Are you someone who doesn't like the noise and hustle and bustle in the heart of the city? Are you a nature lover, passionate about exploring and finding wild but poetic lands? Are you looking for promised lands to heal yourself? Then the same Explore an extremely attractive and interesting place! That is Yang Bay waterfall tourist area Nha Trang.

1. Some details about Yang Bay waterfall

From Nha Trang city center 40km to the North, Yang Bay waterfall appears as a promised land that nature bestows on the people of Raglai. Therefore, the people here named that waterfall Yang Bay waterfall (Heaven Falls). With a height of 80m and a length of about 2000m, Yang Bay waterfall Not fierce, not noisy. The waterfall is as gentle as a silk strip across the primeval forest of Yang Bay, full of poetic lyricism.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

Under the clear water and the majestic nature of the surrounding dense green forest, the air here is always clear, cool and airy. Yang Bay Waterfall becoming a tourist destination for many young people, families and tourists who love to explore.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

2. Address and transportation instructions to Yangbay waterfall

2.1. Location

About 40km from the center, Yang Bay waterfall is located in Nga Hai Village, Khanh Phu Commune, Khanh Vinh District, Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang.

Follow National Highway 1A to get there Yangbay waterfall very easy going. Not only that, visitors also have an opportunity to see the majestic mountains and enjoy fresh air on the way to the mountain. Yang Bay waterfall.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

2.2. Moving instructions

Currently there are many ways to get from Nha Trang to Nha Trang Yang Bay waterfalldepending on the preferences of tourists, there will be suitable options for the trip. We recommend three basic types of vehicles for visitors: car, motorbike and bus.

  • Car: For tourists who want safety, tours are the ideal choice. Tourist car rental services in Nha Trang ensure time for tourists to rest and admire the scenery on the way to the tourist area. Yang Bay waterfall.
  • Motorbike: On the contrary, for tourists who want to personally experience the feeling of exploring the roads to the destination Yang Bay waterfall. Tourists can rent a motorbike for about 100-150k/day. Route from Nha Trang city to Yang Bay waterfall By motorbike it can take about 1 and a half hours.
  • Bus: A safe, fast and time-saving solution for tourists is to choose a bus type. Bus trip from Nha Trang city to the tourist area Yang Bay waterfall Both going and returning cost about 120,000 VND/person.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

3. Ticket prices for Yang Bay waterfall tourist area for tourists

Yang Bay Waterfall Opens to welcome visitors from 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m. Depending on the level of service use by tourists, Yang Bay waterfall tourist area divided into service packages. Basically the price of admission Yang Bay waterfall about:

  • Adults: 200,000 VND/person
  • Children: 140,000 VND/Person
  • Children under 0.9m: Free

The ticket price is a general package that includes: entrance ticket, train ticket and tickets to visit the magic tree, wild orchid garden, dinosaurs, see Raglai people performance, bathing Yangbay waterfall …). In addition, if you want to bathe in the hot mineral pool or soak in mineral mud, visitors will have to pay an additional 100,000 VND/person depending on the service.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

4. What to do when going to Yang Bay waterfall?

Come to Yang Bay tourist area, visitors not only admire the breathtakingly beautiful scenes but also immerse themselves in the wild and majestic nature of this place. Visitors can immerse themselves in the cool water of the stream Yang Bay. Besides, you can also interact with the gentle, enthusiastic and hospitable people of Raglai

4.1. Rafting between the falls

An interesting experience that visitors cannot miss once they arrive Yang Bay tourist area That is rafting between waterfalls. Visitors will feel the pure air amidst the majestic nature, between the white waterfall, and the cool lake surface. In addition, this is also a virtual check-in area with extremely beautiful lighting and background for young people.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

4.2. “Massage” the fish

Here, the “massage” service will come from the fish below the lake. Visitors will have enjoyable and extremely unforgettable feelings with this service.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

4.3. Visit the Moc Than tree

Besides eco-tourism, visitors can also experience spiritual tourism at Yang Bay waterfall. The Moc Than Tree (Wish Tree) with more than 500 years old is the place to store the wishes of the people here and tourists from everywhere.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

4.4. Experience crocodile fishing

One of the extremely stimulating and worthy experiences for tourists to try is the crocodile fishing experience. At first glance, it seems a bit scary, right? However, for those who like the feeling of adventure, you can't help but play this game. The feeling when the crocodile bites the bait will make your heart “thump” like playing a thrilling game.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

4.5. Immerse yourself in the waters of Yang Bay waterfall

Between the pressures of life or the heat of summer or anything that bothers you, just soak in this cool water. This “Heavenly Waterfall” stream can dispel your fatigue. Natural, fresh and cool water source Yang Bay waterfall Not just any swimming pool or water source will do!

Yang Bay Waterfall - Paradise tourist area in the heart of nature

Yang Bay's water is so clear that visitors can see the rocks under the lake. Together with the reflections of the clouds and the forest of flowers, they all create an underground “paradise”.

Upstream of YangBay Waterfall is from Gia Kang peak about 1000m high. The water flows down to the end and then splits into two branches: one branch flows with the Yang Khang stream into the lake bed. And the remaining branch blends with the natural mineral water to create a hot bath in the middle of beautiful nature.

4.6. Immerse yourself in traditional melodies

After hours of fun with folk games. With enchanting natural scenery, visitors can sit back and listen to the sounds of traditional music. Those melodies were performed by Raglai people themselves through musical instruments such as gongs, gongs, T'rung, horns, etc.

5. What to eat at Yangbay waterfall?

We can't continue playing with an empty stomach, right? So please rest assured, visitors Yangbay waterfall tourist area Yang Bay restaurant always has extremely unique, new and attractive delicious dishes.

Crocodile meat, through many stages and processed by talented chefs, will become extremely delicious and flavorful dishes. Dishes that will be used to serve tourists include: fragrant crocodile, crocodile holding bitter bamboo shoots, etc. In addition, there are also dishes made from ostriches such as: ostrich with young lotus leaves, ostrich eggs, ….

6. Things to note when traveling to Yang Bay waterfall

Because of the high mountainous terrain and surrounding nature, the climate here is always mild with warm sunshine and cool breezes. Each period of time has its own beauty. So no matter at any time Yang Bay waterfall Also ready to welcome visitors.

However, the most beautiful time of Yang Bay waterfall is from March to September. You can consider coming at this time to fully enjoy the most beautiful things of the waterfall. Yang Bay waterfall tourist area – Nha Trang Please!

  • In addition, to ensure your health, you should carefully prepare minimal items such as umbrellas, hats, and raincoats. To prevent rain or harsh sunlight from suddenly passing by Yang Bay waterfall.
  • Tourist area Yang Bay waterfall There are natural swimming pools and hot bathing pools. So to make the trip complete, visitors should prepare bathing suits so they can enjoy soaking and playing in the water.
  • Because the tourist area is quite large, it is necessary to ensure time to visit all the places within Yangbay waterfall tourist area and avoid fatigue. It is recommended that you use trains to visit the areas.
  • This is also a fairly pristine location that is continuing to be expanded and developed, so additional services are not yet complete. So for small families, or young people, you should prepare your own snacks and drinks in advance. Or for tourists who intend to have a small picnic in nature Yangbay waterfall tourist area It's really not a bad experience.

7. Check-in images of tourists at Yangbay waterfall

All fun must come to an end, but only memories remain forever. So what are you waiting for to save those beautiful memories on the small screen? Let's Admire the once-in-a-lifetime photos of tourists at Yangbay waterfall tourist area Please!

Along with the inherent natural beauty of Yang Bay waterfall and with careful preparations from visitors. We believe that this trip will be a memorable journey for you and your loved ones.