Le Hoan Street, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

Continuing to be a hotel chain in the city of Ha Nam, Inco 515.9 wins the trust of tourists and is not inferior to any hotel on the market.

Designed with a luxurious and spacious style, creating a living space for guests to best rest. Each room is equipped with necessary amenities, from desk, cabinet, TV and private bathtub in each bathroom. This hotel is an extremely reasonable choice for your family to have a fun vacation.

6. Ha Nam Anh Dao Hotel

  • Address: 232 Ly Thuong Kiet, Le Hong Phong ward, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Not located in the city center, Anh Dao has an extremely standard and beautiful view. For travelers looking for a quiet, peaceful vacation, this will be the perfect choice for you.

With affordable room rates and enthusiastic staff attitudes, all difficulties during your trip will be best supported. Too great is not it?

7. Palace Hotel

  • Address: Chuong Commune, Duy Minh, Luu Xa, Ha Nam
  • Phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

As a hotel quite close to the center of Ha Nam city, Cung Dinh has many free services to support guests during their stay. With the lush green garden, visitors will have gentle moments immersing themselves in fresh nature.

Like many other Ha Nam hotels, Cung Dinh has all the basic amenities to support tourists when resting.

8. 5-Star Apartment Central Phu Ly

  • Address: 278 Le Hoan Khuong, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

All hotel rooms are extremely luxurious and sophisticated. Star Apartment Central Phu Ly will definitely be the perfect place to stop that you are looking for when traveling to Ha Nam.

In addition to full equipment and facilities, 5 Star Apartment Central Phu Ly hotel also has a luxurious restaurant system with a diverse and attractive menu. Delicious food served wholeheartedly is the key to creating a cozy space for you to gather with your family.

9. Huong Viet Hotel

  • Land only: No. 278, Street 1A, Minh Khai Ward, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

Ha Nam Hotel Cheap Huong Viet owns a spacious area, bringing an extremely comfortable feeling to visitors to Ha Nam.

All rooms have basic amenities such as TV, air conditioning, etc. and additional services such as laundry and free wifi. With an enthusiastic attitude, Huong Viet leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of every tourist while on vacation.

10. Hai Dang Hotel

  • Address: No. 124 Le Loi Street, Luong Khanh Thien Ward, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Although it is a 3-star hotel, what Hai Dang brings has also won the trust of customers. With beautiful views, airy rooms and affordable prices, it promises not to disappoint visitors.

The plus point of the hotel is that the staff is very enthusiastic. If you have any problems related to the room and services, the staff here are always ready to assist at all times.

11. KDong Van Hotel

  • Address: Lane 134 Nguyen Huu Tien, Dong Van, Duy Tien, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

Newly built and put into service, Dong Van Hotel has quickly gained the trust of customers who come to stay. Rooms are spacious, clean and fully equipped.

Rated as a hotel with very attentive and enthusiastic service with full services, it promises to be a Ha Nam hotel worthy of tourists’ attention and trust.

12. Binh Minh Hotel

  • Address: Highway 38, Dong Van, Duy Tien, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number: 0914.575.159

Are you a tourist who loves to exercise? So is Binh Minh’s fully equipped gym enough to convince you? Not only does it provide fully equipped rooms, the hotel also has a free gym for guests to use during their stay.

Besides, the restaurant specializes in serving local cuisine with a diverse menu that will satisfy tourists who are “afraid” to go out to eat.

13. Palm Leaf Hotel 2

  • Address: Opposite Cam Mountain, Thi Son, Kim Bang, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

The rooms are not too luxurious but extremely comfortable and clean with full amenities no less than luxury hotels in the city. Palm leaf 2 deserves to be Hotel Ha Nam Cheap Worth a stop for tourists to rest with the quality of service being extremely reasonable.

14. Phuong Anh Hotel

  • Address: Dong Ly, Ly Nhan, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

The hotel has reasonable prices and attractive services for guests who come to rest. Each room is fully equipped with TV, wardrobe as well as air conditioning and hot and cold water. Phuong Anh Hotel has provided a comfortable resting place to always satisfy guests who come here.

Phuong Anh Hotel is a budget hotel, so tourists who want to have an economical yet comfortable trip can choose Phuong Anh Hotel as their stopover location.

15. Hotel April 30

  • Address: No. 34, Bien Hoa Street, Minh Khai Ward, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

Hotel 30-4 brings confidence with peaceful moments of relaxation and a fully equipped system such as: bathtub, air conditioning, hot and cold water,… At the same time, this 1-star hotel offers visitors many Different room choices depending on your family’s preferences and number of people.

16. Khotelier 2-9

  • Address: Day River Commercial Center, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Located next to the romantic Day River, Hotel 2-9 is Hotel Ha Nam near the center About 500m away, this will be a perfect choice for visitors to enjoy the fresh and cool air brought in from the river.

With quite complete equipment and a location near the shopping center, it gives guests the convenience of shopping and transportation during their trip.

17. Hai Trang Hotel

  • Address: Thong Mau Chu, Thanh Ha commune, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam
  • Phone:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

If you have the opportunity to set foot in Ha Nam and are looking for a quiet place to avoid the noise and bustle of the city, this Hai Trang hotel is an ideal suggestion for you.

Not inferior to other hotels, with fully equipped rooms and extremely green views is a plus point for this hotel in the hearts of guests.

18. Famille Ha Nam Hotel

  • Address: Dong Van 1 Industrial Park, Dong Van town, Duy Tien Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Not too close to the city center, but Famille Hotel is an extremely reasonable choice from price to room quality.

With full amenities from wardrobe to necessary personal items hotel in Ha Nam This hotel offers a comfortable, convenient, extremely peaceful and secure accommodation for visitors to choose from.

19. Vinh Quang Hotel

  • Address: Highway 21, Binh My town, Binh Luc, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Top 20 ideal hotels in Ha Nam for a complete trip!

Not too luxurious but enough to bring satisfaction to customers staying at Vinh Quang. This cheap hotel also has decoration and complete amenities but is quieter and more comfortable to choose from.

Even though it’s not close to the city center, don’t hesitate to stop because transportation is quite easy to find and the atmosphere here will not disappoint you.

20. Hoang Son Hotel

  • Address: Thanh Son Junction, Kim Bang, Ha Nam
  • Hotel phone number:

Rooms at Hoang Son Hotel are spacious and fully equipped, with the best services that the hotel wants to bring.

Coming here to rest is a reasonable choice at an affordable price and you can choose for a long vacation if you want to stay to explore the tourist attractions around Ha Nam.

Above are the top 20 kHa Nam hotels Worth staying in if you want a complete trip and vacation. Hopefully, visitors can choose for themselves the most suitable resort to explore a series of destinations around Ha Nam.

Xuan Trinh