Vung Tau is famous for its long beaches, so the source of seafood is extremely large. When traveling here, don't forget to visit the markets in the coastal city to buy cheap and delicious seafood to enjoy. A place famous for its quality and super affordable prices is Ben Dinh Vung Tau market. Let's Explore details about this market.

1. Some main features of Ben Dinh Vung Tau Market

The second most famous market in Vung Tau that many tourists visit is Ben Dinh Market. This place has existed for many generations, creating a reputation as the place providing the freshest and most delicious seafood in the city. With this reputation, the market has attracted many people to visit and shop. The special thing is that the prices here are often reasonable and affordable.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

Fishing boats carrying fishermen go out to sea at night, and in the early morning the boats begin to return carrying hundreds of species of seafood. They will display it for sale Ben Dinh Market Vung Tau since the sun began to rise. Exploring the market, you will have the opportunity to see firsthand the excitement of a new day starting.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

Ben Dinh Vung Tau seafood market is where you can find all kinds of sea fish, shrimp, crabs, and squid. The seafood here is always best preserved to ensure optimal quality for buyers. This place is also a great destination for visitors to enjoy delicious food.

2. Address and how to get to Ben Dinh Vung Tau Market

  • Address: No. 257 Le Loi Street, Ward 6, Vung Tau City.

Located right in Ward 6, visitors can take a taxi or rent a car to get there Ben Dinh Vung Tau market. If you want freedom and flexibility in traveling, renting a motorbike can be a good choice. Vung Tau has many car rental shops with reasonable prices, so you can rest assured. However, it should be noted that traveling by motorbike requires you to have a valid driver's license and understand local traffic laws.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

Another option suggest is to use a taxi service. Vung Tau is also famous for many reputable taxi companies that you can call or pick up at taxi stops on the street. This helps you avoid the hassle of finding your way around and brings comfort in getting there Ben Dinh Vung Tau market.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

3. Discover the special features of Ben Dinh Vung Tau Seafood Market

3.1. Admire the crowded market at dawn

Wonderful moments of dawn at Ben Dinh Vung Tau seafood market will definitely make any tourist fall in love. At this time, the market welcomes a new day with impressive excitement.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

Fishing boats returning from the ocean begin arriving early in the morning. The scene at the extremely bustling pier creates a vivid picture of the hustle and bustle of the fishing village. This market is really crowded and busiest at dawn. Not only local people, but also tourists flock to witness this special excitement.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

Tourists visit Ben Dinh Vung Tau market It is impossible to forget the excitement of the fishing village people after successful sailing trips. Fresh spoils from the sea will be sold at the market. You will see smiles, excited conversations and the satisfaction of bringing good results after a hard night.

3.2. Countless seafood is on sale

Area Ben Dinh Vung Tau market Selling countless different types of seafood. You can easily find shrimp, crab, squid, scallops, grouper, basa fish, and many other types of sea fish. This location is where visitors can freely visit and choose according to personal preferences.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

At the market, visitors can pick up and examine each type to see its quality. Seafood at the market is famous for its freshness and reasonable prices. Visitors buying here can be assured of the quality and value of seafood.

3.3. Enjoy delicious dishes at Ben Dinh Vung Tau market

Ben Dinh Market Vung Tau Not only is it simply a place that provides fresh seafood, but it is also special because of its attractive dishes. Here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood prepared according to their own requirements.

Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market - Famous seafood paradise in the coastal city

When you buy seafood here, traders will provide careful and professional seafood processing services. Seafood is cleaned to ensure hygiene and best quality. You can request seafood to be processed into steamed, fried, or grilled dishes.

Ben Dinh Market Vung Tau It also attracts tourists with delicious traditional desserts or noodle shops with unique flavors. Just spend a little money and you can enjoy it.

4. Suggested seafood to buy as gifts when visiting Vung Tau Ben Dinh Market

4.1. Mackerel in one sun

Mackerel a sunny day at Ben Dinh Market Vung Tau Not only does it bring a unique delicious flavor but it is also known for many significant health benefits. People here process mackerel products quite meticulously, going through many processes. After preliminary processing, they are dried under the sun of the coastal city. Sunlight not only helps dry the fish quickly, but also contributes to the unique flavor and bright color of sun-dried mackerel.

Vung Tau mackerel is carefully packaged and vacuum-sealed to ensure quality. The combination of great taste and high nutritional value has turned mackerel into a unique and popular culinary product. Currently, in Ben Dinh Vung Tau market Sell ​​this type of fish from 200,000 VND/1 kg.

4.2. A sunny ink

Arrive Ben Dinh Vung Tau market, you can choose a sunny ink as a gift. Sunny squid has become a symbol of sea cuisine here. To create the best quality product, fresh squid will be dried in the sun, without any other temperature or chemical treatment. This drying process has the purpose of tightening the squid's skin, keeping its natural toughness intact.

Due to high-tech vacuum sealing after processing, one-sun ink not only ensures hygiene and safety but also maintains product quality. This helps visitors to comfortably buy Vung Tau sunny squid as gifts without fear of losing its delicious taste. Vung Tau sunny squid is truly a great dish for family meals.

4.3. Her breast snail

Talking about delicious seafood here Ben Dinh Vung Tau market Her nipples are indispensable. This type of snail is known for its delicious, fatty meat and characteristic crunchiness. The delicious taste of this snail makes many diners fall in love. Caught in the waters of Vung Tau, Nang's breast snails are often sold fresh at stalls in the market.

Nang breast snail dishes can be cooked in many ways, but the most special and most loved dish is still stir-fried snails with lemongrass and chili or steamed snails with lemongrass. The processing step is simple but brings great flavor. When the snails are cooked evenly, the fatty meat and mouth-watering aroma make this dish even more attractive and irresistible.

4.4. Grilled fish – delicious seafood Ben Dinh Vung Tau market

If you have a chance to visit Ben Dinh Vung Tau seafood market, visitors can choose fish cakes to buy as gifts. This type of fish cake is prepared quite novelly, giving diners a special taste. Because it is made from mackerel, fish cakes are often tastier and more delicious.

The impressive point of Vung Tau fish cakes is that they do not use additives or preservatives, helping to ensure the naturalness and safety of the dish. This makes the fish cake not have a strong aroma like some other types of fish cake, but instead, it has a delicate and faint flavor without being too strong.

5. Suggested resorts near Ben Dinh Vung Tau seafood market

5.1. Marina Bay Vung Tau

  • Address: Tran Phu, Ward 5, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

Marina Bay Vung Tau is considered a green pearl located in a wonderful location on the beach. Therefore, it will contribute to providing visitors with valuable sea views and a luxurious resort experience with 5-star service.

The architectural style of Marina Bay Vung Tau is not only luxurious but also unique and special. The combination of traditional and modern elements creates an impressive space. The rooms and villas are designed with sophistication and creativity, bringing a cozy and comfortable feeling to visitors.

5.2. Aria Resort Vung Tau

  • Address: No. 79, D5 Street, Ward 10, Vung Tau City
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

Aria Resort is located 100 meters away Ben Dinh Vung Tau market not too far away, is a destination for those who want to enjoy silence and immerse themselves in beautiful nature. The architecture of Aria Resort Vung Tau is the perfect combination of modernity and comfort.

Rooms at Arina are designed to be open, creating the best conditions to admire the beauty of the blue sea. Each room provides a relaxing and comfortable space for guests.

Aria Resort Vung Tau also has special amenities such as a restaurant serving delicious and diverse dishes, a swimming pool for relaxation, a health spa and a modern gym. This resort is extremely ideal for visitors to relax and refresh their spirit.

Article by shared some information and exploration experiences Ben Dinh Vung Tau market Latest. Hopefully, you will have many interesting experiences and buy the most delicious seafood when coming to this market.