More and more tourists come to Tay Ninh, exploring the sacred Ba Den Mountain, the majestic Cao Dai Seventh Temple or the once-resounding Central Bureau of the South base. So do you know where to stay during your trip? Note list 21 immediately Tay Ninh hotel Cheap price, nice view Summary below!

21 Cheap Tay Ninh hotels with beautiful views and quality in the best center

1. Cau Vuon Tay Ninh Hotel

Top 21 cheap Tay Ninh hotels with beautiful views and quality in the best center

Top 21 cheap Tay Ninh hotels with beautiful views and quality in the best center

Who would have thought that in the midst of sunny and windy Tay Ninh, there would be a peaceful place like Vuon Cau Hotel? The hotel is located within the Sala amusement park, located in the heart of the city, near many famous landmarks. Ideal place to stay for all types of customers.

Possessing a large area, combined with an amusement park, food court and green garden, it reminds someone of Hue with straight rows of areca trees. The architecture is classic but also very modern. Traditional, slim lines with few elaborate motifs bring youthfulness and sophistication.

The hotel uses white as the main color, the décor revolves around comfort and simplicity. Each room is fully equipped with furniture such as beds, shelves, tables, televisions, air conditioners… Light wooden furniture plus window design, balcony to welcome the wind, taking in all the natural light is extremely ideal.

Here you can choose room types based on the number of members in the group such as double rooms, dormitory rooms, family rooms… Depending on the room type, prices vary on average from 360k for a single room, 480k for a triple room. person, 550k for a room of 4 people, 800k for a family room of 5 people, 1 million 200k – 1500k for a dormitory room of 15 people.

More specifically, the hotel is located next to the water play area and when you book a room here you will receive free swimming pool tickets. Food court next to the pool, luxurious private restaurant, can host events, weddings and large parking lot. Sala Tay Ninh amusement park includes entertainment, dining and accommodation complexes that will definitely not disappoint you.

2. Hoang Son Hotel

  • Address: Quarter 1, Ward 1, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province,
  • Phone:

Located on the main road of Tay Ninh, coming here you will easily move to famous landmarks of Tay Ninh such as: Cao Dai temple, Ba Den mountain,…

With 40 clean, neat and complete rooms with basic amenities, ready to serve visitors at any time. The hotel's restaurant serves delicious and quality food, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

3. Hoa Sen Hotel

  • Address: Ninh Thanh Quarter, Ninh Son Ward, Tay Ninh
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

Hoa Sen Hotel is located in Long Dien Son tourist area of ​​Tay Ninh, so when you come here you will have a quiet resting space, surrounded by green trees and shade.

The hotel owns 20 3-star standard rooms, giving you a perfect space. There are also many services suitable for your vacation such as seafood restaurants, grilled buffets, cafes, water parks, cinemas, game areas,…

4. Hoa Binh Tay Ninh Hotel

  • Address: 436 30/4 Street, Ward 3, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Possessing 93 rooms equipped with wooden furniture, creating a luxurious and classy feeling for the room. Come to Tay Ninh hotel In Hoa Binh, you will have a romantic dinner in a quiet, private garden with delicious, unique dishes from professional chefs.

The hotel also has massage services, sauna, karaoke room, etc. to meet the entertainment needs of guests during their stay.

5. Thuy Dung Hotel

  • Address: No. 9, Vo Van Truyen, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

Also a hotel located in the city center. Thuy Dung Hotel with 20 clean, simple, fully equipped rooms such as TV, air conditioning, separate desk, etc. will help guests feel comfortable during their vacation.

Coming to this cheap Tay Ninh hotel, you will feel the comfortable atmosphere and friendly service style of the staff are also big plus points of this place.

6. Vien Dong Hotel

  • Address: No. 933, Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, Hiep Ninh Ward, Tay Ninh Province
  • Phone:

With spacious and comfortable rooms, Tay Ninh hotel Vien Dong is chosen by many tourists as a resting place. Because of the luxurious room system, windows let in wind and natural light.

In particular, the hotel also serves food to guests' rooms if needed. Staying at Vien Dong, visitors will feel happy and comfortable like at their own home.

7. Nhat Quy Hotel

  • Address: 353 Avenue 30/4, Quarter 1, Ward 1, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

With an impressive design and located right at a major intersection, visitors to Tay Ninh can easily recognize Nhat Quy hotel.

The hotel is located in the center, a busy commercial area, near the cinema and many famous delicious restaurants in Tay Ninh. Hotel staff is ready to help you find the address of Tay Ninh specialty restaurants if you are confused about choosing a place to eat.

8. Thao My Hotel

  • Address: 313 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 1, Tay Ninh
  • Phone:

Thao My meets the standards Tay Ninh hotel 2 starswith clean, airy rooms and a very quiet place so you can have time to rest and visit places in Tay Ninh.

Thao My Hotel is a combination of restaurant, hotel, karaoke, and massage, so you will definitely have a great time during your stay and vacation.

9. Huong Trang Hotel

  • Address: National Highway 22B, Thanh Duc, Go Dau, Tay Ninh
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

Huong Trang is not located near the city center, this will be an ideal vacation spot for those who are looking for peace and quiet.

The rooms here are not luxurious or modern, but they are clean and complete with necessary appliances to support you during your stay. . The hotel also has a restaurant that serves simple, but quite delicious dishes.

10. Blue Star Tay Ninh Hotel

  • Address: 12/22 Loc Du Quarter, Trang Bang Town, Trang Bang District, Tay Ninh Province
  • Phone:

Possessing luxurious, modern European architecture and located in a quiet place, Tay Ninh Hotel quickly pleases many different types of tourists.

The rooms all have very airy open spaces and beautiful views. An interesting feature of the hotel is the restaurant specializing in serving Tay Ninh specialties. Visitors do not have to travel far but can still fully experience the cuisine and people of this country right at the hotel.

11. Viet Phuong Hotel

  • Address: Pham Cong Khiem, Quarter 1, Ward 3, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

Tay Ninh Hotel Viet Phuong's area is not too large, the rooms are simply decorated but the service quality here is very good.

Many visitors have highly praised the friendly, enthusiastic, and straightforward attitude of the hotel staff. Coming here, you will have a quiet resting space, close to the nature and people of Tay Ninh.

12. Vinpeal Tay Ninh Hotel

  • Address: 90 Le Duan, Quarter 5, Ward 3, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

As the only 5-star standard hotel in Tay Ninh, Vinpeal owns a 21-storey design and 123 rooms. The hotel is a complex of amenities such as a 4-season swimming pool, Asian and European cuisine, Vincharm Spa, professional meeting rooms,…

Besides, with its neoclassical architecture, this place will surely be a luxurious resort, a resting paradise for you and your loved ones when coming to Tay Ninh.

13. Mai Vy Hotel

  • Address: Apartment A1-A3, Loc An Quarter, Trang Bang Town, Tay Ninh
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

Visitors who have been to Mai Vy Hotel all rate this as a good hotel in both appearance and service. With 2-star quality, designed and decorated to exude modern luxury in every detail, giving visitors the most comfortable feeling during their vacation.

Tay Ninh Hotel 2 stars Mai Vy will be an ideal accommodation for tourists who want to save money but still ensure quality and comfort when traveling.

14. Private Room hotel with garden view Tay Ninh

  • Address: 40/4, Lac Long Quan, Ward 4, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Private Room with garden view Tay Ninh hotel is designed in harmony with nature, making it an ideal resting place for families with small children. Many trees and flowers are planted around the hotel, creating an airy space for the hotel and an ideal place for tourists to walk.

Using white as the main design, it creates a clean, sophisticated feeling for each room. The hotel also has a terrace, in the early morning or at night you can go up here to relax very wonderfully.

15. Dong Phuong Hotel

  • Address: 47. Le Loi, Ward 2, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

This place is very close to famous tourist destinations of Tay Ninh such as: Cao Dai temple, Ba Den mountain. The rooms at Dong Phuong Hotel are spacious and comfortable, with windows overlooking the city and Ba Den Mountain. The hotel also has a spacious parking lot, with an area of ​​up to 300 m2.

16. Kim Long Hotel

  • Address: 1462 Hoang Le Kha, Tri Binh, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

The hotel has a fairly small area, but the rooms still meet the guests' accommodation needs with all the necessary amenities, clean and tidy.

Kim Long is rated as Cheap Tay Ninh hotel. With prices ranging from only 200,000 VND/night to 300,000 VND/night, you already have a comfortable place to sleep during your travels, discoveries and experiences.

17. Sunrise Tay Ninh Hotel

  • Address: 81 Hoang Le Kha, Ward 3, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

As the first 4-star hotel in Soc Trang in Tay Ninh, Sunrise attracts tourists not only with its outstanding and luxurious royal design but also with its professional service attitude.

The hotel has an elevated bar with an open design, so from here you can look down at the sparkling Tay Ninh city at night. Sunrise's cuisine is perfect with delicious and beautiful Asian and European dishes that will definitely satisfy you.

18. Luu Luyen Hotel

  • Address: 1602 A2, An Binh Hamlet, An Tinh, Trang Bang, Tay Ninh
  • Phone:

With clean, airy, quiet rooms at Luu Luyen hotel, you will have a good night's sleep.

The room is full of necessary items to serve your needs. The service staff is cheerful and friendly, so you can feel completely secure when you come Tay Ninh hotel Nostalgically.

19. Domino Hotel

  • Address: No. 17, Street 103, Ninh Thanh, Tay Ninh
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

This hotel is only 3 km from Ba Den Mountain, and going west – north you will reach the Central Bureau of the South – a famous historical site in Tay Ninh. Coming to Domino, you don't have to spend too much money but will be warmly and thoughtfully welcomed and have a perfect place to stay with always clean, fragrant rooms ready to serve you.

20. Victory Hotel Tay Ninh

  • Address: 255 30/4 Street, Quarter 1, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Victory Tay Ninh Hotel has just been put into operation, so the equipment and utensils are still very new, clean and neat. With 44 clean rooms, cleaned every day, all rooms have panoramic views of the beautiful city.

The hotel also has 2 restaurants serving guests with a diverse menu of Asian and European dishes, prepared by chefs with many years of experience.

21. My My Hotel

  • Address: 81 A, Nguyen Huu Tho, Hiep Thanh Ward, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Phone:

Tay Ninh hotel

As a 2-star Tay Ninh hotel, located near the city center, visitors staying here will easily travel, visit, and explore.

The system of rooms is equipped with very luxurious furniture, exceeding the 2-star hotel standard. All rooms have balconies and chairs for guests to relax and enjoy the scenery of Tay Ninh. The hotel also serves a delicious and quality breakfast.

From the noisy and bustling Saigon to Tay Ninh is not far, only takes a few hours, so what are you waiting for this weekend to come to Tay Ninh to rest and relax? Note the list immediately Tay Ninh hotel that Kenhhomestay compiled above will help you have a complete trip.

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