When mentioning Saigon, people often think of a busy, bustling city with nightly entertainment activities. However, there is a peaceful, green space in the heart of Saigon that perhaps few tourists know about. That is Van Thanh tourist park full of poetry. Let's Travelgoda.com Explore this interesting place!

1. Some details about Van Thanh tourist area

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

Area of Van Thanh tourist park up to 8 hectares with a 3.5 hectare lake creating an airy, cool and close to nature space. After nearly 40 years of development, the tourist area has gradually improved and developed with many quality projects and services such as picnic lawns, restaurants, boat docks, amusement parks, soccer fields,…

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

Van Thanh tourist park It is both an entertainment destination for Saigon residents and a new place to visit for tourists. This place brings the breath of countryside and rusticity amidst the bustle and modernity of Saigon.

2. Address and instructions on how to get to Van Thanh tourist area

2.1. Address of Van Thanh tourist area

Van Thanh tourist park Address is located at 48/10 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. You can easily find the tourist area's address right on Google Maps.

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

2.2. How to get to Van Thanh tourist area

Motorcycle or personal car: Using personal vehicles helps you save time and be more proactive. Depending on your starting location, you will have different routes.

Rent a taxi: In Saigon, taxi service is very popular. Some reputable taxi companies that you can consider are: Xanh SM, Saigon BM taxi, Mai Linh taxi, Phuong Trang taxi,… Traveling by Taxi will help you get to Van Thanh tourist destination quickly and easily. easy and quite convenient.

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

Public transportation like buses: You won't have to worry about not knowing the way there Van Thanh tourist park This means of transportation is also very popular in Saigon. You can take the following routes to get to the tourist area: 06, 52, 55, 603, 604, 105.

3. How much is the ticket price at Van Thanh tourist area?

Van Thanh tourist destination is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (from Monday to Sunday). Arrive Van Thanh tourist park Visitors will not be charged an entrance fee. However, visitors will have to pay fees for services such as renting huts, buying food, entertainment activities, etc.

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

Van Thanh tourist park Ticket prices when using the swimming pool are as follows:

  • For young children: 30,000 VND/ticket on weekdays and 40,000 VND/ticket on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).
  • For adults: Swimming ticket price is 60,000 VND on Thursday; 70,000 VND/ticket on weekends.

The price for renting tennis court services is about 20,000 VND – 100,000 VND/hour. The resort has 4 tennis courts, divided into uncovered and covered.

The ticket price for the restaurant buffet here is 170,000 VND/serving for children and 290,000 VND for adults (ticket prices may change depending on time and holidays).

4. Dining and entertainment activities in Van Thanh tourist area

4.1. Sit and relax fishing at the lake

“Anglers” should definitely not miss a suitable place for fishing and relaxing at Van Thanh tourist park. Right next to the lake, small huts are built for guests to sit out of the sun and fish. Cool space and fresh air, there's nothing more exciting than letting go of the rod and waiting for the fish to bite, right?

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

4.2. Participate in fun activities and swimming at the swimming pool

Inside the resort, there is a swimming pool system built with two areas: a large pool with a depth of 1m to 1m8 and a small pool with a depth of 0.5m. The pool area is large, modernly designed and safe for guests to use. In particular, children have a separate swimming pool suitable for children.

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

Especially on hot summer days, there is a swimming pool Van Thanh tourist park attracts visitors to play and swim. There are occasions when we have to welcome a large number of guests, but the swimming pool still ensures enough swimming space and the pool water is always filtered and renewed.

4.3. Organize outdoor parties and camping

Van Thanh tourist park With a campus area of ​​up to 77,000 m2, very suitable for crowded activities. It is only more than 2 km from the city center, so many people choose it as an entertainment and weekend gathering destination, especially young people and families.

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

Coming here, you can hire a service or bring your own food to save money, camping and having a barbecue with friends or relatives. You can even rent a hut if you want a private space to talk with friends.

4.4. Enjoy dishes at the restaurant system

If you come here to have fun all day and need a place to eat, there is a restaurant system inside Van Thanh tourist park. Some famous Van Thanh restaurants include: Cam Chuong restaurant, Bong Sung restaurant, Hoa Phuong restaurant, Hoa Cau restaurant, Thuy Ta restaurant, Bong Tram restaurant,…

Van Thanh tourist area - A peaceful place in the middle of bustling Saigon

The restaurant system serves from retail customers to those wishing to organize parties. Customers who need to organize weddings, large conferences, or family parties can choose the restaurant here. Van Thanh restaurant system is fully equipped with modern equipment. The restaurant is always ready to serve and welcome with a diverse menu of dishes, from many regions of Vietnam to other Asian and European dishes.

On weekends, Van Thanh restaurant serves a buffet. Customers will definitely be impressed with the service style and food presentation here. The dishes are also considered delicious by tourists.

4.5. Many extremely chill check-in corners at Van Thanh tourist area

When traveling to Van Thanh, you will not worry about not having beautiful pictures. Because the tourist area has many great check-in corners. With highlights being coconut rows, lotus ponds, wooden bridges, and thatched-roof houses with bold village features, you just need to raise your camera and you're sure to have beautiful photos to take home.

5. When should you visit Van Thanh tourist area?

Weather conditions greatly affect your experience when visiting Van Thanh tourist destinations. The weather in Ho Chi Minh City will have two main seasons: rainy season and dry season. Normally the rainy season is from May to November and the dry season is from December to April.

In the dry season in Saigon, the weather is cool and not too hot. Therefore, you should visit Van Thanh tourist area from May to November to explore and participate in outdoor fun activities here.

6. Suggest some places to stay near Van Thanh tourist area

6.1. Muong Thanh Grand Saigon Hotel

  • Address: No. 8-8A Mac Dinh Chi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: Travelgoda

Muong Thanh Grand Center has up to 124 rooms with many different room categories meeting international standards. Depending on each need, customers can choose a suitable room. The rooms in Muong Thanh Grand are extremely elegantly designed and most are made from nature-friendly materials. Each room is equipped with necessary, modern appliances and has a large balcony. The kitchen area has full utensils for cooking.

If you choose Muong Thanh Grand as a place to stay when traveling to Saigon, it will be very convenient for travel. The hotel is located right in the center of Saigon, approx Vi Thanh tourist area Only about 3km, it only takes 5 minutes to walk to Notre Dame Cathedral and 10 minutes to get to the City Theater.

6.2. Palace Hotel Saigon

  • Address: 56 – 66 D. Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: Travel_goda

Palace Saigon Hotel – an ideal place to stay when coming to Saigon Travelgoda.com will suggest you. Located in a prime location right in the heart of Saigon, guests will have the opportunity to experience the cultural features and lifestyle of the people here.

Palace Saigon has up to 146 rooms with room categories: Deluxe rooms, Superior rooms, Family Suite rooms and Signature Palace Suite. Each apartment will be decorated in many different styles. Coming here, you can experience high-class services such as a restaurant system, spa, coffee shop, and swimming pool. Palace Hotel is always a favorite destination for many tourists because it serves enthusiastically and meets customers' needs well.

6.3. The Bloom Pham Viet Chanh

  • Address: 8/40/3 Pham Viet Chanh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: Travelgoda

The Bloom Pham Viet Chanh is a luxury hotel located on Pham Viet Chanh street. The hotel is just away Van Thanh tourist park About more than 2km and no more than 10 minutes by car from other tourist attractions.

The interior and architecture here are elegantly and sophisticatedly designed, bringing a sense of class to customers. The rooms all have amenities such as TV with TV connection, kitchen area fully equipped with necessary utensils and bathroom with shower and personal amenities. Bloom Hotel also provides shuttle service right at the airport. The front desk is ready to assist at any time, so when you come here you can feel completely secure and comfortable using the service.

If you are looking for a tourist destination close to nature, without the hustle and bustle Van Thanh tourist park is an ideal place for you. And don't forget to save this article immediately Travelgoda.com And schedule a trip to this tourist area.