Truong Bon Nghe An is a historical relic marking a heroic and glorious period of generations of soldiers and civilians of Nghe An in the resistance war against America. Today, we invite you to follow along Come to the West of Nghe An to explore this historical site!

1. Brief introduction about Truong Bon Nghe An

Truong Bon Nghe An is a national historical relic site recognized in 1996. The relic site was started construction in 2010 and officially inaugurated in 2014 with a total scale of 22 hectares.

The relic area includes many construction items such as exhibition houses, memorials, bell towers, electronic fire coordinates, traditional houses, etc. And most notably, the graves of 13 TNXP soldiers of ” The “steel squad” heroically sacrificed their lives in a bomb attack by the American enemy.

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

All year round, the relic site is engulfed in the incense and smoke of groups of tourists coming to visit, learn about history and express gratitude for the great sacrifices of their ancestors for the peace of the country.

Currently, Truong Bon Nghe An It is not simply a historical relic but also an attractive tourist destination, educating patriotism for the young generation. This place preserves the glorious victories of our army and people, and is a witness to the barbaric crimes of the invaders.

2. Location and transportation instructions to Truong Bon Nghe An

2.1. Location

  • Address: My Son commune, Do Luong district, Nghe An province

Truong Bon Nghe An relic site is located on route 15A, in My Son commune, Do Luong district. This place is about 60km west of Vinh city center.

2.2. Moving instructions

Currently, to travel to visit and offer incense at the Truong Bon historical relic site, you can choose to travel by plane, train or bus.

Among them, for tourists from far away, traveling by plane to Vinh international airport is the most convenient. From Vinh, tourists call a taxi or take a bus to Do Luong and visit Truong Bon. Bus prices for this journey range from 20,000 – 25,000 VND/ticket.

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

For tourists staying nearby, you can choose to go by car or motorbike. From Vinh city center, follow National Highway 1A to Dien Chau intersection, then turn onto National Highway 7. You drive along Highway 7 to Do Luong center, then follow the directions on the Map to get there Truong Bon Nghe An.

3. Ticket price to visit Truong Bon Nghe An

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

Currently, Truong Bon Nghe An is open freely to welcome tourist groups to visit and offer incense at the relic site. Right outside the gate of the relic site there is a spacious parking area. Visitors park their cars and move inside without having to buy tickets.

4. Truong Bon Nghe An was once full of fire and brave and resilient

Considered a “red address” during the years of anti-Americanism, Truong Bon Nghe An was a legend. This place is considered a traffic artery, a route for transporting weapons, food, and medicine from North to South.

Understanding the importance of Truong Bon, from 1964 to 1968, the US planned to spread more than 20,000 bombs and missiles on this land. With patriotic spirit, indomitable will, and resilience, the collective of soldiers, youth volunteers and local people heroically fought and protected the vital road.

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

In the midst of enemy bombs and bullets, each soldier continued to fight hard, leveling bomb craters and opening roads to traffic for our army. Some people have completed their mission, others have fallen, blood mixed with every inch of the sacred soil of their homeland.

Above all, the dedication and sacrifice of the soldiers and people Truong Bon Nghe An contributed significantly to the overall victory of the entire nation. Looking back today, the younger generations love and are more proud of the glorious history of the nation.

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

Currently, the relic site has been built and spaciously planned. Visitors to Truong Bon in peacetime will have the opportunity to learn about history and directly admire war artifacts. Besides, you also have the opportunity to visit the graves of martyrs, offer incense at monuments and traditional houses to express gratitude to the generation of ancestors.

5. Some attractive tourist destinations near Truong Bon Nghe An

5.1. Pu Mat National Park

On a journey of discovery Truong Bon Nghe An, don't forget to visit other tourist destinations in Nghe An. Among these, Pu Mat National Park is an attractive place that you should not miss.

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

Pu Mat National Park is located in the West of Nghe An with a lush tropical forest ecosystem near the Vietnam – Laos border. This place has extremely rich flora and fauna with many species appearing in the red book such as elephants, tigers, saola, pomu trees, ironwood, etc. The most prominent highlight in the national park is the majestic Kem waterfall. The waterfall is located deep in the forest, the water is clear and cool. Trekking tourists can visit the waterfall to rest and bathe in the stream.

5.2. Nghe An sunflower field

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

Way Truong Bon Nghe An Not far away is the sunflower field in Nghia Dan district. Coming here, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by thousands of hectares of sunflower cultivation with shiny yellow color. This is also the hottest check-in point in Nghe An, attracting many young people to visit and take photos.

5.3. Sen Village, Uncle Ho's hometown

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

Lang Sen relic site is the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh. During the incense offering journey at Truong Bon, you can also go to Sen Village to visit Uncle Ho's old house. The simple thatched house still retains artifacts associated with Uncle Ho's childhood years. Visitors have the opportunity to listen to stories about Uncle Ho's family or offer incense to commemorate the great leader's merits.

5.4. Thanh Chuong tea island

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

If you are looking for a beautiful check-in place in Nghe An, come to Thanh Chuong tea island. This place has a charming landscape with green tea hills, surrounded by a large lake. The fresh air and fresh tea will definitely make you feel comfortable.

6. Where to stay when traveling to Truong Bon Nghe An?

6.1. Muong Thanh Grand Cua Lo Hotel

If you are wondering where to stay when visiting Truong Bon Nghe An Then you can choose Muong Thanh Cua Lo right away. The hotel meets 4-star standards, located in the center of Vinh city with a modern, luxurious design style.

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

Muong Thanh Grand Cua Lo offers elegant, wired rooms with all the necessary amenities and romantic sea views. Besides, there is a large-capacity Asian-European restaurant area, an open bar, spa services and many great entertainment facilities.

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6.2. Muong Thanh Con Cuong Hotel

For tourists traveling to the West of Nghe An, Muong Thanh Con Cuong is the perfect choice. The hotel is recognized as a 4-star standard with modern, elegantly designed rooms and airy views of the town.

Truong Bon Nghe An - Land of Indomitable Heroes

In addition, Muong Thanh Con Cuong Hotel also treats guests to attractive local dishes in the restaurant area. Besides, there are high-class entertainment, conference and event services and facilities, meeting the needs of a large number of customers.


6.3. Muong Thanh Dien Chau Hotel

Just another hotel I want to introduce to you Muong Thanh Dien Chau. Located in the hotel system of Muong Thanh Group, the hotel has modern, luxurious architecture and the main brown wood tone evokes a cozy, elegant feeling.

Muong Thanh Dien Chau Hotel currently has 93 modern rooms, fully meeting the relaxation needs of a diverse range of customers. In addition, the hotel provides an international 4-star service and utility system including restaurants, cafes, spas, conference rooms, etc.

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7. Nghe An specialties you must try when traveling to Truong Bon Nghe An

7.1. Veal sausage

Veal sausage is a specialty of Nghe An that is loved by many diners. The dish is made from fresh veal, soft and sweet without being chewy. The sausage is wrapped into a roll, held firmly in the hand, and marinated with moderate spices so the flavor is rich. This dish is absolutely delicious when dipped in soy sauce or chili sauce.

7.2. Nghe An eel soup

Traveling to Nghe An without enjoying the taste of eel soup is a mistake. The dish is made from eel, processed cleanly, without any fishy smell. The rich, slightly spicy broth is delicious when eaten with vermicelli, wet cake or bread.

7.3. Nhut Thanh Chuong

Nhut Thanh Chuong is also a specialty mentioned when talking about Nghe An cuisine. Butt is made from jackfruit fiber and banana flowers and pickled. When preparing, stir-fry it with pork rinds, shrimps or fish for a rustic, rustic but extremely attractive flavor!

8. Some notes when coming to Truong Bon Nghe An relic site

During the journey back to Truong Bon, there are some notes that you need to keep in mind as follows:

  • Monitor weather forecasts and avoid sightseeing on stormy days.
  • Strictly comply with the regulations of the relic site management board, do not damage artifacts and the current state of the works.
  • Choose polite, compact clothing and maintain order when visiting and offering incense at the Truong Bon relic site.

9. Some beautiful pictures of Truong Bon Nghe An

Below are some beautiful pictures of the historical site Truong Bon Nghe An:

So, We have just joined you to learn outstanding information about the relic site Truong Bon Nghe An. If you have the opportunity to come to Nghe An, don't forget to arrange time to visit and offer incense at this historical place!