Summer is the perfect tourist season for coastal cities. Nha Trang is an attractive destination for tourists who love traveling. Among the many resorts, hotels, homestays… visitors can choose to experience at Xavia Hotel Nha Trang together Go through the article below.

1. A few words about Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

This is a rare hotel that owns a prime location in the middle of Tran Phu intersection, intersecting the legendary Hoang Dieu street. The hotel has a modern beauty with simple interior equipment, and the location has a large sea view. The number of rooms is up to 180 rooms, which can accommodate many tourists during the peak tourist season. The hotel's service facilities also bring great experiences to visitors right from their first stay.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

2. Travel instructions and geographical location of Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

2.1 Geographic location of Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

Address: hotel Xavia Hotel Nha Trang Located at 9 Hoang Dieu, Vinh Nguyen. The prime location helps the hotel have certain advantages compared to other hotels in the area, and is extremely convenient for transportation. From the hotel's location to nearby tourist attractions, it is very close, specifically: only 1.5km from Sailing Club, 2km from Bao Dai Palace, 2.1km from Institute of Oceanography, 2.5km from Tram Huong Tower. It can be said that this location makes moving to entertainment places extremely convenient.

There are also Nha Trang specialty dining spots around the area. Location is a huge deciding factor in the number of customers staying because if it is convenient to move, it will help visitors save travel time.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

2.2 Instructions for getting to Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

For added convenience for guests staying in Nha Trang, guests can use the hotel's airport shuttle service. Because the hotel is only 35 minutes away from the airport. In addition, visitors can refer to the means below.


This is the most popular and popular means of transport because of its fast and safe travel time. Hunting costs when prices are cheap are very economical. Traveling within the city is also convenient by taxi and motorbike, so plane transport is the most popular.


Passenger cars are the means of choice chosen by many people in neighboring provinces and cities near Nha Trang because they are economical and safe. Travel time is quick, only 3-5 hours.


Nha Trang is located on the North-South railway line, so the train is the means of choice for tourists who have a lot of time and want to experience sightseeing on both sides of the road. Ticket prices are not too cheap, depending on the type of ticket there are different prices.

Within Nha Trang city, visitors can travel by motorbike or taxi depending on their needs.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

3. Space at Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

A modern and luxurious space is recreated at the hotel Xavia Hotel Nha Trang. The professional and dedicated service staff is the perfect highlight of the hotel. The hotel's modern but quite simple interior equipment, along with the precious view overlooking the city and the coast, certainly brings satisfaction to visitors. Services at the hotel include a swimming pool, gym, conference room, restaurant… class.

4. Room types at Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

4.1 Superior room

The room has an area of ​​28m2 and can be arranged with 2 single beds or 1 double bed depending on your choice. The number of rooms includes 42 rooms, with sea and city views. The room is suitable for couples or two friends traveling. The interior is fully furnished but still has enough space for visitors to explore and experience privately.

4.2 Premier Room

The room has a larger area than the superior room, 32 square meters with two single beds facing the sea. This room is chosen by many tourists because of its privacy and large space. The room has a total number of 26 units.

4.3 Deluxe room

The room has a total of 70 rooms with an area of ​​32m2, with two single beds or one double bed. The room has full-length glass windows overlooking the vibrant beach. The room is ideal for couples and friends traveling together.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

4.4 Family Room

The room with an area of ​​36 square meters is the largest room in the hotel. The number of family rooms is very small, only 14 rooms, with one double bed and an extra bed can be added. Room looks straight to the sea. This is the advantage of the hotel as all rooms look directly to the vast ocean.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

4.5 Suite rooms

The room has an area of ​​40m2 with 26 rooms. Although the area is large, there is only one double bed so the private space is very large. The room has a bathtub, which is an ideal place to stay for honeymoon couples.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

4.6 Xavia Suite Room

This is the largest and most luxurious room at the hotel with an area of ​​up to 70 square meters. There are a limited number of only 2 rooms and inside there is a separate living room and separate bedroom. There is only one double bed so it feels like being in your own house.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

5. Utility services at Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

5.1 Restaurant at Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

The restaurant has a large area with a capacity of more than 300 people, and has an extremely airy space located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The restaurant specializes in serving Asian and European dishes with professional chefs with many years of experience.

Guaranteed to bring visitors the most delicious dishes, with outstanding regional flavors. The restaurant serves buffet breakfast and main meals for lunch and dinner, with room service available upon request. Opening hours are from 6:00 to 22:00 every day. Outstanding dishes are seafood such as lobster, fish salad…

xavia hotel Nha Trang

5.2 Coffee Lounge Bar

Coffe Lounge is located on the first floor of the hotel's entrance lobby, this place can accommodate up to 60 guests with a gentle but luxurious relaxing space. A special feature of the bar is that it serves meals according to visitors' needs, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, the bar also has fruit cakes and snacks. This space is an ideal place for meeting partners, friends, for work and for light entertainment.

xavia hotel Nha Trang

5.3 Outdoor swimming pool

The hotel's swimming pool is located on the 4th floor and has a large area with a capacity of up to 100 people. The swimming pool also serves seasonal snacks and drinks. From the location of the swimming pool, you can look straight out to Nha Trang beach, capturing a long and clean beautiful coastline. The bar staff serve enthusiastically and have many years of experience, so visitors will enjoy the most delicious drinks.

5.4 Wedding conference room

The wedding conference room is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel, can accommodate up to 300 guests, ensuring small to medium sized wedding parties. The hotel serves different types of table setups from round tables, U-shaped tables, theaters, and classrooms. In addition, full drinking water sound and lighting has a large backdrop area. That's why the hotel is also a great place to stay for tourists who need business meetings or long-distance business trips.

5.5 Gym

The hotel's gym on the 4th floor is fully equipped with the most modern equipment to serve the exercise needs of guests. Tourists who love sports cannot miss this gym. The 4th floor is in a high position so visitors can see the city view from above.

5.6 Spa at the hotel

The spa is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel, always serving guests with melodious, gentle melodies that bring a sense of relaxation to guests. Services provided at the spa include dry sauna, steam bath, full body massage, facial massage…

In addition, visitors can also experience other services at the hotel such as: a private beach that is cleaned daily, bringing a wonderful experience to visitors. The private beach has loungers and umbrellas for resting.

6. Tourist attractions near Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

6.1 Nha Trang Hundred Eggs Tourist Area

The tourist area's reference ticket price is only 60-120 thousand VND/person depending on size. This is the largest mud bathing spot in Nha Trang, and there are also many fun activities in the 20ha tourist area. It's called the Hundred Eggs Area because it creates cute, pretty eggs that are a great photo spot for tourists. The tourist area also has a lawn area for visitors to picnic, camp and experience outdoor BBQ. This is also a meaningful cultural tourist destination with the Cham neighborhood and many other areas with unique characteristics.

6.2 Tram Huong Tower

The agarwood tower is right in the center of Nha Trang city, so it is very convenient for traveling and sightseeing. The tower is considered a symbol of Nha Trang city, inspired by the national spirit of the lotus flower, so it is called agarwood. In the evening, the tower is decorated with string lights as if wearing a colorful, sparkling shirt.

6.3 Nha Trang Station

Nha Trang Station is considered a great check-in spot for young people because it still retains its wild beauty and ancient, traditional features. Many beautiful photos have been taken here. The train station does not have fun attractions like other tourist attractions, but it is a quick visit and worth experiencing for many young tourists coming to Nha Trang for the first time.

6.4 Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun Island has a rare coral sanctuary with hundreds of different coral species. In addition, this place also has adventure games on the sea that bring thrills to visitors. The long beaches, blue waves, white sand… here are considered attractive destinations for tourists. Hon Mun Island is a tourist destination worth experiencing for first-time visitors to Nha Trang.

6.5 Sailing club coffee

This is the most famous coffee shop in Nha Trang, almost everyone comes here to check in. The cafe is located on the beach so it is an ideal place to watch the sunset and sunrise. Delicious drinks and great space are the plus points of the restaurant. Couples and groups of friends cannot miss this place every time they have the opportunity to visit the coastal city.

7. Places to eat at Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

7.1 Nha Trang seafood

Talking about seafood, Nha Trang has a rich variety in types and quality. Some seafood dishes that tourists should definitely try when coming here include sea urchins, crabs, oysters, scallops, lobster, grouper… Lobster in Nha Trang is probably second to none. So tourists, do not miss the opportunity to explore seafood in Nha Trang when you have the opportunity to come here.

7.2 Grilled beef

Nha Trang's famous grilled beef dish scores deep points with tourists who come here to experience it because of its distinct delicious flavor. From fresh beef to marinated spices, grilled over charcoal, it delights visitors. Grilled beef really attracts Chinese tourists.

8. Reservation information at Xavia Hotel Nha Trang

Xavia Hotel Nha Trang This is a hotel worthy of 4-star standards and has a beautiful location. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of rooms here is always full, especially on peak occasions.

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